(Closed) I need a hug – going through health issues, career issues, the works =(

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    I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time. Good general health is something that’s so taken for granted but sucks so bad when it’s out of whack, especially things that are hard to explain or diagnose. ((hugs))

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    many, many big giant ((((hugs)))!!!

    Have a lovely day, filled with a little extra energy πŸ™‚

    wishing you much love, and white light!

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    I have some chronic health issues, and they’v ebeen rather awful since the fall (I had c.diff and had to go on THREE different drugs to treat it! First 2 didn’t work). I totally understand havign a rough time, health wise and how it can impact every facet of your life (even though I don’t understand what you’re going through). I have a friend who can’t eat gluten, so when she visits, she legit has me get paper plates (whicih I’m fine w/! I know how sick she gets and it breaks my heart. She also had to go back ON gluten when she’d been off to go through testing). 

    I will say for me, if nothing else, having lousy time health wise this past year has really helped my relationship in many ways. I knew I really wanted to marry my partner b/c of how he has been, and really its helped me understand how much he loves me. I’ve also had issues w/ my career. I joke that if I can fly, drive through NYC, and then present at a conference when this sick, I can do anything. So do focus on something you have done adn cling to it. Mind you, at said conference, I was so thankful for a solo room. I kept Ensure and Gatoraid in my fridge and pretty much ate no food. Plus, there was a night where I legit cried on the floor in my bathroom while on the phone w/ my partner. He almost paid to switch my flight to come home early (the price was so high I couldn’t do it). But you know what? I did it. I made it through it. 

    I have the flu right now so this might not make much sense, I’m sorry. But *Hugs*. I truly believe everyone out there has the right to occasionally throw a pity party. I do it. When I’m havign a rough time, my partner and I set an amount of time for me to feel sorry for myself and cry a bunch (not saying it’s for everyone). So, even if I’m feeling 100% (haha, never happens lately) I get a day to do nothing and whimper and wear my sweats. I get to whine that it’s not fair. Becaues you know what? It’s not. It’s not fair that people feel this way. there’s not ONE person out there who I’d wish this on. I truly believe that my health will get better (and that it may go through cycles where it’s this bad). I have hope that your health will get better. I also really think it’s great that you understand not to take it for granted – many people do, and it’s so important IMO to occasionally stop and look around – just see how good things are. I keep a journal and when I’m getting really down in teh dump, I make myself list positive things. Right now, it’s 2 nice things every day. 2 is easy. Typically it’s stuff like, I just smile when I am cozy in bed w/ my partner and our two dogs. Our bed is so comfy, and I love being able to lay here w/ a cup of tea and read. Even when I’m really sick, I can lay here and pet my pups.

    Good luck to you, and message me if you ever want to talk or just need a shoulder to whine on. (also, I feel like a spokesperson b/c I’ve mentioned it a few times and I don’t work for them, but I highly recommend the Chronic Babe website. There’s some very good discussion boards and groups. I can’t even put into words how wonderful that site has been for me. I actually met a close friend through it, and some days it’s so great to have someone who just *gets* it).

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    Hope things get better. Hug!

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    You will get over this, hopefully sooner rather than later, and everything will begin to fall back into place! 

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    Hey! Sooooooooo I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after injuries from a car accident just never let up. Chronic pain, insomnia, GI issues, the whole 9 yards. I also went Girlfriend to alleviate the symptoms and ya, it’s been soooooooo much better since I changed my diet. I still have a lot of pain, and my energy level is half of what it used to be, but I’ve never really accepted the fibro diagnosis nor have I taken anything thats been prescribed for it. It’s definitely affected my career (I was out often and doing poorly in my tech-office envoronment, so i accepted a WAH position at almost a 50% pay cut…but I can work from my bed if I need to) and not being able to be active like I used to be is killing me – I’m steadily 50lbs more than I used to be before all of this crud stared. The whole “but you don’t look sick” thing as been difficult to explain to family and friends and coworkers, but everyone who matters understands.

    Staying gluten free and doing what I can to stay active (walking, yoga, even just socializing) really helps and if you can muster the energy, I really recommend it πŸ™‚ I know how hard it can be to deal with the food issues, especially if you really want something specific…I’ve definitely cried over not being able to eat a sandwich without it being an hour-long production. Just focus on what you can eat and find out what you can rely on – for my cravings, it’s been a Thai restaurant’s red curry with chicken…if I’m feeling like I need food comfort, that’s where I go! Otherwise ya, I make everything that I eat from scratch and rely on my diet to feel better. You know how it is – no matter how strong some of those cravings for gluten are, it just isn’t worth it.

    PM me if you ever want to kvetch 1:1. You got this!!

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    If you realllly want a cupcake, a lot of bakerys near here do Girlfriend cupcakes. Just saying. Sounds like you need one.

    I have no idea on the pain. But, I had a vit. D deficiency, which most people have. Most are like 22-25 and it’s suppose to be 30. Mine was 8. Perscriptions weren’t pulling up as high as it needed to be. But I do notice when I take it, I feel 10 fold better. 

    Can your doctors maybe try a new fibro drug? A know antidepressants are used a lot for it. Maybe that would help?

    Anyway. Lots of love, hugs and good positive energetic vibes are coming your way from us here in Richmond. <3

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    @ninjajane:  true. I should ship you some of our Girlfriend pasta from across the street. They make it daily. I wonder how long it would last. And TBH I got a Girlfriend cupcake at our bakery here and it kind of sucked. It was really spongey. But I’m sure you’d take whatever at this point!

    And I totally get the side effects of drugs things. I have an overactive bladder (at 22 wtf) but it turns out its a weak bladder from my IBS drugs. Which I really don’t take anymore but it just weakened the muscles so much. So they gave me DetrolLA. And guess what the side effect was… DRY MOUTH… so I wanted to drink more water…. how does that make ANY SENSE?!

    I do hope you figure something out. Can you do any of your work from home?

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