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Oh girl. The reason you are not losing weight is because your metabolism is shot from restricting your calories so much. I do IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) which is a flexible dieting program that allows you to eat whatever you want within your caloric and macronutrient limits. It is also known as flexible dieting. While doing IIFYM you cut 15-20% of your “maintenance” calories to start losing weight, once you hit a certain point though, personally I would never ever eat less than 1200 calories, you must put your body through a reverse dieting phase to help rebuild your metabolism and then cut at a decent amount of. calories again. If other words you would slowly add on more calories each week, which will maintain your weight loss, and once you reach maintenance calories again you keep adding calories until you gain a slight amount of weight. This give you an idea of your metabolic capacity. Once this point is reached you can cut your calories again and you will start losing weight again. I would seriously consider finding an online IIFYM coach to help repair your metabolism. You cannot cut calories anymore.



actually if you’d want to PM me I can tell you some more about IIFYM and help get your started on reverse dieting if you’re at all interested. It’s really a good, realistic program and doesn’t rob you of having a life just because you’re “dieting”.

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I agree with PP. Eating more real foods and not the Nutrisystem (or any processed, way overpriced) crap with probably help you. My fiance and I busted our asses for an hour at the gym 5-6 days a week and barely lost anything. We switched to a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet and that finally has worked for us. I eat around 1560 calories a day and have maintained a steady weight loss without much exercise. Everyone is different, obviously, but you may be one of the people who doesn’t respond to the conventional diet advice.

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I feel your pain.  I have gained and lost 40 lbs about 6 times in the last 10 years. At my lowest I was a size 8 – 5’9″ and 164 lbs.  At my heaviest I was 220.   I started WHOLE30 to reset my brain and body.

I have to say – I dont count calories anymore.  I count good carbs and protein.  I dont eat anything I dont make from scratch.  No sugar except fruit.  NO bread, pasta, grains. No dairy.  I’m learning all kinds of new and yummy foods that I’ve avoided and they just dont take that much more time to prepare.  I’m down 8 lbs the first week.  I’m realizing the impact that sugar, “diet foods” and bread have on me. I am a cake and cookie freak.  A week ago i could never have walked passed a cookie.  Today I really miss cake and cookies but I know they do nothing to truly fuel my body. 

Take a look at what you’re REALLY eating, drinking and fueling your body. The secret may be in that.  A hybernation metabolism might need a revamp from a nutrionist?

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i have done the isagenix diet for 2 months- it’s 2 high protein shakes a day, plus 1 real clean meal. The program includes some supplements and 4 cleanse days. i did two back to back months (it’s a 30 day program) and i’ve lost 15 pounds. considering i started at 147, that’s about 10% of my body weight in 2 months. There’s a lot of before and afters on the internet, here’s some i found on pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/isagenix/weight-loss/

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Hello OP!!!

I have literally spent ALL my life having the same problem. I just could not lose weight. I hit a really high, and I ended up being a size 10, which was my highest ever since my teenager years (I was a 12 at 14 🙁 then lost the weight, than gained again in early 20s). 

I tried nutrisystem, it gave me the worst headaches in the world. I tried reducing calories, only to see plateau very quickly. I did P90X, P90X3, Turbofire… Literally burning 1000 calories per workout (I did doubles most days), but nothing helped me losing the fat. Yes I built tons of muscles, but the flab on top of it just wouldn’t go away.

It was all because of insulin. Turns out that my body just does not like sugars like “normal people” bodies do. 


I went on a ketogenic diet, cut the carbs and in about 2 months I turned into a happy size 4/6, with 30 lbs lost. They literally fell off me. WITHOUT workouts. I have been keeping the weight off since october, with +/- 5 lbs. Sometimes I eat carbs and gain a little (not more than 5 lbs, then I know to have an extra careful week or so after and lose it again. I cannot believe I can wear shorts again without feeling embarrassed. 

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Look up Whole 30.  Do it.  You will see results. 

It will be hard, but it’s worth it.  Any questions PM me.

You are working out hard (I crossfit too, about 4-6 days a week) and need more calories than 1200.

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I second (third, fourth) everyone who says trade the Nutrisystem for real food. Those “plans” are just a gimmick that forces you to spend money.

Also, my mom was on Nutrisystem for a while (lost a small amount of weight but couldnt’ stick to it), and I remember her saying that she was constantly bloated/gassy because the food is full of fake fiber. They “enrich” it with tons of fiber so you feel full off very few calories. Being bloated could make it seem like the scale isn’t moving when you’re actually losing, if that make you feel any better! 

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bzbride2277:  Hi!  I know for me when I restrict calories that low my weight loss slows.  I lose a lot more weight eating 1500 – 1600 calories a day than I do only eating 1200 or less.  Are you measuring yourself?  If you’re working out that much, especially something like crossfit, you might be putting on muscle.  Losing inches, but not necessarily pounds.  Also, what you’re eating is as important as how much of it you are eating.  Eating 1600 calories of healthy unprocessed food is so much more conducive to weight loss than 800 calories of “diet” crap.  I think you could really benefit from a trip to a nutritionist.  A lot of insurance companies cover it.  Try not to think about it in terms of dieting.  Think about it being a life-style change.  It takes time to create new habits.  A diet is something you eventually stop (and often results in gaining the weight back!) a life-style change is maintainable long-term.  Trying to lose weight really sucks.  Good luck!  

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bzbride2277:  Please don’t restrict yourself so much! Eating lower than 1200 calories isn’t healthy and weight isn’t necessarily a good measure of overall health. If you are keen on losing pounds, however, I would drop Nutrisystem, as it doesn’t seem to be working for you. Besides, there is mounting evidence that while counting calories can help lose weight to an extent all calories are NOT the same. This makes sense metabolically, fats are processed into energy and stored much differently (completely different process and with different byproducts in different locations in the body) than carbohydrates and proteins. I’m a biochemist and we studied these processes in class. It seems like a lot of our nutritionists/nutrition industry have a ways to catch up with the biologists. Unfortunately, our bodies can respond quite differently to different nutritive systems. 

What I suggest is to drop Nutrisystem, start counting calories on your own, and eat almost exclusively fruits, lean meats, and veggies on your non-cheat days. You could also try another workout routine. Weight loss takes a lot of time, but you probably are losing weight. I lost 35 pounds the past year running and eating 1280 calories of mostly fruits and veggies a day. I also completely cut out sugar (except from whole fruit, no juice) for 3 months, which was the period in which I lost the most weight. 

Good luck! Getting fit is depressingly hard sometimes. I was in therapy for an eating disorder and major depression last year. We are so hard on ourselves. Much love. 

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I was obese for a short time too I’m 5ft5 i got down from  about 200lbs to just under 130 now but it did take over a year unfortunately but that’s like ups and down weight from holidays too. I love bad foods too like sweets my current plan and how I broke my 140lb plateau is eating only raw fruit and vegetables then as much as I want in the day then having 300cal of anything I want in the evening I do cheat in the weekends still but nothing crazy. 

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I lost more than 20 pounds using myfitness pal.It took me 9 months to go from 150 to 122 lbs.It takes time to lose weight and i would take it day by day.Just like when we gain weight,it doesnt happen overnight either even though its easy to gain weight than losing it

I agree with everyone that you may not be eating enough which could hinder your weight loss.I started eating 1750 calories a day to lose one pound a week.I could still eat my favourite foods as long as they fit into my calorie goal so i didnt feel deprived.I changed my settings to lose 0.5 a pound per week and incresed my calories again for the last 10 pounds to make it easier to transition to maintanance.I lost few more pounds without trying when i reached my goal.I was eating more and still exercising .More food gave my body more fuel to lose more weight which is what you need.I know it sounds odd that you have to eat more to lose.Your body needs fuel just like a car needs gas to perfom


Good luck 

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