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If you can’t do the invisilign, I’d skip the braces.  When braces come off, there are usually spots on your teeth for a while where they were attached.  So you may have spotty teeth for the wedding.  It’s painful and a huge emotional investment to make.  I’d suggest an over the counter whitener to make the best of your teeth and be the girl with the same smile your fiance fell in love with.

I get the feeling self concious.  Could your photographer maybe edit some of your pics to address your issue?  It’s worth talking to them about. 

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I currently have braces and think you should def get them! My smile with only 5 months of having them on has changed drastically and it’s awesome. I got mine put on a few months after our wedding and looking back I really wish I would have taken the plunge long ago. 

Just so you know what you are getting yourself into though, here is what my experience with braces has been like so far;

  • After initially getting them I cried everytime I ate cause it was so painful for probably a good week or two after having them put on.
  • With each tightening that needs done (every two months) my teeth feel like they are going to pop out of my head due to the crazy high tension and more pain.
  • They are quite expensive. Mine after the end of the 2-2.5 years that I will have had them on should total around almost 6000 dollars in monthly payments. Eek.
  • It is very annoying having a big list of foods that I can’t eat for 2+ years… boy do I miss popcorn and gum among others.
  • I have to carry a toothbrush with me EVERYWHERE I go because I am constantly getting food stuck in them.
  • Flossing now takes me at least 10 minutes to complete.

  • Did I mention that they are painful?

I would say if you still feel like it would be worth it and really do want them (even after my list of horrors lol) then go for it! I’m sure your Fiance will think you look beautiful no matter what your choice though 🙂

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I would go for the braces. I know they’re expensive, but you can get on a payment plan and feeling more confident about your smile is absolutely priceless.

I got braces at 22 and had them until I was 27. Like you, I didn’t qualify for the Invisalign or anything cool and trendy. I had to go for the yucky metal kind. But, it wasn’t really that bad.

The spacers (which they put on before the braces to ready your molars for the bracket thingies) were the worst for me. I cried on and off for 2 days because the pain hurt so bad. Getting the braces on wasn’t that bad – the pain didn’t set in for a few hours, and it was tolerable with Advil. The same goes for the tightening. After awhile, I started to kind of “like” the pain, truth be told. It meant my smile was improving!

I never stayed completely away from the list of foods that you should avoid. I also chewed gum pretty regularly. Caramel was probably the worst – I’d spend half an hour in the bathroom mirror with a roll of floss trying to get it all out!

Something that people don’t usually mention when talking about braces is how the brackets can rub against the inside of your lips. It can be extremely painful and bloody. They make special putty stuff that you can stick on the brackets and for me it was seriously a godsend. My teeth were so wonky crooked that my brackets were zigzgged in my mouth for months which complicated the problem.

I’ve had my braces off for 4 years now and all I have to do is wear my retainer at night when I’m sleeping and my teeth have stayed pretty straight. It was totally worth 5 years of having metal mouth! lol

On an unrelated note: would you be a candidate for ceramics? It might be easier for the photographer to work his photoshop magic on your pictures. Just a thought. I personally wouldn’t recommend having the braces taken off for a day or two because I feel that would set you back a bit, BUT if that’s an option for you and it would make you more comfortable on your wedding day, then go for it!

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I’d say go for it! If it’s something that’s bugging you and you’d like to fix, then see if you can work it out. I had ceramic braces in high school (my trade off with my mom for not letting me get braces until I was a freshman) and you really honestly couldn’t notice them very much. My hubs (boyfriend at the time) thought I just had retainers for almost a year *facepalm* Haha.

They also have braces that go on the inside of your teeth now, so they wouldn’t be visible in photos. I do believe they’re a bit more expensive, but they are around (usually the cost is metal, ceramic, and then the inside braces, but check around). I wouldn’t recommend taking them off (b/c it’s a bit spendy and a process), but if you do plan with your ortho to go that route, just brush well and avoid bad foods. I didn’t have any spots after my 2 years of braces, but YMMV. *also, photogs and photoshop can work wonders, check with your photog as well!

ETA- I do agree w/ PP about the pain factor at first. I never take pain meds or anything like that, but I do recommend popping a couple advil or Ibu before your appointments and then for next day or so, just to take the edge off.

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what exactly is it about your smile that you don’t like?

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I had braces for 18 months and my top teeth were messssed up! I got the metal ones but the brackets were clear so they were way less noticable. There would be people who didn’t even notice I had braces so, they were not that noticable. I paid $2,500 for mine, and it was the best investment I’ve ever made. I was so self conscious and even hate looking back and photos of myself pre braces. I actually prefer the photos I did have braces on, because my teeth were actually straight. The adjustments every few months were not that bad in my opinion, they would only feel tight for about a day, but I liked the feeling lol. So I say go for it!

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I splurged on them myself… best investment ever 🙂 Go for it. Don’t think of it as a wedding expense. Think of it as healthcare. 

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I got invisalign 9 months before my wedding, and I worked with a cosmetic dentist who was willing to do temporary bonding if necessary to make my teeth look good for my wedding even if my invisalign wasn’t done.  I got lucky and had a great team between the dentist & orthodontist, they worked together to make sure my teeth at least looked perfect (even if they weren’t) for my photos.  I know what it feels like to have crappy teeth, I had such awful gaps in my teeth for so many years that I rarely smiled in photos.  After 9 months of invisalign I got bonding to fill in the remaining gaps and my teeth look the best they’ve looked in 25 years.  7 months after the wedding I’m still going through refinements of the invisalign, but my teeth look mostly presentable to the naked eye.  I don’t regret a penny of what I spent to have this done, I only wish I’d done it years ago.  Go for it!

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Just in case you don’t know, ceramic braces are clear braces. They’re definitely less noticable in pictures, but they hurt way more to get taken off. I’ve had both metal and cermaic braces (yeah, worst orthodontist ever!). The metal ones just pop off, no big deal — but the ceramic ones have to be chipped and chiseled off your teeth (I literally thought that my orthodontist was hammering my teeth out). I never cried from braces pain, so I don’t think that pain should be a factor. 

I would get a second opinion from another orthodontist to see if he thinks your teeth could be corrected and braces taken off before the wedding. I noticed another PP mentioned spots on your teeth from the braces, but I never had that, and I don’t know anyone who did.

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I used to work on braces as an assistant. Many people do get the white spots but more so with the ceramic braces. If your meticulous with your hygiene you have less chance of getting them. The ceramic are a little sharper and can be uncomfortable on the inside of your mouth. They are less noticeable but tend to yellow a little after a while. Make sure you get a second opinion on the invisalign. Some orthodontist are not that proficient with them, a younger Dr will be better with them sometimes they may tell you that to dissuade you because they really have not trained for them. So get other opinions. Lastly it does cost extra to have them removed and put back on but can be done. You also could just go to a good dentist and ask if bonding could help with the cosmetics. This souled be a much quicker option and usually smaller changer could be made.Your wedding is one day, your smile lasts a lifetime and if your self conscious about your smile then I would go for it. Feel free to pm me with any questions about the treatment plans or whatever, I’d be glad to help. I worked on braces for years.

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If you aren’t happy with your smile and don’t feel like you have time to get a permanent solution, you should look into Snap On Smiles.. they’re literally snap on teeth that sit over your own teeth (very very thin, not bulky)

They’re pricey, but could be a good stand in for you until you feel ready to make the braces committment! I have a friend who has some and completely loves them. And they look very natural! I only know she has them because we’ve been friends since before she did it!!

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Look at care credit. That’s what i used for mine. But I did the 6 month smile. Mine were pretty bad on the bottom, and I only had them for 2 months.

I’d talk with other orthos and see why they quoted you so long. 

Edit: unless it’s your bite that’s off. Like an over or under bite. Those do take a long time to fix.

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