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It doesn’t sound like your home life is all that suitable for a dog. No garden, in a crate all day, a wee/poo station in the house? Yikes

None of those things are really ideal for a dog.

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your daughter is begging for a dog but it doesn’t sound like you want one or to take care of one.  just because your daughter says jump, doesn’t mean you have to.

maybe start with a hamster or fish so she can learn responsibility.  altough i always had dogs growing up and still have one now.  when i was a kid, i wanted a hamster.  my parents told me it was my responsibiilty.  i had to clean it cage once a week and make sure it had food and water. i probably got it around 8ish.


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I agree with the PP. Your living conditions don’t sound ideal for a dog. Many people who live in apartments have dogs, but I think expecting a dog to stay in a crate for 8 hours is mean. Again.. People do it but I just don’t like the idea of it. It also sounds like you really don’t want the hassle of a dog.  And that’s ok! Not all families are suited for dogs. Dogs are very much needy animals that need to be around their people. I especially wouldn’t get a puppy in your situation. They have to relieve themselves frequently and that would be awful if it were in a crate for 8 hours a day. Maybe consider an older cat? Kittens are needy too, but cats (some not all) are okay with being alone for a while and are much better at potty training since they’ll use the litter box naturally. Cats still require effort, but not quite so much as dogs. 

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Do you see yourself moving to a house in the future? I got my dog while living in an apartment and moved to a house a few months later. The difference in how much work there is honestly halved! Just opening a door to our fenced backyard made things so much easier than leashing him up and going downstairs just for a pee break. It’s such a time saver (5-10 minutes spent walking for a potty break versus letting the dog out and doing laundry the same time he’s doing his thing).

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Honestly I would get her a kitten or two lol. Cats are so much easier especially for the lifestyle you’re describing 

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A small breed might be okay in your apartment but it still needs to go outside to potty twice a day. If youd rather a pet you dont have to take ourside get a cat.

Do not get a puppy, it doesnt sound like you have the time or patience for what would be involved. 

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Seems like your situation is better suited for a cat. An older cat, not a kitten.

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Honestly, I think a smaller dog (20 lbs or less) that’s at least 4 years old would be fine in that environment. Puppies are a no, because they do require a lot of time & attention. Your kids are old enough that I wouldn’t worry that they’d be too rough on a small dog, they should be able to understand boundaries. I actually had a neighbor that had about a ~20 lbs dog and she litter trained him so he would just go in a litterbox if he needed to while she was gone at work.

Dogs need food, water, a leash, a bed, crate, toys. You also need to be prepared for routine medical expenses–vaccinations, flea prevention, heart worm prevention. Routine stuff costs about an average of maybe $20-$30/month on top of food and treats. Then there’s the possibility non-routine medical issues…illnesses, accidents. Can’t really predict the costs on that. Two 20-30 minute walks a day is sufficient especially for a smaller, mature dog. Older dogs can acclimate to your family just fine, the most important thing is not to rush into choosing a dog, and take time to see what the dog’s temperment is like. There are lots of wonderful adult dogs and they have a harder time getting adopted because people want pups.

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Butterfly6 :  I agree with others, you might want to start with a different pet.

I have lived in an apartment with a dog and it can be a pain in the butt. I had a dog that (and he still does this) needs to go potty in the middle of the night quite frequently. So I used to have to leash him up and take him out and across the parking lot at 2 a.m. Now I just open my back door to the yard.

When it’s raining? Yup, still need to grab your umbrella and raincoat and suit up. Snowing? Back outside with him. YUCK.

He MIGHT pee on your carpet. Dogs do that sometimes. He’s in a new environment, trying to adjust, maybe scared, maybe just a bit weirded out at first. He may pee on your carpet when he’s sick. He may pee on your carpet when he’s elderly. But there WILL be pee where you don’t want it at some point in his life.

Definitely no puppy. He needs to go out every couple hours. He will chew, bite, pee. That’s just what they do.

I’d think a cat is much for suited to your current lifestyle if that’s a possibility. Adult cat.

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