(Closed) I might be moving from Canada to Atlanta GA!?!?!?!?!?!

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What part of Atlanta is your possible job? If you want to PM me that works too. But really that determines what I’ll tell you! haha. What are you used to and what do you like? Are you a city girl or do you think you’ll live a bit farther out?

In general, the North side is more expensive, but also I find a bit nicer (Buckhead, for example). I personally live out in the ‘burbs on the East side past Decatur <– which is very eclectic and kind of fun, my step-brother has a cute little bungalow there.

I can also tell you…be prepared for the heat! They’re predicting we’re going to have an even hotter summer than usual, and it gets pretty darn hot anyway. It’s 70 outside right now and has been in the 80s recently too. Yeah, I dk what that is about.

Overall we really like it though. The traffic is average I’d guess, there is decent nightlife, inside the city is like a giant melting pot of people. From where we live to inside the perimete it takes about 30 minutes with average traffic, obviously more when people decide they want to rear-end eachother on an entrance ramp in the morning……… -_-

I don’t really know what else to say yet, haha.

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@FMM:  I came to Atlanta to go to college and have stayed ever since.  The summers are hot- very hot- but I prefer that over endless snow (i am from Boston).  Decatur is definitely the place for you.  Near downtown Decatur is where you want to be as far as the feel and the fun, as you get closer to i285 and i20 the area becomes much more rough (to put it mildly, feel free to PM me). But downtown Decatur is a blast.  Also, the east village part of atlanta, near Glenwood park is nice as well.  I am not personally familiar with the West End of atlanta but I have heard that it is nice/fun as well.  Inman park area is also nice, although not quite as walking friendly as Decatur. 

The bad stuff- Don’t know if you are planning to have kids- but the GA school system is not fabulous so keep that in mind.  A lot of places around atlanta have been his HARD by the economy.  Tons of foreclosures, etc…. You see a lot of stray animals which is pretty awful if you are an animal lover.  i can’t compare with celcius, but hot is to the point where you don’t want to actually lie out by the pool, the second you get out of the water it is sweltering.  You pretty much NEED to have AC in your house.

“outside the perimeter” covers a lot, going every direction from Atlanta.  East, in the Decatur area is one of the more liberal spots, as you go further out towards Conyers you are into seriously red territory.  North, up 400, is the more expensive.  slightly west, but still north, Marietta is nice but along 75 are some of the higher prices places to live, not with the ecclectic feel.  I’m really not familiar enoughvwith the west and south sides to contribute much. 

That said- and having grown up in boston and being extremely liberal- its generally easy to co-exist with the republicans 🙂

I may not agree with the political views, but the majority of people around here are very polite, very friendly and would rather get to know you over a homemade dinner than talk politics.  There is still some disturbing racism in parts- but unfortunately you will find that in the city as well.  There is pretty much a church, or two, on every street corner which helps to build some communities.

PM if you want to talk more!

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   I moved to Atlanta for grad school 7 years ago and absolutely loved it. I recently moved for a job but I would love to move back in ~5 years. It is such a fun, young, multi-cultural, affordable city! I lived in Stone Mountain and my favorite hangouts were in Decatur (about 10-15 minutes away.) Decatur bars are non-smoking, which is a bonus for me. I also liked going to restaurants and bars in East Atlanta Village and Little 5 Points. I enjoyed being in a suburb as the cost of living was even cheaper. You’ll need a car regardless of where you live, so being driving distance from these cool areas wasn’t a problem for me. 

   I miss how polite and sweet everyone is. I love the friendliness and the people smiling at you on the street. I even learned to love the terms of endearment (ma’am, sweetheart) when I realized it was done out of respect and familiarity.

   PM me if you want info on where to live/what to do. I still have many friends in the area, the majority who are in higher education. 

   And last but not least, congrats on the job and the upcoming PhD!!! I just finished mine a few months ago and I’m now doing a post-doc. I really hope to find a faculty position in Atlanta in a few years. =)  

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So I did a little fun conversion for you. 🙂 85 Fahrenheit (which is what it was today-ish) is about 30 Celsius. It gets to the high 90’s – think 36C – in the summer, and sometimes hotter.

Btw – http://www.allmeasures.com/temperature.html

How is it living outside of the perimeter? I like it, but I’m not a total city girl or country girl (which you have if you venture too far out) so the ‘burbs are both where I grow up and where I intend for my kids to grow up. Traffic pretty much sucks in the mornings, but once you time it right you’ll be fine.

I have heard that the general politics change from liberal to republican as you move outside the perimeter. What is your opinion on that? Well, I’m pretty down-the-middle with my politics, and without saying much, I don’t have a preference at this point anymore. I don’t discuss politics with people, especially people I don’t know, so I’ve never had any issues. It can get obnoxious sometimes on BOTH sides of the spectrum to me, but I imagine you find that anywhere. I do *agree* that the further out in ANY direction you go outside the perimeter it will be more Red…but that isn’t to say there isn’t a mix. The state in general is still a “Republican” state, so don’t let it deter you if an area is deemed that way.

Have you always live in Atlanta or did you move there as an adult? Always lived in Metro Atlanta. I grew up in Covington, moved to Peachtree City in my teens, went to Carrollton for college and now Darling Husband and I live in Conyers where Rockdale/Newton/Henry counties converge. Oh! And I lived in Stockbridge for several years during high school mostly. I always went to school in Newton County though (my mom worked/works there…sorry I am NOT a good school system judge. My mom works her BUTT off and is a HS Counselor with a Ph.D. so I know too much in some cases and not enough in others…..end of that almost-rant! haha!)

RE: Family/Schools – be careful where you choose to live. With kids in the picture even more so. That’s part of why we chose our area farther from Atlanta. The city schools are NOT in good shape right now and actually have quite a bit of scandal/controversy. Decatur is super fun but that is DeKalb County which…the schools aren’t the best. I think Gwinnett schools tend to be ranked pretty well (Snellville, Lawrenceville). Consider where you live as far as school district if you are planning to buy (which, our market is definitely a buyer’s market). Just be aware. And PM me if you have questions! 🙂 http://www.allmeasures.com/temperature.html btw, check that out. also a worst 10 list. Of course, just statistics so take it for what it’s worth.

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I moved to Atlanta in 2011 from Los Angeles because of Fiance’s job. We worked with a real estate agent to find a house to rent (we can’t buy because we have to go back to LA eventually) and because we knew nothing about the neighborhoods. I highly recommend working with a good real estate agent if you can find one.

When we first moved here in February 2011, we were really nervous but we are LOVING Atlanta. We live “in the perimeter”, sandwiched in between Candler Park and Druid Hills in a lovely little neighborhood called Lake Claire. I highly recommend Druid Hills (Emory area), Decatur, Candler Park and Virginia-Highlands if you want to live in a quiet house but still feel like you’re living in a city. If you’re looking for something more urban, Buckhead and Midtown are great. 

You are right that as you leave the city the politics get more Red. My fiance and I are what the Republicans call “annoying Hollywood liberals” so we feel really at home in our neighborhood. I always joke that it’s like someone transplanted all the West Siders in LA to a place filled with trees in Atlanta. We have so many California license plates, it’s crazy! I work in Alpharetta though and you can definitely feel the politics change. I have friends that are Republican and I love them but if politics are a big concern for you, don’t live outside the city, it’ll just drive you bananas.

I don’t know much about schools, I have heard from a lot of parents recently (we have tons of kids in the neighborhood) that there is a fight over zoning. If you google it, I’ll bet you’ll be able to pull something up.

Anyway, congrats on your PhD, that’s an awesome accomplishment. PM if you need any other info, I’ll do my best to help.

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