(Closed) I just bought and Epliator. Do you use one? Opinions?

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I bought one about 8 years ago, tried to use it on my legs, cried, threw it away and never looked back.  So many tweezers yanking at my leg hairs at the same time… Cry

I’m sure they’ve come a long way since then though, and I can’t even tweeze one hair from my leg without tears springing to my eyes, so god knows why I thought that was a good idea. Lol!

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YES! I have an epilator and I LOVE it! I use it on everything — legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, knuckles. Yeah, it hurts, but it only hurts for a minute or so once you start — after that you sort of get used to it and it’s not as bad. Also, after you use it for a while your hair will grow back thinner and sparser, and will come out easier every time, so it gets better the more you use it.

The thing I’ve found that helps the most is to use the slower setting (if it has multiple speeds), and to not just plop the epilator into the middle of a hairy area and go. If you start it slightly outside where there’s hair, drag it in and pluck out maybe 1/2″ chunk, go back out, then go back in for another 1/2″, etc. etc., it’s way less painful and more manageable (and it doesn’t take as long as it sounds, haha).

Good luck and enjoy!

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I have one and HATE it. I don’t mind the pain and how much time it take but what I do hate is the ingrown hairs. It’s awful. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff but I think what happens is that my hair tends to break off instead of being pulled out at the root. 

The pain is really not that bad, you get used to it after the first minute. 

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Yes, it’s about 15 years old. I use it strictly on my arms. I have never been able to resist shaving my legs/pits for long enough for the hair to grow out enough to use it. As PP’s have said, it only hurts for the first minute.

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I had one I used in Australia (lived there half of the year for 5 years).  I liked it, loved the results, and didn’t mind the pain…

But I never got another one in the northern hemisphere (or bought an outlet adaptor), because I found it was really time-consuming.  And slightly pinchy, if I didn’t take the time to stretch out my skin perfectly.  Now I just wax (hurts more but takes far less time), and shave what I don’t have the time to wax.

If you have the time, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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The first one I bought was six years ago. I was enticed by the “vibrating” rollers that claimed to lessen the pain. I used it ONCE and cried so much! I didn’t think I’d ever be brave enough to try eplilating again. It looked like this:

Last year I decided I wanted to try epilating again because my underarms were starting to get dark and I read that either waxing or epilating helped with that problem. I figured the epilator would cost less money and I found the Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover for $15 on Amazon.com. I bought two, one for my face and one for under my arms. I LOVE THIS ONE! It only hurts the first time but it’s bearable pain. No tears. It looks like this:

After using these small ones for a few months I gathered the courage to try epilating my arms and legs again. I choose the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epiglide Ladies Wet Dry Epilator because you can get it wet and for some reason ripping out hair by the root hurts less when your skin is wet. It doesn’t get every single hair so you have to go over it again when your legs are dry but it doesn’t hurt as much because there are less hairs left to get. It looks like this:

I epilate once a week By The Way.

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I have one! Doesn’t hurt but you really have to exfoliate to avoid ingrown hairs.

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I used one for the longest time, but then when I was taking the bar exam and under a lot of stress (which for me triggers all my various skin conditions), I started getting awful rashes and ingrown hairs from it (I’m talking like, legs covered in ingrown hairs, not one or two, but like, 20-30 per leg, just from the knee down).  It was gross, so I stopped using it.  The pain never bothered me, though, and before I was under all the stress, it was fine (for like, 2-3 years).  If your skin isn’t sensitive, you should be ok.

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I have an Epilady and only use it on underarms. I did try legs and it was too much for me. It helps if you do it after a shower to open the pores. If I have the time, the best thing is showering, applying cream and letting it set in for about 10 min, then going to work. The more you keep up with it, the less painful it is. If you wait too long…I don’t even want to talk about it. hehe good luck!

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I used one for a while and it’s great if you can deal with the pain for the first few times and KEEP IT UP! I could go a week without using it and no hair, but I got lazy and let it all grow back. It seemed like it hurt more doing it all over and I just stopped using it. Also, I’m in college now and hearing a loud “bzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” coming from a closed door probably would start weird looks XD

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I have one, and I’m in the “it hurts for a minute and then you get used to it” crowd. I’m also all leg, so it takes a long time for me to do it myself. I really can’t stand to epilate my armpits though. I’ll either just grow out my armpit hair, or I’ll spend the $20 to have them waxed professionally.

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