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@NurseMandie:  I did that too with brownies once! The worst part was that is was just brownies from a box (where you combine mix, water, oil and eggs). Almost impossible to mess up but I did.

I also went for years burning grilled cheese sandwiches because I didn’t realize that you had to butter the outside. I was buttering the inside.

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@worldtraveler:  LOL mine was too!  I was like HOW DID I MISS THE EGGS????  Luckily we had another box and I was able to make another batch CORRECTLY for school.

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I burn/explode/ruin about half of what I cook. Therefore, I have an entire album on Facebook titled “Food Fails.”

Here are some examples of what’s in there:

Cookies that are so burnt that they are literally black and SHINY.

A huge pudding explosion, which somehow managed to get on every wall AND the ceiling. (I was even cooking it at the right temp! And I never did get it off the ceiling…)

A few carbon-y, lumpy mounds of what used to be rice in a whole bunch of dead pots (I can’t scrub that stuff out!)

A pie that turned into a soup in the oven (I literally had to pour it out of the pan and into bowls the serve this…. luckily the flavors were good)

Oh, and then of course there are the meals I DO succeed in cooking that end up being all the same color. Like beige. Beige is such a boring meal to eat.


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i was very young, but old enough to be home alone.

i got home before my mom and knew she had to make a bundt cake for the party she was going to the next day.  i decided i would help her.

i grease the pan, mixed all the ingredients, and it was in the oven when she got home.

when she took it out, it fell apart.  i didn’t know you were suppose to mix your ingredients in a separate bowl.

years later, but still a long time ago, i once added 1 cup of cinnamon to a kugel recipe instead of 1 tablespoon.  no one else could eat it, but i ate it and told everyone it was really good and that i meant to put that much cinnamon in it.


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Funny but I remember my fail like it was yeserday. It was 5 years ago, my SO and I had jus moved to a new apartment. This apartment had an electic stove…I never used an electric stove before. Everything I was making was burning and when I’d adjust the heat, not cooking at all. I was throwing food and crying as he laughed and told me it was really not a big deal. But, to me it was a big deal because I never botched a meal before lol.

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@FutureDrAtkins:  i have a gas oven and i always store tins in the bottom drawer. 

my mom does also and never had a problem.



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Once I made this amazing chicken marsala recipe that I had made before and we both loved. The last ingredient was marscapone cheese. I dumped it in and quickly realized it went bad (it wasn’t past the experation but man it was not good)! I started crying because I had just spent and hour and everything went perfectly. Fiance (then boyfriend) calmed me down and we threw out the chicken and we ordered pizza. LOL. 

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I once put 3 cups of oil into brownie mix instead of 1/3 cups. Made for some very gresasy brownies haha

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Im generally a pretty good cook and baker, and I can almost always save a recipe.  Except… I tried a new muffin recipe a few weeks ago and it was a disaster. I spent forever chopping up strawberries and gingerly filling my mini muffin tins only to have them basically melt and not rise- they melted on the top and created a giant, sticky sheet on the top of the muffin pan which then hardened like concrete. Not only were the muffins obviously inedible, but it took me forever to scrape the hard sugar off of the pan.  FAIL.

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Generally I am a good cook or baker but I have several ridiculous fails. I make delicious lemon pound cake, and it is my grandpa’s favorite so I was making it for his birthday one year. I apparently just wasn’t paying attention and used self rising flour AND baking powder in the cake. It ended up being an atomic cake that blew up in the oven. Fail. 

When I first moved into an apartment by myself in college I spent many dinner times frantically calling my dad (the cook in our family) to ask why the food I was making from memory that we always ate growing up wasn’t turning out right. Worst one was some brown beef gravy for my po boys. It was a nasty lumpy mess, first I didn’t use enough butter when I started making the roux, so I added more but then ended up burning the roux and had to start over. Then I put way too much broth and it was just liquid, not smooth gravy. So I added more flour. So then it was lumpy and tasted like mostly raw flour. I can now say though I make delicious smooth brown gravy. My fail was better than my dad’s first attempt at gravy making by himself though. He still has scars almost 35 years later from boiling hot gravy in a blender that spewed all over when he put it in to try and make it smooth. 

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@littlemisst08:  I am not a good cook in general, as i never cook except holidays. Actually not bad at my main dishes because thats all i can do haha.

But the first thing i ever made was mac and cheese. It called for 2/3 milk. I read that as 2 cups and 1/3 milk. I had very mikly mac and cheese and ate it anyway because i was proud but no one else wanted any hahaha. i was also like 11.

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@BrandNewBride:  I consider myself the same- a really good baker! To my shock and horror, I destroyed a coconut cake I made by mixing in baking soda instead of powder…grrrr! Such a novice mistake! 

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Ramen Cup-O-Noodles.  Blew up the microwave. Forgot to add water.  

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