(Closed) I know it's coming, I'm just so impatient!!

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I wish I knew the key to waiting, similar situation here.  For now I drive my friends nuts… Go online and read other gals going through same thing makes me alittle more sane… Try to keep busy with friends, I found the more Im doing things the less I think about it.

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Welcome to the bee! 

I have been waiting for about a year… I have cut out wedding shows, really limited my WB activity to the waiting board and other Not Wedding Related topics, and unfollowed most wedding related boards on Pinterest (it’s all house stuff now); it’s a lot easier if I have a discraction. Thus, I have started a lot of random hobbies… hobbies my SO noted will all help me have a wonderful DIY wedding (I make cakes, cards/stamping, just started to learn calligraphy, etc.)

Also, joining the shut it up pact helps. (We had some down time this past month, but a new one was just put up). Usually the bees there are really supportive and it’s a great place to vent if you need to. 

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SomeBlonde:  Talking with the waiting bees on the boards and through the SIUP definitely helps! Especially knowing a timeline of when it’s going to happen can make the anticipation super hard to get through (I’m in the same boat right now!), but I just focus on the fact of how happy I am and that the engagement is within reaching distance! 

Another thing that helps is hobbies. Finding something that you can focus your energy on instead of wedding related things. My Girlfriend and I just started going to the gym together and the focus on that has really helped. Not to mention it’s a great place to get my frustration out if I’m having a hard waiting day! 🙂

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Same boat over here. We first starting trying on rings back in March. We went nuts for about a month and then on one trip he said, “This is the last time we’re trying things on. I’m ready for this and can take over from here.” So I left him too it and the wait began. Then in May one of my best friends got engaged. A pang of jealousy hit but I was over it within the hour. I’m not really the jealous type and frankly, I love her and her Fiance to pieces so what’s the point in being stroppy when deep down I was over joyed for them. Around this time BF suggested we go back ring shopping. He suggested I look at things that I’d never considered before. he dragged me straight to a ring that I had never considered but he obviously knew all about. He was asking all sorts of questions to the sales lady. The boy had done his research! 2 months later… I’m still waiting. I know it’s coming and until only recently I was really cool with waiting. Suddenly in this last week I’ve started to get really impatient. I’m more than secure with SO and love him so so very much and I know he loves me. I’m hoping this ‘on edge’ feeling will pass soon. I don’t like it.

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My guy took me ring shopping 2 years ago…. finally bought my ring 2 weeks ago… and I know he picked it up last Friday. I’m so anxious too! I wish I had found this board years ago as I feel like I’ve had no one to talk to about this stuff! 

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I am in such a similar boat! I’m 27 my guy is 30, we live together. He has always talked about us getting married but for years I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to get married (rough childhood, etc.). Well he waited and now I’m ready, the other day we were to dinner with my brother and his fiance, he looked at her engagment ring and goes, “oh, a cushion cut!” And I was like, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT TERM? Then he got all flustered and changed the subject. Haha, so he knows what I like (art deco, vintage), and he’s been asking more specific questions in the last couple months. THEN last night he comes in rambling about how he supossedly got free broadway tickets from his work and that they’re for this Saturday (we live in nyc). I tried to ask if it was a raffle or what, but he had all these weird excuses about why they were giving them away, etc. I can’t tell if he just made it all up and is going to propose? But then maybe he isn’t and I’m totally wrong, either way I should probably paint my nails, lol. Also September will be our 6 year anniversary, so I could kind of see him waiting for that. AHHHHH, I was NEVER a girl who dreamed of getting married and now I am going bonkers!

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SomeBlonde:  I was in a very similar situation like you about 4 months ago. My SO and I had been discussing engagements, marriage, kids, etc for roughly a year. We’ve been together for it will be 3 years in November and we’ve been living together since 6 months into it! We also have built a house together, graduated college together, and have a family of 3 puppy dogs. Lol So I had reached a point back in March where I literally sat him down and said I had enough, I was ready for a timeline, I was done with waiting, and he better crap or get off the pot because I deserved something, anything!!! So he told me “within the next 6 months, it will happen, I PROMISE” and of course told me all he’s ever wanted is to marry me. Sooo fast forwarding…. I know for a fact he bought the ring in May (YAY!) we are now 4 months into it and it’ll be 5 1/2 months whenever we go on our beach vacation we’ve been planning since January. We’re going to see some good friends of ours, who my girlfriend would be more than happy to plan the engagement lol, and I just know that is when it will happen. He literally stuck his foot in his mouth and almost let it slip on Tuesday and he’s starting to act more lovey dovey all the time, anxious around me, all the signs that men show. With all of that being said, I completely understand your position and quite honestly, it seems like FOREVER but now that its about 6 weeks until it’ll probably happen and I am FREAKING OUT!!! Lol

What I did to keep my mind off of it is… I quit talking to him about marriage, engagements, etc. I started working out 5-7 days a week (to get that beach body, you know, and look good in pictures lol), I got on here to reassure me that I’m not the only one and I’m not nuts, I have a timeline on my computer I use everyday that counts down, and I try to stay as busy with my SO and friends as possible!

Good luck and keep us updated!! I’m hoping I can post a picture with a ring in several weeks

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SomeBlonde:  I am so there with you right now> I know it’s coming. He told me he bought the ring and like a giddy little kid wanted to show it to me.  I told him when I see that ring it better be mine to keep! 

Hang in there and try not to talk about it.  Focus on other things. I know it’s hard. Believe me, I am right there with you.

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