I lost my engagement ring. HELP!

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Bee Keeper
  • Wedding: January 2017

I think it’s gone away with the garbage, sorry ,😶.

I would try to save up for another one.

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Sugar bee

It sounds like you think that you made a big mess that night somehow and maybe in cleaning up you threw it away? Or is it possible that you left your door unlocked when you took out the trash and someone came into your room and stole it? 

In any case, it sounds like you’ve looked everywhere and it’s gone. I’m sorry, bee, it sucks. Hopefully this is a learning experience to have a designated place for your jewelry and to get any valuable jewelry insured.

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Blushing bee
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Something similar happened to me earlier this month (not with my engagement ring though, which I am so sorry to hear about for you). I never found the item I “lost” (at this point, I suspect faeries were at play, because I looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for it). 

In your case, it’s possible that you did accidentally throw away the ring as PPs suggested. I am wondering though if you have a floor grate where central heating/air comes out of. The grill is big enough for a small object to fall through, and if you’ve looked everywhere else, I think that could be a good last resort to check. Hope you find it, Bee! And try not to blame yourself too much, you didn’t intentionally lose the ring. It’s understandable to feel bad for misplacing a sentimental item, but try not to linger on it.

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Bumble bee

I lost my wedding ring once, and it had been left to me by my beloved grandmother. 

After tearing the place apart trying to find it, I finally gave up and tried to convince myself it was just a “thing” and not to worry. 

There was honestly  a pain in my heart though…until just over 1 year later when I found my ring!

All of this to say that I know how you feel and I’m hoping you have the same luck I did. (Although quicker!)



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Helper bee

This really sucks bee I a sorry it happened to you. Did you shake out the pillow cases and check all your clothing? If you put it on the bed and then threw the covers back it could be all the way across the room. Is there somewhere you can go to rent a metal detector? When I first got my ring I was at work and I took it off to put lotion on, setting it on my desk. Well, I got distracted and WALKED AWAY from my desk. 5 minutes later I went flying through the building to find it still on the desk. Now, if I take it off to put on lotion I put it between my lips. I never ever put it anywhere except a ring box if I take it off at home, and I have one of those beside my bed, in each bathroom, and in the kitchen. 

It’s going to be ok; maybe you will still find it! 

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Busy bee
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Later down the road the two of you will laugh at this situation. 

This is extreme: but have you considered removing everything from your room and looking through things one by one before movingthem, furniture and all? I often find stuff I thought I had lost when I move (I move a lot).

If it is in fact gone with the trash, I am so sorry. Deep breaths. Lots of love the Fiance, start shopping for another one. 

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Helper bee

Omg, reading this made me so anxious. I got my ring insured 2 days after getting it, and even then I was nervous. 

Youre lucky that the finances don’t matter. If I lost my ring, it’d be a while before we could just replace it. 

Mid none of those things work, I would maybe (though extreme) get a cheap metal detector just in case it can pick up something you can’t see through. 

I always put mine back into the box it came in after I get home from work. I didn’t use to, but I got into the habit after I moved 6 months ago. 


Good luck!

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Busy bee

Based on your dream, I’d say your subconscience is aware that you accidentally threw it away, but you just don’t remember doing it. 😬 How to make it up to your fi? Idk maybe buy the next one yourself? He’s just going to have to forgive you. It was an accident. 

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Busy bee

I’m sure it’s long gone, but is there a way to check that trash still? Prob not if it’s been 2 weeks but…?

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Busy bee
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Put a nylon over your vaccuume’s tube attachment and try to reach everywhere you can’t see. You said you put it on the bed – did you shake out every blanket? Check the divots in the carpet around the bed legs? This must be so stressful bee, I’m so sorry. 


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Sugar bee

I’m so sorry Bee 🙁 

Is there anyway it fell into a crack in a window, grate or vent? Or could it be stuck in the frame of your bed? 

Do you have any pets? I know if my cat saw my ring he would forsure run off with it. 

I hope you find it!

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Bee Keeper
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Did you do your scrap booking on your bed too so that you potentially picked up the ring with the disposable scraps and threw it out?

I would strip the bed completely to make sure it did not fall down between blankets or such.

Get on all four and search your floor space.

Check your laundry, hamper, washer/dryer, etc.

ETA: Just realized you did/checked most things I suggested above.

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Worker bee
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Have you vaccumed since than, if so check the vacuum if you haven’t emptied it yet. Maybe you sucked it up and didn’t even realize it. Check your entire room on your hands and knees. If your room is carpeted check around the room where the carpet meets the wall. Move your bed so you can actually see under it and look, move any table you may have beside your bed and look under it. This must be so frustrating bee. If this was me I would be ripping my room apart looking for mine. Hopefully you didn’t toss it when you cleaned up the scraps that night.

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Bumble bee
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arriaza415 :  I second this. I would literally empty my room.

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