(Closed) I met my fiance online. Anyone else? Would love to hear your stories :)

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I met my SO on PoF too, about 2 years ago now. I had been on for months, treading through a sea of frogs and giving up a bit when he messaged me. It was detailed, nice and showed a clear interest in me because he actually read my profile (what a change of pace). We messaged for a week, then texted and he asked me out, it’s been history ever since.

Actually we feel really lucky because the day he messaged me was the day he gave up on PoF and had been messaging girls joke messages. He wrote one out to me too, hesitated, looked back at my profile again, and then spent 30 minutes crafting a real message to me instead.. He’s so cute ~

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KMcKay:  I met my Fiance on Match. I had been on the site for a year, been on countless bad dates and was at the point of giving up. I saw FIs profile and nearly dismissed it because, honest to god, he is so picture perfect drop dead gorgeous I figured he could only be looking for equally picture perfect women (not that I’m bad looking or have self esteem issues I’m just no size 0 barbie doll and after a year on the site I’d kinda gotten a gauge ). I stalled a couple of days but kept coming back to his profile, in the end after a glass of wine I sent him a brief message, he messaged back and the rest is history. We get married in March. I still can’t believe he’s my Fiance! 

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We met on match!

I had been in a 12 year relationship previously 

I’d just signed up for 6 months, and he had been on for nearly 18 months, was sick of it and was getting ready to leave. 

After only a week or so of conversing, we met up, had a hot chocolate and I left feeling like I was walking on air. Falling in love with him was so easy. And it still is. 

We moved in together after just under a year together, and he proposed about 8 months after that. We’re getting married in January and expecting a baby in May. 

So I’m a firm believer in online dating! 

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Eharmony. A friend was trying it, so I did, too. But really I thought it would be a waste of money. Had to fill out extensive questionnaire about myself and what I wanted in a partner. That is what they use for the basis of the matches.

In less than three months, I met the man who would become my husband. He was only the second “match” that I met with in person. I must admit that eHarmony did a much better job of picking someone for me than I ever did for myself.



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OkCupid here. I had just gotten out of a not-so-healthy relationship and wanted to meet people. I signed up on a whim and got contacted by a bunch of weirdos, or people who seemed nice except they lived 150 miles away. I was looking through people who I was a strong match with and saw his profile. We were a ~96% match, he was cute, and his profile was the first one that made me laugh, so I messaged him. We talked back and forth a bit then met up for dinner. We ended up closing down a bar across from the restaurant just talking–we had two beers each the entire night. I drove him back to his car, we kissed, we saw each other twice the following weekend, and that was it. I cancelled a couple of other dates I had had scheduled and we’ve been together since. I’ve been on one online date in my entire life and we were married ~2 years later. I’m soooooo good at online dating. ๐Ÿ™‚

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KMcKay:  What a lovely story! My fiancee and I also met on plenty of fish. He had just gotten out of a long-term serious relationship and was finally wanting to look for someone new, and I had just started graduate school in a female dominated (50 women to about 4 men) area. I got loads of creepy messages, went on a few dates, nothing really clicked. I actually messaged my now Fiance first, he seemed interesting, he also had a graduate degree, and seemed really smart. He messaged me back and we exchanged MSN messenger info (yes msn was still a thing then lol). We talked everyday mostly all day long. He asked me out, and I ended up cancelling on him the same day because I was dealing with a lot of stress at school, and the workload was too much to handle anything other than that. He was very understanding and we kept talking, and he asked me out again, and again I bailed. At this point I figured we might only become friends, since I kept bailing on him, he probably would move on and meet someone else. However he was persistent and asked me out again, this time he bailed (he had locked his keys in his car, and had to wait for CAA to come and let him back into his car), and of course, since I had bailed on him twice before that was totally ok with me. <br /><br />We ended up chatting for 6 months without ever meeting!!! I would tell him about my days, and he about his, and we just talked practically everyday via text or msn. Finally one day I went to a coffee shop and plonked myself there to do work all day, and texted him to meet me after work. He did! He even text me before walking in to make sure I was actually there! He got a coffee (which he hates, but he didn’t want to seem odd for not liking coffee lol, which I think is kind of adorable), and he told me later that he was sad I already had a drink since he had wanted to buy me one. We chatted for 3 hours, and it was great, he ended up asking me to dinner after our coffees. We went to a deserted restaurant with only two other patrons in there (which happened to be 2 of his coworkers), and he was charming, sweet, and didn’t seem nervous, even though he told me later he was really worried his coworkers would come over and start giving him a hard time about being on a date (luckily they had a burst of common sense and decency). After that we went to my place and watched a movie, and ended the night with a goodnight kiss, it was the best kiss of both our lives and we’ve been together ever since. It’s been almost 4 years now and I am so lucky that I will be marrying this man in about 10 months! 

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We met on Craigs List. I posted in the personals section, he was the only person who responded to the post. 7 years later, we’re married.

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Boyfriend or Best Friend and I met on OkCupid. I’d done POF and Match, but never met anyone that I dated more than a month or so.We were a 94% match according to the questions, and he really is my best friend, so here we are now almost a year later starting to plan the rest of our lives together. I’d say the site did a pretty good job matching us up

Around about a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving 2013 he had been looking at my profile a couple times a day for a few days and I thought he was cute and I liked his profile but I thought surely he would make the first move. After about a week of him being a looky-lou there was still no message and I was starting to get annoyed. I messaged him and jokingly said that I was starting to wonder if he was a serial killer just looking for victims. He responded back within an hour with a super long message and we emailed back and forth multiple times a day for about a week. Then we started talking on the phone…the conversations would last for four and five hours and were just so easy. We made plans to meet the week before Christmas but they fell through because of an emergency lack of a babysitter on my end, and he was going out of town for Christmas right after that so we said that we would just meet up when he got back. Well, a couple of days before Christmas he just stops texting and doesn’t call. Completely dark. At first I didn’t really think anything of it, and then it was just obvious that he was being silent. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was just so sad about it. We had talked so much and had really gotten to know each other through our phone conversations. I felt like I lost a close friend. It sucked but I just chalked it up to another instance of what can happen with online dating and moved along. On Jan 3rd, I got a text from him apologizing profusely, telling me that I was a wonderful person and he just wanted me to know that he was sorry he had gone silent, that the holidays were a tough time for him (previous death of this father, divorced a year ago) and he hoped that I would forgive him. I was kind of upset when I got that because it didn’t seem like he was apologizing with the desire of wanting to talk again. It was just an apology, but that brought back the feelings that had started to develop and at that point, irritated me more than anything because I had moved past it enough to just go on. I wasn’t going to respond back because it didn’t seem to me that he was still interested.

Two days later, that text message was still bugging me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I sent a short text back asking why he would text to apologize after that period of silence/blowing me off. He instantly responded, apologized again, and said that he just felt so terrible about going silent and didn’t want to leave it that way. I felt ridiculous and thought that it seemed so desperate of me, but I just had to know if he was still interested. So, I texted back, “so, you’re not interested anymore…” and he said that yes, he was, he just felt so stupid that he had messed everything up so badly and was sure that I hated him now but he just had to apologize so that I would know it was all him and nothing I did.

Again, I felt ridiculous and couldn’t even believe myself but I suggested that we start over if he really was interested, that I didn’t hate him at all. So, we started over with texting for a few days which quickly became late night four hour phone conversations and we made plans again to meet.

On Jan 18th, he drove 45 miles through a blizzard to meet me for our first date (he refused to reschedule because of the weather because he said he didn’t want to lose me again) and we have spent the last 293 days juggling life, a 45 mile distance, my shared parenting schedule, and our job/my school schedules to begin building what will be our life together.

I just love our story…to think if either of us had decided to let the other be just a screenname our whole lives would be completely different.

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I met my SO on match!! I’d uses it previously and had an unhealthy relationship out of it. So I tried one more time and just as I was giving up my SO messaged me. I almost didn’t even text him when he offered his number but I’m so glad I did! We talked on the phone for over an hour the first time he called and I was hooked. We met for our first date and I was falling already (so was he!) We spent every possible day together after that. We moved in together less than 2 months later and have been happily in love since! ๐Ÿ™‚

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KMcKay:  Beautiful Story! Like you and marbelles:  I met my Fiance on POF about 2 years ago.

I was in a bad long term relationship and about a year after that ended I was ready to try dating again, my friends told me to sign up, even though I didn’t want to. I thought it was still ‘not cool’ to meet online. I had no idea how many people online dated until I became open about it.

At first I took it seriously and was quickly disappointed, I found a lot of weirdos and a lot of people that were not truthful. So I kind of gave up, I was just about to shut down my account then my Fiance msged me. He was cute, had a good job, seemed educated, grounded and finally normal! I msged back but didn’t think about it too seriously. We texted for a couple weeks afterwards and ended up meeting up new years eve for our first date.

It was great, he was great. We hung out a lot and had a lot of fun together. Because of my lease coming up and him moving we ended up moving in with each other after 4 months. But it felt right and it worked for us. We got engaged last December and our wedding is this up coming January. We bought a house this year, I’m starting my career and he’s moving up in his. Life is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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We met through twitter lol. I went to a tweet up around 3 years about and met Rho. He met her in person around the same time. We started following each other as she interacted with both of us on twitter (she’s big on twitter locally). We interacted online but didn’t meet until the following June. I was dancing in a burlesque show and she was really interested in that sort of thing and came to the show. She brought a few people with her including J. We saw each other every few weeks at different things for the next few months and continued the online flirting. Finally I asked him out lol. Our first date was 2 years ago today and we’re getting married next weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

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I met Dh online.  It was a free site called Love at First Click.  He called & we had a great phone conversation, so he asked me out to lunch at a really good Mexican restauran.

We ended up standing each other up.  It’s a chain & there was some kind of miscommunication because we each ended up at a different location.

I was in screw it mode, so I canceled.  Dh wanted to come to where I was.  He called again a couple of days later & drove the hour up to where I lived to meet for lunch.

This time, we both ended up in the right place.  He took full responsibility for the mistake, which was impressive.  We had a great time & he asked me out again.  We had a really nice, old fashioned courtship.

Hard to believe that was 10 yrs ago.


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POF here too! I signed up on a saturday and was immediately bombarded with messages from (mostly) creeps. I actually did take the time to sift through and find the few genuine sounding guys one there. I messaged back and forth with a few, including my now Fiance who messaged me the day after I signed up. I actually went out with three guys over the following week. Wednesday nights I used to go to trivia with a couple of friends (who are a couple) and FI’s profile said he liked trivia so I invited him to come along. Shortly before it was time to go my friend texted me that her parents were coming to trivia. I thought Fiance might not be comfortable with someone’s parents on our first date, but I texted him and he was totally cool with it. We ended up having a great time and he really showed me how laid back he was by agreeing to such an unconventional first date. Funny enough, at the trivia place another guy that was there recognized me from POF and approached me! It was super awkward and I had to tell him I was on a date with someone else! I deleted my profile a couple days later after getting his creepy messages! 

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KMcKay:  I met my husband on match.com… I tell him a lot he is so lucky because I was his first and only date! We only emailed back and forth for 4 hours the first night, met the next night and were dating ever since. Engaged in 8 months, and married on the 1 year anniversary of the day we first met! 8 years and 2 beautiful kids later we are still together and in love more each day!! 

By the way.. Congrats on your engagement!! 

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