(Closed) I love sex, but I need to VENT!

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I have one thing to add, having trouble getting wet plus having yeast infections are small signs of diabetes. Have you been tested? Not to worry though these things happen to people for a number of reasons but I just had to throw it out there.

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It is really not a good time for me to go messing around with BC and trying new things. I like the pill because it dramatically reduces the length and amount of pain I have with my period, and helps keep my acne manageable. I will have to get new insurance in December, and I don’t really have the $$ for a bunch of gyno. visits that are not the free yearly exam. Messing w/hormones again means I will be super PMSing for a while, and probably have massive, curl-up-in-a-ball type cramps. 

I was able to just call my gyno and tell a nurse about my BC issues to get switched to another. They asked me to try each one for 3 months before switching. You maybe not have to pay for a visit jsut to switch your perscription.

I understand not wanting to mess around with going through PMS and all when you change the hormone components, but if the BC is maybe making you more susceptable to yeast infections, is making you dry, and is lowering you libido, might that risk be worth it? It sounds like these problems are affecting your relationship.

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BC makes you very susceptible to yeast infections. i used to get them all the time. Another possible cause of them might be his toothpaste. It sounds weird, but if its any type of flavored, or medicated, or special kind (whitening, flossing, foaming, etc) it may be reacting weird with your vaginal PH. Ask him to switch brands for a while, to a normal white tootpaste, no special effects, and see if it helps.

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How lucky we are to have a place to come and ask our most intimate questions! 🙂 Now I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night so here’s my advice…think about a non-hormonal BC! 

I know they don’t encourage it if you haven’t had a child – but have you considered an IUD? I have had 3 in the past decade and I swear by them! They have the mirena which will help thin the lining of your cycle and make your period lighter – or the paraguard which is hormone free!!! The IUD is the MOST EFFECTIVE form of reversible BC. My daughter was concieved in my FIRST cycle after having my IUD removed so unlike hormone based BC you don’t have to worry about the bounce back or hormonal swings! Now I’m not sure how recurring YI will affect it but a YI is commonly caused by steriod use or antibiotic use. Do you think that perhaps the meds you took for the condition you had for a year has made you more prone to them? Additionally your BC can be causing them which is why I think you should consider the non-hormonal type. IUD placement can give you cramps but once your uterus adjusts you shouldn’t feel a thing. I got mine removed in June (we’re gonna make a baby this Oct and using condoms until then) and when she removed it I winced and waited for it to hurt and she was like “It’s already out!” 

You can continue to supplement for the lack of lubrication your body is producing but chances are that your stress level and hormones are to blame; not the oral sex! I would look at the birth control first and I would even consider that you and your fiance see a licensed sex therapist because in all honesty it sounds like a big bulk of your sexual problems is fear! You’re holding back emotionally becasue you are afraid of the bumps coming back and you’re also afraid of getting another YI. Chances are the lack of lubrication is coming from upstairs; not down. I don’t recommend the sex therapist because you are broken, but because sex is important in a marriage. Sex should account for 10% of your marraige – however when you take sex out of the marriage it then becomes 90% of the focus. It has so many emotional reprocussions for both partners (does she not want me, does he not find me attractive; is there someone else?) these things can devastate your life together so once you get the hormones ironed out go see someone – even if it’s just for reassurance. And maybe spend a Friday night reading 50 shades of Grey?! 🙂 






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