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Helper bee
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hmmm well good that youve made sure your infection free. Although a bacterial infection of many kinds can still develop even with the same partner. My only guess would be diet possibly,  or I know this is icky but if your SO ejaculates inside you sometimes the next day can have that “smell”. Do you wear tight panties? Cotton ones are optimal for your vjayjay to breath.

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@punkin83: Agree. Cotton panties, sleeping without underwear at night, etc can let your nethers breathe. You could also try using a slim/thin panty liner and then changing it out in the afternoons. If you’re a bit wet, that may help because you can toss out all the moisture from the morning and start with a fresh liner in the afternoon. 

As long as you’ve been checked out for infections, just remember that vaginas do their own thing and take care of themselves for the most part. Commercials make us think that it should be rainshower fresh and sweet as flowers, but honestly, it’s a vagina. Cut your lady bits some slack Wink

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Busy bee
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How much water do you drink?  I used to feel the same way (I feel it’s just because we’re aware of it if that makes sense) but I started uping my water intake (for other reasons) and I don’t feel that way anymore :).  Seems to me like it would make sense that it would correlate.

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Certain foods can make it smell better too. Seriously, google it.

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Light pantyliners are good to use. I also periodically use a pH balancing gel like Luvena (don’t mean to pimp the brand, I just don’t know another one off the top of my head) and that seems to do good things.

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I recommend against using “feminine washes” or any type of soap /perfume. Most GYN’s today are talking about the problems they are causing, especially messing with the vaginal PH system. Since the Vagina is a self cleansing entity, it doesn’t need our help lol

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Bumble bee
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I have heard that vagina’s are supposedly self cleansers… and that has been the strangest bit of information since I first heard it. I disagree— use your wash, just don’t over due it. As long as you are not irratating your good girl, then you are ok.

Now, you may want to try panty liners they come with and without scent. Remember to change it at least once a day though- because if you wear them too long they can defeat the purpose and carry odor themselves. Then you may want to sprinkle baby power in your panties too… not so much that it looks like its snowing down under… :), but just enough to keep away the moisture and unpleasant smells.


Also it could be your diet… eat seafood and it may change your original smell there… so, watch what you eat and which items give you that smell & only eat them on special occassions.  lol

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Bumble bee

I was at the bookstore once and skimmed through the pages of a book called ” what’s up with down there” it was writeen by a women gyno I think. Pretty funny and def made me feel better about some of the things that are so awesome about being a girl! It may make you understand yourself better and feel more normal. Also, I got a free sample of a product called Nirena by SD labs when I worked for a place that sold a bunch of beauty products and I really liked it. Not real cheap for a girl wash but if it’s something you are worried about you may like it.

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Busy bee

 @best10612:  I don’t know much about these things but I have noticed mine can smell stronger depending on the type of material my knickers are made of and at certain times of the month (not when I’m on my period but other times)

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What type of birth control do you use?  I know that IUD’s cause you to have more discharge than others that do not use an IUD.

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@aliavenue:  Whole, fresh pineapples were on sale at the store last week.  As I was eating almost the whole thing by myself, all I could think was “this has got to be good for my lady bits.”

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Bumble bee

I get the smelly-feeling as well, but after asking (very close) people and being told that no, I had my smell, but not a bad smell, I realised that my problem was reading too many things.  

You know, they’re always “zomg! It needs to be hairless and stink-free!”  “I was with this woman and it was a forest and reeked like garbage!”  It seems rare to hear of a “pleasant”/”normal” experience, and so it would be that I was terrified that I smelled since there was some (natural/neutral) odor instead of none at all.  

Marketing groups don’t help, what with their woman-in-white-surrounded-by-flowers business for selling things like douches and washes.  Your internal parts are self-cleaning, and really, some light (fragrance/dye free) soap and water should be good for the outer bits.  I’ve read that frequent use of pantiliners isn’t healthy for it either.  

http://vaginapagina.com/ is a good place to read about what is normal.

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Bumble bee

I know my natural healthy smell and knew something was up when I had a different kind of smell. I went to my OB and sure enough there was a little bacterial infection going on. It was unlike a yeast infection so without the slight smell there were no other symptoms. She game me antibiotics and I was on my merry way.

I use these every day and love them. They go in my hanky panky’s and regular undies.


Always Thin Flexi-Style Liners Unwrapped, 50-count Packages (Pack of 8)
P.s. I am against feminine washes as they mess up your normal PH balance. The vagina has it’s own natural cleansing system and different amounts of dishcharge throughout the month is normal.

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