(Closed) I just don’t think I can take on two old cats right now…

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Hi there!

This is definitely a tough situation. I think the easiest thing for me to do is to address each of your concerns, one at a time:

1. Is there really no place to put a litter box at all?? I live with my Fiance in a very small apartment (650 sq ft) and the ONLY place we would be able to put the litter box would be in the bathtub. I did have a cat prior to moving here but she had to be put to sleep as she was at risk for sudden death due to heart disease. However, I would have happily brought her! I also have a friend who has her cats litter box in a closet and she just leaves the door cracked.

2. It is true that it can take cats some time to adjust but it really has to do with people, not so much surroundings (unless of course, they’re going to a cage). If these cats already know you, and your Fiance will be over often and is then moving in, I think they would be fine. Obviously needing to adjust a bit is better than death, especially when they’re in good health. 

3. My best friend is deathly allergic to cats and dogs and suffers from SEVERE asthma. However, she got a cat a couple of years ago in an effort to woo her FI’s two young kids. For the first couple weeks or so, she did need to use her inhaler more often than normal but after that, she was fine. It’s true that your allergies to animals can subside if you force yourself to be around them, and that’s exactly what happened to her. She can pick up the cat, sleep with the cat, hug and kiss the cat, you name it, and does not get itchy eyes, doesn’t sneeze, doesn’t need her inhaler, etc. It’s as if she was never allergic! I think this would be the case for you, as well. 

If you can manage to find the room and are wiling to try it at least for a little while with your allergies, I think it’s worth it. it would be such a shame for these cats to die needlessly. You can also take them temporarily while you try to find them a home TOGETHER, but that would be a lot more traumatic for them and I do think that it would be very noble and big hearted of you to keep them yourself, especially for the sake of your Fiance.  Taking them to the shelter at their age isn’t the best idea – I am pretty confident that they would go into a depression and not eat. At their age and if they’re in good health, they still have a pretty decent life ahead of them. Most cats live up to 17-20 years. 

I think you might be pleasantly surprised if you take them. Your allergies would surely go away and cats are smarter than most people give them credit for. They would definitely know that you saved their lives, and I am sure that they would become very fun and loving companions for you! It’s certainly very nice to have something like that to come home to. 


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Why can’t FI’s sister take them? 

My now-husband’s parents did this to us when he moved in with me.  I had two cats, and he and his sister each had a cat, (who were about eight years old or so at the time).  Sister was going to college a few hours away, and with hubby gone, they wanted the cats out of the house or they were taking them to the shelter.  In MY family, if you get a pet it’s YOUR responsibility for the life of that pet, so for them to threaten that kind of ticked me off.  Fiance and I actually argued about it, (I mentioned it to him, he took offense; I said it wasn’t going to be an issue though as long as they weren’t planning on getting other pets, which they’re not).  We ended up taking them in.  One died a couple years ago.  The other one we still have.  Of course, the surviving cat is the one my two cats HATE, so we have to keep them seperate and it’s a hassle, but we deal.

1.)  Litterboxes aren’t that big.  They can easily be tucked in a bathroom or closet, (if they’re kept clean; you don’t want the stuff IN the closet to smell like a litterbox), or any corner.  They even sell end-tables and other furniture items made to hide a litterbox.

2.)  Older cats take longer to adjust to changes in routine than younger cats, yes.  But they can/do adjust.  Especially since they know both you and your Fiance.  Because they are 12 years old, they are probably also less active than a younger cat, so the fact that it’s a smaller residence probably won’t bother them much.

3.)  This is the real issue.  Allergies can be a real PITA.  I USED to be allergic to cats, and so did my father.  But I REEEEEAAALLY wanted a kitten, so when I was ten, we got one.  And then four years later, we got another one.  My allergies to cats are almost non-existant.  I occasionally get red blotches on my face if I’m nuzzling them with my chin or something, and my neighbor’s cat I have to wash my hands immediately after petting because her saliva and/or dander really bothers me, (their other two cats I’m fine with, but the one, if I don’t wash up right away, I get the itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, etc).  My father’s cat allergies are also almost completely gone, (he’s allergic to nearly everything!  lol).  So it is something that could go away with continued exposure, but it’s also something that could get worse.

I would suggest taking the cats for a week or two to try things out.  See how they do with you, and most importantly, how your allergies do with them.  Also, talk to your doctor about taking allergy medication.  At twelve years old, chance of being adopted from a shelter are not good, especially not together. 

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*bump* What ever happened to the cats?

As an aside, I wanted to say that my Fiance is allergic to cats also (we have 2).  Every couple of months or so, I take them to the vet for a grooming (bath/nail trim).  This really cuts down on the dander they give off.  (You could also give them a bath yourself if you have help).  I also try to groom them every week with this brush and wipe them down with a kitty wipe or damp paper towel after.  It really helps to reduce the amount of fur flying around.

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