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I think that’s a very typical price for an uncommon breed. You can’t compare it to a GSP. Definitely don’t “cheap out” on a dog – trust me a good breeder is worth the money, especially with a breed that can be very challenging.

Many show breeders take foreverrrrr to respond to emails in my experience. You might be better off calling.

As far as neutering a dog, for females it is recommended to spay before the first heat. Males are a different story and can/should be left intact until at least a year if possible.


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@Westwood:  Actually, most Vizsla breeders ask that you let a female have at least one heat.  Luckily, they tend to get their first heat much later than most breeds, some at a little over a year, and some not until two years. 

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@katy13:  That cost sounds about standard. My parents have a Vizsla, but lucked out because he was a runaway that appeared at a local rescue (he was only there for a day) and they put prefernce placement on him. 

They are really smart, great dogs, but when they describe them as “velcro” dogs, they are not kidding. They stick to your side and are very physically close…all the time 🙂

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I have a 2.5 year old female Vizsla that we purchased from a breeder in North Dakota. We are in MA, so she was shipped to us. Best purchase/decision of our lives. We paid a lot less than $2000 for our baby and she has had NO issues whatsoever. We were a little hesitant with purchasing a pup from a breeder we couldn’t visit ourselves, but I went onto their happy customers page, got some names of past buyers, and contacted them on FB (creepy, maybe, but I wanted real feedback) and we got nothing but kind words about the breeders and amazing information on the dogs. 

A great resource is the hungarian vizsla forum. The people on there are so helpful and are more than willing to answer any questions you have.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions 🙂

Here’s a pic of our girl Coya

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Watch out for online listings.  There’s a puppy broker, who sells puppy mill dogs, who basically bought the URLs of all breeds, in all states.  So while you think you’d be getting a locally bred dog, it will be a puppy mill dog sent from elsewhere.  And of course they charge an arm and a leg.  Make sure your breeder actually IS local, that you can meet them, meet the dogs, and see where the dogs are raised.  You do not want to support a puppy mill.  There’s a short video on all of this here– http://www.humanesociety.org/news/press_releases/2011/12/purebred_breeders_120711.html 

If someone will ship a dog to you without meeting you, that’s also a HUGE warning sign.  A responsible breeder cares about their dogs, and will want to know where the dog is going.  They care about more than the money.  Don’t trust the reviews on their site.  Of course they only post the good ones.  A responsible breeder will meet you, ask you all sorts of questions about your lifestyle to make sure the dog is a good fit, and will promise to take the dog back if anything happens to it.  Some puppy mill sellers offer a promise to replace a dog for you, but you do that with toasters, not puppies.  Puppy mills are horrible, and they are a supply and demand business, as long as people buy the dogs, they will supply more and sentence more breeder dogs to horrendous cruelty.

Check out Petfinder.  I too wanted a specific breed, and we couldn’t find any locally.  We found a rescue group in another state, from a group that allows out of state adoptions.  Most worthwhile roadtrip ever!  More than worth every hour in the car!

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I agree with PPs in that if you want a pure bred dog from a reputable breeder, and all the breeders charge around $2k for a dog, then start saving! I would much rather spend an extra thousand dollars on a puppy from a good breeder up front than have to spend several thousands later when they start suffering from common breed problems.

FWIW, I wanted an expensive dog breed too, so I did my research and saved, saved, saved to get my babies. I don’t even think about how much they cost anymore because they are priceless to me.

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If a breed costs $2000 on average, you aren’t going to find one for a few hundred bucks. If you do you should run the other direction. You also can’t compare the cost of two different breeds, just because they are similar, in your opinion. This is extremely basic knowledge, when it comes to purebred dogs. 

If you really want this breed, start saving. In the meantime, I’d suggest doing a heck of a lot of research to make sure this breed (or a dog in general) is right for you and you for it. 

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@katy13:  I think you ultimately have to ask yourself, if the “start up cost” means that much to you, should you reassess whether you even want a dog.  We have spent a lot of money on ours in the less than two years we’ve had him, and we anticipate we’ll continue to spend much more throughout  his life.  He also has had no health issues to date.  God forbid you end up with a pup who develops severe allergies, seizures, hip dysplasia etc. 

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@LeeBee88:  Coya is a cutie!  I love her dirty nose!!


This is Watson beaching it up:

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I’d say $2000 sounds pretty standard for a pure-bred puppy of a non-common breed.

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I agree with the other posters that you don’t want to go to the cheap broader because they are cheap. If that the type of dog you want then be prepared to pay and do your research on the breader. Talk with the local lennel club for that breed to see of they recommend anyone. Last summer I brought a purebred chihuahua and I did extensive research because I knew excatly what I wanted in my dog. One of my source that lead me to finding some quality breeders was the website breeders.net .


PS according to the site there is one in Oklahoma. 

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I’m way up in Michigan but got ours for $900!!! They are the best dogs. 

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@katy13:  my old boss had a vizsla called Rusty! He used to come to work sometimes, and carry his lead around in his mouth!

Reputable breeders are always going to charge top dollar for their dogs – this is because they genetically test their parent dogs to determine whether their offspring will be prone to any genetic disorders before breeding, most offer a health guarantee for these disorders. I can’t see that any breeder would make any money at all out of selling their puppies, especially when you consider that they have a litter of puppies to take to the vet to be checked out, have their shots etc. I don’t see any Vizslas around where I live, they’re not super common, and 2K is  reasonable IMO.

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