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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

Are your friends and family well off and do they like to travel?

My family would have traveled, but DH’s family wouldn’t have made it, so for me that was my dealbreaker.

What kind of wedding do you envision? If you want a super tiny wedding on a beach with just the two of you, that would make a good case for a Destination Wedding. If you are more concerned about having people there to celebrate with you, it might be best in your hometown.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

I havent had mine yet but i can tell you some of my pros and cons already… 

-con- i’m getting married in mexico and finding a resort that has everything for the right budget has been daunting!

-pro- Fiance has a HUGE family that we wouldnt be able to pay for if we had a wedding here

-con- even some friends and family that we are super close with wont be able to go

-pro- i have severe arthritis and live in canada, so the warm weather will liven me up

-pro- cheap tans and beautiful acne free skin

-pro- for the people who do end up going (which will be around 70) we will have a whole week weedding wonderland. haha sorrry… had to do all the “W’s”

-con- cannot taste food, view location (unless youve already been there) or even really visualize the whole thing

and last but not least… a tip… we hired a planner… yes planners cost money, but shes extremely and although including her cost we probably wont be saving much but i think we will be getting more bang for our buck as far as look goes and she has definatly relieved stress and given up tips that we would have never thought of.

HONESTLY… please message me if you have any questions… i’m about a year away but i will do my best to answer your questions! GOOD LUCK! 

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Busy Beekeeper

off the top of my head:



– wedding of your dreams

– save tons of money, or at least get more for your money

– that money you do spend goes for one to two weeks, not one day

– small intimate weddings are awesome in that you get to chill and hang out with everyone

– overall amazing travel experience – like although my wedding had only 15 guests, i never actually with 15 friends/family at one time before!

– honeymoon incorporated into wedding expenses

– not having to invite people out of obligation

– ideal vacation spot for future anniversaries (DH and i decided on our honeymoon we are definitely going back one day and it will be so special when we do)



– planning everything over phone and email, not being able to see things in person

– important people not being able to come (i had 3 “VIPs” who were not able to come even though for months they thought they were so i went ahead with all the planning and booking

– lots of other people who you would have liked to come not being able to come

– i would say its a burden to guests, but i think in the end, the only people who actually come are the ones who don’t feel burdened and also want a vacation – at least that was my experience.

– not being able to meet with vendors in person

– travelling with your dress! (minor issue)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

Let me try to add things in my experiance so far not menioned yet I hope. 


Pro: If you pick a place like me a Sandals they do it all for you, all you have to do is decide which Martha Stewart package wedding or extras not in the package you want. Ours was free with a week honeymoon booking which saved us so much we set up sap treatments for all the guests coming and a trip to Atlantic casino and they don’t know it yet! LOL It’s awesome. I was planning the Traditional one and so stressed I was sick (only me planning it and only me and my Fiance paying for it, and I won’t go into the Maid/Matron of Honor Issue I had lol) After deciding on Destination Wedding all of a sudden I had time to do only what I want…shop! LOL 


Con:  If you already picked out your Maid/Matron of Honor, bridesmaid, and groomsman’s, is prepared to possibly have odd numbers or changing it around because not all of them may be able to afford it. We went from 4 on each side to 2 and I had to add a bridesmaid to have two. (sisters in wedding can’t make it for more than respectful reasons) 


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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2011

After having a destination wedding in Mexico, I can wholeheartedly say that the pros outweighed the cons. For me, my list is below:


  • Natural weeding system – I was able to invite all those obligatory people my parents forced me to invite, but I knew they wouldn’t come. Everyone that does come is someone that genuinely loves and cares about you.
  • You get to spend multiple days with your most favorite people in the world!
  • My money went A LOT farther in Mexico than it ever would have in California, and I was able to spend more on those that did come and have more than one event
  • Your family and friends get to genuinely know each other and that is so wonderful to witness
  • How many times do you get to take a vacation with your best friends? It’s AWESOME.


  • Some people can’t afford to make it and that sucks
  • Planning everything via email and phone can be frustrating and you have to give up a lot of control (which can also be a good thing based on how you look at it).

I will say it was somewhat different for me than a lot of others, as my husband I live in California but we have friends and family all over the world, so regardless of where we got married, most people would have had to travel somewhere.  We decided to make that somewhere Mexico, and it was beyond amazing.  Totally worth it and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2012


Gorgeous location (usually!)

Inviting only people you really care about and like


Not as cheap as you might think (Dinner at my Destination Wedding wedding in Asia costs more than a one-star Michelin restaurant in Europe!)

Dealing with vendors from a distance (and in some places like islands etc, you have to either compromise on quality of fly in your own make up artist etc. which becomes quite expensive)

Some people you really want to be there may not come.


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