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Have you ever tried MyFitnessPal?  I need to lose like five pounds and so I joined it.  You keep track of everything you eat, and it tells you what you’ll weigh in 5 weeks based on that.  I don’t know how accurate it is — I’ve only been doing it for like two weeks — but it feels like a good way to keep track of calories and exercise.  


The other thing is to look at what you’re eating, drinking, and doing each day.  How can you subtract bad calories, add better ones, and do more exercise?   

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You need to break down your weight loss goals into smaller ones so you aren’t overwhelmed by the bigger picture.  Like, make a goal to lose 2 pounds a week.  By the end of the month, you will be down 10 pounds.  If you are very overweight, then in the beginning you will lose a lot more than that, then it will taper off and you will lose less.  Pray about it if that is your thing.  Ask God to help you.  It really does work, if that is for you.  Don’t starve yourself!  Just try to pick healthier choices.  Eat your smallest meal at night.  Try to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then a very light dinner.  You can even treat yourself with a small treat after dinner if you need to.  Have  a realistic goal weight.  If your goal is unrealistic, you will get frustrated and give up.  Remember that it takes time.  Ultimately, change your attitude.  Why are you wanting to lose weight? If it is just for a wedding, a DAY in your life, you probably won’t be able to stick with it or keep the weight off.  If you want to because you feel uncomfortable in your clothes everyday and you just want to feel better and be healthy all around, you are more likely to succeed.  Good luck!

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@aggiemae:  Try not to think about how much you have to lose. Take 1 week at a time and set realistic goals each week.


Just take 1 week at a time……do what works best for you. I see you have about a year to your wedding. What amount are you trying to lose? Set a weight loss goal for each week and try not to stress…..even if its 1-2 pounds per week set small goals you can reach instead of unrealistic ones you can’t so you don’t set yourself up for failure.


Try to cut out all sugary drinks and only drink water( I know easier said that done) but try to set a small goal each week…..heck make this your goal for week 1 and I know you will start seeing pounds drop! Then slowly add in other goals!


Good luck……you can do it!!!!


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I know that getting started is the hardest part! I am a WW member and love it but it was not alwayse the case. I am nearing a 60 pound weight loss this week and while I love it now I know how hard it was to stick with the program in the start. Do you have a weight loss buddy, this really made a huge diffrence for me! The really great part is if you have a  lot to lose you can make a big difference with small changes. You know the principals of WW already so if your not ready to go back maybe you could just start practicing the habits they encourage. A big turning point for me was learning I did not have to be a gym rat, I have lost all my weight just playing around outside doing things I love and eating all those sinful foods in moderation!

Good luck .

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The only way you are going to lose weight, no matter what plan or program you use, you have to have the will and motivation to actually do it. If you don’t have those no matter what you join/use you are not going to lose weight.  Are you happy with yourself? Start there first and then move on to the motivation for losing weight. 

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Fiance (fitness trainer in training) is always telling me that one of the best ways is to pre-prepare food and eat small portions frequently throughout the day (like 5 or 6 portions of something fairly healthy). That helps with me because I always have the urge to snack. I also agree with PP about setting monthly goals. 

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first, you have to want to make the change.

second, don’t look at the big picture. make small steps and small goals.

start with – i will walk for 30 minutes 3-5 times/week

then move on from their, make healthies eating choices,


you get up a flights of stairs, one step at a time.

you lose weight, one pound at a time.

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Take 15 minutes a day to exercise and do it in the morning when you first wake up so the day does not get away from you and your not to tired.  Do arms one day.  Do stomach the next day etc..

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I think learning to love yourself and your body can be a huge motivator for losing weight! Don’t focus on the negative stuff, focus on how wonderful your body is, all the good things it does for you and how great it feels to treat it well. You know how great it feels when you’ve just finished a good sweaty workout? Or when you’ve eaten healthy portions of healthy food and your nutritional needs are being met? Focus on that! Add in the good stuff (like veggies, lean protein and activities you enjoy) so that you have less room for the “bad” stuff (like being inactive or eating unhealthy things). 

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@aggiemae:  What do you eat on a normal day?  What exercise do you do?  The easiest way to start something like this is to make small changes.  

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