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First of all, you are beautiful!  I admire you for wanting to get to a healthy weight for you, and I know it can be really really hard.  Have you talked to your doctor?  Often, they can have some good insight into what you should be doing, and it’s always good to speak to your doctor before you make big changes in diet or activity level.  Speaking of which, what is your activity level?  Because no kind of diet will REALLY help unless it’s paired with a good workout regimen.  I’ve always believed that moderation is key–cutting out entire food groups, a la, Atkins (which my parents have been on for 11 years!), I don’t think is healthy.  But lots of veggies, healthy grains, lean meats, and multiple small meals throughout the day.  That’s always, I think the best.  And good workouts!  Good luck!!

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I have to say, you’re beautiful thick and thin.  I love your hair.  Lots of luck with the work outs, I am right there with you.

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What’s been your exercise schedule? / What was it on WW?  Can you exercise normally or did the car accident cause injuries that make workouts difficult? If so, what moves/exercises are difficult for you?

Almost always when people hit a plateau my recommendation is to take up swimming (serious swimming) for a month. It’s an awesome workout – it’s fun – it’s not a hard stress on your body if you have injuries – and it’s very different than what most people do, so it shakes you out of a plateau.

PS. super cute hairdo in that vibrant red

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I also wonder are you also working out in conjuction with the weight watchers?  Did the car accident injure you so that you are not able to be as active?  If so I  have heard that even walking a couple miles a day will make a huge change over the course of a year.  I am in the process of losing weight myself and found that if diet is there and exercise isn’t progress will be slow and vice versa.  I would also recommend checking with your doc to make sure there aren’t any underlying causes to you keeping the weight on.  I hope this helps…goodluck 🙂

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Have you been checked out to make sure there are no thyroid/hormonal issues? If your body is working against you, it’s going to be even more frustrating that usual to lose weight. 

Besides that, I recommend four things: 

1) Finding something active that makes you passionate. For me, it’s a combination of horseback riding and just being active and fit in general. When I know I’m going to work out later in the night, or that I’m fueling my body rather than eating because it sounds good, I make my food decisions better. I know that bad foods sap my energy, and I don’t want to wind up lagging when I’m working with a hyped up three year old mare! 

2) Learn about food. I mean really take the time to figure out the difference between organic and non, what’s in frozen and processed foods, what your body needs, etc. It’s easy to load up on low calorie “diet” foods, but most of them are just as bad for you as sweets, if not more so. Calories aren’t the only thing that count, and when you’re eating right you shouldn’t have to count them. This means keeping the right food around the house, and only the right food. It also means paying attention to what you’re drinking – if you stop drinking pop (not sure if you do!) it’ll work wonders for you! Same with daily lattes, excessive alcohol, sugary fruit juices, etc. 

3) Make a commitment. Get someone important in your life to be committed with you – not to a diet plan, or a number on a scale, but to being healthy in general. It’s bigger than just taking the stairs once in awhile, and if you can sign up for a bootcamp, or a marathon, etc, you’ll have a real, attainable goal. 

4) Cheat sometimes, but cheat smart, and don’t beat yourself up over it. I love to bake, and I don’t stop myself – I just bake from scratch, don’t buy sweets from bakeries, and don’t bake unless I have a good reason to. Sometimes it’s a small change – R and I used to get Whole Foods pizzas some Wednesdays. They’re $8 for a huge pizza, and we’d end up having two gigantic slices each, and then eating the rest over the next few days – it was awful, and affected my whole day. Now if we’re going to have pizza, we get single slices. We rarely crave it, and get it maybe every 4 months. Don’t let one “cheat item” throw off your whole day! 

I hope this helps – I’ve struggled with weight and fitness my whole life, and for the past two years have finally been consistently healthy. I’m not stick thin, and I still get self-conscious, but I feel energetic and aware of my body. I don’t feel helpless or huge. It’s wonderful!

I hope this helps! 

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WW works for me – but that’s because I can’t commit to doing a fully healthy eating style, and also I can’t count calories myself.  If you can do either of those things, I think you can do the diet part yourself.  If you can’t I recommend something like WW that will make you be aware of what you’re putting into your body.

I say low impact to begin with. You have a TON of time. It never feels that way and we all want fast results. But if you lost just 2 pounds a month starting in April you’d be down 24 pounds by your wedding

And don’t beat yourself up if it’s hard – your body’s clearly been through a lot. Just remember that you’re feeling good NOW, don’t let exercising and dieting ruin that good motivation!  Always take pride in even the little things. 🙂


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I would advise against gastric bypass as well, until you have exhausted all other options.

I would hire a personal trainer.  This person would help create a program and would set realistic goals with you.  If someone is showing up to work out with you, you are more likely to go then if it’s just up to you (or at least that’s how i see it).

if this is something that is extrememly important to you – which it sounds like it is- i would work the cost into your wedding budget.

The most basic advice if you want to loose extra weight is you need to increase your cardio and cut back on the amount of calories you are eating.  if you can reduce the calories you consume and increase exercise you should see some results.

good luck!

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No diet can motivate you the way a personal trainer can. I would recommend finding a personal trainer and invest the time and commitment into sticking with it. If you can discipline yourself and take a few kicks in the butt, you’ll do fine.  Did the car accident disable you? If so, my next suggestion would be a nutritionist if you’re unable to exercise.


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I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, but congrats on bouncing back so gracefully! You look fantastic the way you are now.

I did notice that you aren’t mentioning exercise at all…more just diet programs. Even if you join a gym and try the eliptical machine for a while, that can get your heartrate up to help you burn some calories. Eliptical machines are fluid motions, so they aren’t as hard on your joints as say running or walking on pavement. This may help with the issues you had with your pelvic fractures. Couple that with the chiropractor and you’ll definitely have your back feeling better again.

Is walking far distances painful for you? If you can’t afford a gym membership, try walking a little each day. Start off slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself and do only 5 minutes to start. Then increase your minutes slowly. Giving yourself more physical action will help you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Good luck and hope that helps!

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Eating primaly has helped Fiance & I with ibs, increase energry, weightloss & over all health benefits. http://www.marksdailyapple.com is one of my favorite sites for nutrition & exercise tips. 

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I’m not sure if this type of workout would work for you, but have you tried the Jillian Michaels DVD’s? I struggle with motivation, and have had a lot of luck with her programs. They can be a little more intensive (depending on which one you do,) but they’re manageable for most people. To give you an idea… I broke my collar bone 3 weeks ago, and was able to follow the workout this morning with some modification. You can always try and and modify as much as needed, the DVD’s are around $15 off of Amazon. Also, my brother, who is really in to fitness and health, swears by several small meals/day instead of 2-3 big ones. He does five, with breakfast being the biggest, and never eats after 5pm. You can also try to eat more low-calorie snacks, like cucumber + italian dressing, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, sauteed spinach w/ a little bit of garlic, etc.

Good luck!

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