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Buzzing bee

I like the name Clancy of its a boy, mostly because I would love to call him fancy clancy…. anyway lol but I think you need to go to your local shelter. They have lab and German Shephard mixes that are all very trainable. Most dogs are you just have to find the right motivation. And please DO not buy a puppy. There are millions in shelters. You just have to look and be willing to drive a little if you absolutely wanted a certain Brees. But mixed breeds are normally better in terms of health then alot of pure Brees dogs. I would stay away from boxers and bulldogs of any kind, and dashunds. While adorable, they tend to have a boatload of medical problems in general. 

Adopt don’t shop! 

Good luck I’m your new addition, post a picture when you get it 🙂

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Busy bee
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congrats on the new puppy!  I have 2 labs…Pippa and Theodore (Theo for short).

Other names we tossed around – paisley, poppy, rex, tank, tugger

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Bumble bee
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I had 2 beagles growing up called Bert and Ernie and a lab/shepherd mix called Spike (my younger brother named him). Some of my cats over the years have been Herman, Ferdie, Henry, Winston, Willow, Theodore (Teddy).

I always loved either Ralphie or Charles for my next dog!

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This is our girl, Gypsy.  She is an australian shepherd and very high energy.  She also sheds a lot more than we were expecting but she makes up for it in spunkiness and being pretty lovable! 

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This is my puppy Sophie. She now 15 weeks old and a miniature poodle. We’re super lucky thar she slept right through the night since the day she came home. I am a big believer in the stuffed dog with a heartbeat. I bought one from Amazon and as soon as we put her in her kennel with her stuffed Momma dog she is out like a light. One dog name I just love is Poppy. My next dog will be a Poppy!

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I forgot to mention my dog before Sophie was named Abby (she passed away in May) and I’ve had cats named Percy, Murphy, Bordeaux and Samson. I work in an animal shelter so I see a lot of names!

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Are you thinking a shepherd like an australian shepherd, or a german shepherd? Or something else? Most shepherds aren’t good breeds for a first time dog owner, though you can make it work. If you want some more detailed breed suggestions, below is a questionnaire that we use on a dog forum. Some of it is pretty basic and not relevant to you but I’ll paste the whole thing.


Who do you live with or are you single?

How much shedding, barking, farting and drooling can you tolerate?

How much grooming do you want to do, or how often can you pay a professional to groom him?

What’s your activity level?

How much time a day can you give to walking and playing with the dog?

How often will the dog be left alone and for how long?

If needed, could you hire someone to walk your dog when you can’t be home, pay for a doggy daycare, or come home at lunch to break up the day for him?

How trainable does your dog need to be?

How important is having your dog off-leash?

Do you live in an apartment? Or moving in the next 5 years?

Are there breed or size restrictions (understanding that some breeds may make it more difficult to find housing)?

Do you understand that dogs can live up to 15+ years?

Do you have a fenced yard, or is there a large fenced area nearby?

Do you have young (i.e under ~8) children (or planning on having children)?

Are you experienced with owning/training dogs?

Where do you intend to keep your dog?

What’s the weather like where you live?

Did you budget for your new dog?

Where do you intend to get the dog from? (Breeder, shelter, breed specific rescue etc)

What are you looking to get out of your dog? (i.e a running buddy, a lap warmer/companion, guard dog…)

Breeds that you are interested in?

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Helper bee

Hello! I have three pups. A maltese/yorkie mix, a beagle and a…well we call him a junkyard pup lol. 

My yorkie (Pawz – I named him in middle school lol hence the “Z”) yaps and barks like there’s no tomorrow and is a bit of a hobbit lol but he’s sweet and cuddly and cute too. He currently has a ruptured ACL though 🙁 so we call him hobbles as he’s hopping around on his three good legs while we wait for him to lose two pounds so he can get surgery! He is a bit high maintenance though with grooming – but he is hypoallergenic which means no shedding! 

My beagle is an angel…except when it comes to food. She is a bit of a porker lol. But she’s perfect either way. She doesn’t have normal beagle markings which is exactly why we picked her but she is absolutely beautiful. I always say her comfort is her number one priority as she lays around on her back with her belly hanging out lol. Her name is Lola – which as the diva she is fits her beyond well lol. 

My junkyard pup…he is my heart. I loooooove all of my dogs don’t get me wrong, but he is like my furry birth child lol. We adopted him from a humane society and I just thought he was the cutest thing. My heart absolutely melted when I first saw him. We brought him home only to find out a week later that the reason he was so calm and docile was because he was on death’s doorstep. My vet placed him at about four days til death if we hadn’t brought him in when we did. My poor baby was infected with three types of worms (hook worms, tape worms, and round worms), he was malnourished (you could see his little ribs) and anemic/proteinemic. It took about two whole months to rid him of the worms completely. As soon as he was better boy oh boy did he catch up on lacked growth lol. My pupperones is a little over 9 months now and weighs a whopping 66 pounds and still has more to grow! I would recommend going to a shelter because it is something special between you and your pet to know what you essentially saved them from. His vet bills and medication…cost sososooso much and I didn’t go in to the humane society thinking I was going to come out with a sick puppy but in the long run in glad I did because I saved his life. And I’m so thankful I did because he means the world to me. Now as to why we call him the junkyard pup – he has so many breeds in him we just don’t even know what to try to explain him as lol. We know for sure he has lab, husky and beagle lol but there’s definitely one or two more breeds in there, possibly even pit bull. I refer to him tentatively as buskador lol. His name is Wyatt and he is my bubbachubs! 

Sorry for the long post! I hope there’s fellow dog lovers out there that get me… Lol 

An old picture but from left to right – Lola, Pawz, Wyatt

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Blushing bee

We have two fur babies, Athena and Zeus. He’s a 3 1/2 month blue nose pit and she’s a 18 month old red nose pit. We actually get stopped a lot and people compliment on how beautiful they are, actually had a guy roll his windows down at a red light today and pretty much express his love for our two babies, haha happens a few times a week. 

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Busy bee
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This is our baby! His name is Beau and he’s an 11 month old aussie. He’s playful and loveable and very, very active but he has a quirky personality which hubs and I love because he fits right in. Congrats on the new pup!!


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Here are my boys Woody (shih-tzu/poodle) & Sully(Golden Retriever/poodle)! Watching me try to decorate the guest bedroom..


I have always loved the name button if we ever to get another dog 🙂 

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