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I still don’t understand the problem with paying a tip with a credit card…

Does the restaurant keep a portion or something?

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@laura  I think part of it is I don’t understand why folks do that.  It’s nice to have that round number, but at the end of your month your monthly statement is still going to read something with change at the end.  Honestly, it’s one of those totally minor things that servers like to bond over at the end of the night-and in the larger scheme of things not a big deal.  I guarentee you 100% of them would rather have 5.36 than 0 at the end of the night.  No worries.


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@SapphireSun:  Correct me if I’m wrong servers but I think the reasons they don’t like the credit card tips are 1) More taxes come out of it and 2) They don’t get the money at the end of the night, it’s put into their next paycheck, so they have to wait.  Technically speaking every tip should be tallied and then taxes levied on it; however, there is some “wiggle” room.  People sometimes “underestimate” how much they get in tips.  However, at least in Indiana (I’m pretty sure it applies to other states), when you get tips you should report them to make sure that you’re making up to at least minimum wage.  Since the hourly wage of servers is normally $2.13, the tips need to compensate the difference of $7.25 and $2.13, if not then then the employer has to pay the difference.

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Ugh! I hate it when people get mad at you for doing your job! Especially when it is not just your corporate office saying you have to do something (ie: run through the specials) but it is the law! So sorry you had to deal with that tonight!

RE: mandatory tipping….I don’t understand why servers demand at least 15% tips. If you do the minimum of your job I will tip you minimally, if you do your job well then I will tip well (20%), if you do your job really well I will tip very well and tell your manager. I worked at Starbucks for years and got good tips on days where I provided good service. If I was in a bad mood/didn’t feel well/etc I knew I wasn’t going to get good tips. Having to rely on tips was one reason I got out of the service industry. 

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Umm…I’m scared to post again lol – I just came back to stalk the post and I promise I didn’t mean to offend anybody – I just posted it b/c I knew it would probably make the OP smile a little bit.  As for all of those who are offended because they believe every word of that article is my opinion – it’s not – I copied and pasted it from another source.

For everyone that’s upset about the credit card tipping thing, it’s nobody’s fault but the industry’s – it’s just another way that servers can get screwed due to the system.  There were nights when I had to claim more than I actually made because the server has to claim ALL of the credit card tips even if they had to tip out money and walked out with less.  For instance, at my restaurant, you had to tip out the EXPO under the table.  Illegal, yes.  But if you didn’t, they would never send your food out, hurting your tips.  Dirty, isn’t it?

Is your server going to be mad at you for tipping on a credit card? Absolutely not – it’s easy, convenient, makes all the sense in the bloody world.  It’s just the way things are.  It’s just annoying because of the system.

Also – the Canadian thing I probably should’ve deleted but I didn’t and I’m sorry if it offended anyone. 

I didn’t agree with everything the article said – I tip to make the final bill an even number all the time.  I just wanted to cheer up the OP – not necessarily put everybody else into a tizzy.



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I am offended by the canadian thing. I tip 20% for good service, which most servers in Canada are great, and our servers make $8.90 per hour!

I understand that places that have a ridiculously low servers minimum wage you rely on tips but in all honesty with the attitude of the server that wrote that little article I wouldn’t tip them either!

At OP I am sorry that people are giving you slack about the dumb law. Why did they come up with that law anyway. It seems absurd to have to ID a little old couple that want wine with dinner!

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I don’t want to get into any drama but one comment-

If I make the bill an even number the server is getting more money, not less.  And that adds up, you are still going to spend that 36 cents somewhere- I don’t understand why you would say no to more money, that’s ridiculous. If change really bothers you start a coin jar and you’ll see it adds up fast.  

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If your law just changed I’d just have the manager on hand.  He really should be the one addressing people if they get upset, especially if they are unaware about the new law and don’t believe you.  If they get mad just apologize and say you’re welcome to talk to our manager and complain to the state.  I worked in a restaurant for years and can’t even imagine the kind of crap fits that would have been thrown.

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I know I’m probably butting in late but I worked at a restaurant for about six months this past fall. It was awful there because even though we were one of the fanciest restaurants in the city (and we are known for having the best Japanese food in the area, or food in general) we ALL shared tips. Chefs got 40%. And I know for a FACT that many people who liked their chef would tip their chef when I wasn’t looking. I could take that money back from the chef if I found out about it and it was over 20%, only as long as I wasn’t tipped 20%.

But it was awful because the busboys made a lot too and half the time they did nothing. I watched a lot. I hated those annoying customers who would be all hoitey toitey because they were paying more but I was working my ASS of literally running back and forth just to make them happy. I NEVER stood still when I was working. If you were there for more then three minutes and I didn’t say hello I would feel awful, and apologize. It was awful there because management was stupid. I had a head server who was so extremely rude to everyone and did nothing to his tables like EVER and would still work there. Get fired already.

-end vent-

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