(Closed) I met my fiance online. Anyone else? Would love to hear your stories :)

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Jamergurl921:  That’s a crazy story! I’m from Maine and my Fiance is from Tennessee, we both lived in Boston very close to eachother (while living with our respective exes) for a time back in 2006-2007, but never met. We ended up meeting in Florida years later! Funny how things work out!

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I met my boyfriend (not yet fiancé though he is picking up the ring Wednesday!) on okcupid. I had tried match.com at first since my cousin met her now husband on there. But as a broke 21 year old the monthly fee was a lot to handle and many of the guys I was linked with were in different places in their lives. I went on okcupid and for six months got weird messages and went on dates. Then I saw my now boyfriends profile, we were a 93% match and I thought he was good looking. After visiting his profile multiple times he finally messaged me with the best opening line: “oh you work in a library? Me too! Or maybe I’m just saying that as a way to show what we have in common” (not a direct quote I’m sure he said it better!) We texted for about a week before we met up, started dating two weeks after that and on December 3rd it will be three years 🙂 Online dating can definitely work sometimes it just takes time!(oh and in a strange coincidence we found out we live five minutes apart he was just in a different school district cause of border lines !)

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I love this thread & reading all of the adorable stories! 🙂

My now Fiance (engaged as of yesterday!!!!) & I met on OkCupid. I had been on & off the site for almost a year. I went on a handful of unsuccessful dates & was in one 2 month long boring relationship. I was almost at my giving up point when he messaged me.


He had been on there for a few months after ending a horrible relationship. 


He viewed my profile & sent me a simple message saying “Hi. How are you?” I had previously refused to reply to such messages, but was bored at work & decided to reply just for a conversation. We talked on there for a day or two. He kept asking for my phone number, but after so many unsuccessful times with other guys, I wouldn’t give it to him. Instead, we both decided to sign up for Kik & chat on there. After talking non-stop on Kik for several days, I decided to give him my number. Within 3 days of giving him my #, we sent back & forth 2200 messages. About a week & 1/2 into talking, he butt dialed me, but once he realized it, we started talking & about 4 or 5 hours later, realized we needed to go to bed. For about another week, we continued texting & talking on the phone. He finally asked me on a date & we were both so impatient waiting for that Friday to come. That was the best 1st date we had ever had. He said it best that night “It feels as if all of the puzzle pieces in the universe just shifted into place.” We have been inseperable ever since. He is the love of my life & best friend. A little over a year later & we are engaged! Planning a wedding for May 22nd, 2016. 🙂

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Reading everyones stories, I guess I’m the only one so far not from a dating website!

Fiance and I met through a zombie killing game on Steam. He added me after a round of game and we became good friends talking, laughing and killing bunch of zombies together, over the next 7-8 months. We promised to keep each other unavailable to others for 1 year, so we could learn each other more until we meet. But then, as fate would have it, his new job sent him to my country for induction training right after our promise! He came over and we were together ever since we met in person.

Fast forward 1 year 5 months later, we got engaged. (: 

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I met my Fiance on Tagged (not a dating site). I had been there for years, just not checking it often. After a bad break up i started to go online more often and got thon of weird messages or the standard you’re so beautiful may i have your number. He send me a message that said, lets get to know each other by answering questions. He would ask something i had to answer and then i asked and he would answer. His first question was if i was a dog or cat person. We kept doing the message thing on the site for like a month and he asked to meet. I said no, he then told me that i had to give him a chance. He was sure, if i met him, i wouldn’t be able to walk away. He lived in Belgium and I in the Netherlands. And he was willing to hop on the train for 4 hours just to have lunch with me and go another 4 hours to get back home. I thought that was so sweet so we went to lunch. And even tho i wasnt looking for anything online, he was right! He is all mine since. After 14 months of LD i moved to Belgium and after 14 months living together he proposed. We’re planning a wedding for feb 2015! Just 3 months left, omg!!!

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Fiance and I met on a text-based RPG – which is sort of the geekiest thing ever, I realize.

We spent the first three years we knew each other knowing there was a connection but never really doing anything with it (mainly because of distance and a 5-year age difference), meanwhile I got in and out of two really awful relationships. During the second awful relationship, he was a huge support system for me, so when I ended said relationship, I almost immediately was like, “Okay, you and I, where are we going with this?” We decided to make the commitment and I flew up to Alberta to see him. We’ve been together – albeit with about 1,000 miles between us sometimes – ever since.

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Met SO on POF! I was on all of the dating sites, and went out a LOT. I met so many awesome people, and a few creeps, too. The problem was finding someone I was attracted to and had real chemistry with. So many of them just ended up as friends, which was great because some of them are just great people but it didn’t have that “thing”. 

Then there was Matt. I found his profile, all of his photos were of him out in the mountains and actually DOING things instead of a bunch of shirtless mirror selfies that POF is famous for. His profile was short and sweet. I sent him a message and he replied a short while later, and before long we both knew we found a good match. We started talking on the phone a few days later (over an hour every day!) and I knew there was something there, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself as with past experiences, email/phone chemistry doesn’t equal in person chemistry. 

We planned our first date at the farmers market. He met me on the sidewalk outside with flowers! After over 40 first dates in the past 6 months, this was the first time I recieved flowers so he had huge brownie points right away, haha. There was a sense of ease throughout our first date and I had this crazy sense of calm after it was over. I just felt good about it. Over the next 3 dates he told me the same, that I was exactly what he had been searching for. 

We’ve been dating for 2.5 months and it’s going so well it almost doesn’t seem real. 

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I met my Boyfriend or Best Friend in a group on Myspace a long time ago, lol. I We started messaging, and I found out he was in in the army and in Iraq. Remember all those “Myspace surveys” that were popular? Yeah, that’s how we got to know each other, haha. He asked for my number a few times before I gave it to him, and 4 months later when he was back in the states, we met for the first time. We’ve been together since that day. 

I’m lucky he wasn’t lying, because this was before “catfishing” was something everyone was worried about, lol.  

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I met my SO on Craigslist.  I worked at home at night and would read the posts for entertainment and a reminder that being single was better that the freaks you read about.  I came across this amazing post and had the guts to respond.  He was amazing and I couldn’t wait to get to know him better.

Have been together 5+ years.

Moral of the story is that there are some decent guys out there on the internet.



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