(Closed) I know literally everything about the proposal this weekend…

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Bumble bee
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who cares! You’re getting engaged!!! πŸ˜€ He’s so excited he can barely hold it in. Don’t let your attitude about how it all played out ruin the actual moment. You WILL regret feeling that way if it does.

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Buzzing bee

Tons of people know a proposal is coming. It’s not the hollywood surprise, but it’s still special. It should mean a lot to you that’s he so excited for this next step. It’s also possible he’s trying to throw you off. He may be proposing this weekend at that restaurant, or he might propose elsewhere on Friday, in 2 months, etc.

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Busy bee
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It doesn’t matter!

My Fiance and I went ring shopping, I knew when he ordered it and I had a general idea of when he was going to propose – but I didn’t know exactly when or how – and he blew me away!

Stop overthinking and just go with the flow and live in the moment. He’s excited – he loves you and wants to marry you!

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Helper bee
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I knew exactly when my proposal was coming. My fiance and I went ring shopping about 6 months before he proposed, and he bought the ring with me standing right there. A few months later in August we decided we wanted to get married the following September, so it was noted that we need to start planning soon, so I knew a proposal was coming any time. My fiance never plans ANYTHING, and he casually asked if I wanted to go hiking at Great Falls that weekend (where we had our 3rd date). I’m always the one who wants to go hiking, not him. Then the entire hike he was looking around with his hands in his pockets to see if anyone was coming, until he finally did it. (Turns out he had the ring LOOSE in his gym shorts pocket! haha) I didn’t mind though, I was ready for it πŸ™‚

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Helper bee
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It sounds like you had a lot of chances to speak up and tell him you want it to be a surprise. He’s talking about it because it’s on his mind and you haven’t told him not to. 

If you’re really not comfortable with it now, tell him to wait a bit and surprise you. Otherwise, just enjoy!

And congrats!

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Sugar bee
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I pretty much knew also. I still loved every minute of it though! Maybe celebrate by getting your nails done? Then your fingers will be camera ready!

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Busy bee
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I say this with love bee, you are focusing on the wrong things. how and when your future Fiance proposes is really not for you to control. Be happy he is so clear he wants to marry you, and because you are his best friend, he is really excited and can’t hold it in. Imagine what that trust means for your relationship. That says to me he is probably going to be an amazing husband. Go look up yesterday’s thread about the guys who lead women on to fake proposals. That is what I would be worried about.

I suspected for months that my anniversary dinner would be my proposal because he asked me to choose menu options, but not ask any more questions. yes, we went ring shopping together and ended up choosing the ring while I was there. But, I didn’t see it again after that. 

By the time the day came, I was going nuts because I thought, oh my, what if he doesn’t propose? ok, ok, ok, I really really love him and will show that no matter what. I was nervous, bee! πŸ™‚

On the bright side, knowing gave me time to score an amazing dress at Off Saks for 80% off, and do my nails in a nice matching color. Then, when the proposal actually came he was a bit nervous and I was able to reassure him. When he stood up and the plan unfolded, I am super proud to say that he did amazing!! And yes, that part was a surprise.

Try to be supportive bee, you sound like you have an amazing guy πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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I knew my husband was going to propose to me, literally zero element of surprise. We bought my ring online and I knew when he got it because it was delivered while I was over. He kept it in the box on his dresser! I didn’t know how he was going to ask just that he was going to that weekend. It was still special and I was still overjoyed so it’s all good!

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Sugar bee
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OMG, my Dad did this to my Mom! I always thought Dad was one-of-a-kind, but I guess not!

Trust me, hun, you are not alone. Some guys just have no brain-to-mouth filter and will EXPLODE if they keep something in too long. 

I’m sure it will be a lovely, special Saturday, and knowing it’s coming means you can look your best for it!

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Worker bee

Oh dear, better than my kinda proposal. He just text me on the way to work, to book the venue! He hadn’t even asked me, just said ‘shall we do it then?!’ Had to check availability, as we were married on 12.12.12 We chose the ring together then at the following weekend. I does love my husband πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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Buzzing bee

I knew! I found the ring order confirmation (with photo and everything *sigh*) about a month before he proposed. I didn’t know where or when, but I knew it was coming – and soon. We had two big trips planned (anniversary being one of them) so I also pretty much knew that it would be on one of those two big trips. He was still able to make it kind-of a surprise in that I didn’t know EXACTLY where or when it would come, but I admit to being a little disappointed. However; now that we’re more than a year past the proposal and a month past the wedding, it really doesn’t matter! It seemed like such a big thing at the time, but it’s really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

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maybemrs:  I knew it was coming soon because we had a conversation about what types of rings I liked best and he wanted to find out my ring size. I knew after that conversation that he would be getting a ring “soon” as he is not a dilly dallier.

My fiance isn’t one to just blurt out information, he definitely wanted to keep it a surprise. BUT he can’t fool me! He doesn’t tend to be the planner of the couple so when he came up with an entire day’s plan, about a month after we had the above conversation I knew what was going on.

I didn’t feel like it ruined it in any way. You may know the day (which women figure out ahead of time quite often, most of my friends had hunches about the date and were correct) and you may know the restaurant he is taking you to. But you don’t know if he plans to propose in private before dinner and then use dinner to celebrate, if he plans on proposing at dinner or even on a walk afterwards. You also don’t know what he has prepared to say to you in the process of proposing! 

There is lots you can’t know until it happens! Be excited! πŸ™‚

Congratulations to you!


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