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Hi there!  First of all, don’t stress!  Planning your wedding should be exciting, and no matter what other people tell you, you’ve got plenty of time.  Secondly, it does take a while to get a dress in if you order one and don’t want to have something altered from off the rack.

Still, there is NO way you need to send a dress away for alterations.  Once you get your dress, go find your own local taylor or seamstress so you can go back as many times as necessary to get the dress fit perfectly.  You’ll always know where your dress is and you can take it home as soon as it’s finished.  If for some reason you need a few last minute alterations, your taylor or seamstress will be right there in town and they’ll know your dress already.

I wouldn’t reccomend ordering your dress smaller.  I’ve heard too many horror stories about it, and why heap more stress on yourself over the big day?  Any good taylor can take a dress in, but it’s way harder (material wise for the seamstress, emotionally for you) to have it let out.

Good luck!

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Usually you just need to order it at least 6 months out.  While you have less time to decide, do not let this lady stress you out.  She is probably trying to get you to commit quickly, so you will use her store.  I talked to a store 2 weeks ago, and they said the dress would be in in January, which is plenty of time for you.  (Where I live, the seamstress doesn’t even want to see you until 2 mos out, probably bc they know people lose weight.)

 That being said, I have a 6 mo engagement and choose to get something off the rack.  I honestly don’t know why people are so against this.  My dress had actually not been tried on by anyone else.  Off the rack equalled 20% off for me!  I had another that I liked that was 40% off and very nice.

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Nooo!  Most people I’ve talked to who know anything about dress alteration say you shouldn’t necassarily commit to the place where you buy the gown.  Just because they sell nice dresses doesn’t mean they have good alterationists, and often you can find better prices if you go to an independant taylor or seamstress.  That’s what I’m doing, and they’re much friendlier anyways.  They truly appreciate your business and are much more willing to work with you for the fit you want, rather than trying to make a cut work on you that they might routinley use on the dress you’ve chosen.

Again, good luck!

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First off, don’t fret too much.  You’ve still got a decent chunk of time for finding a dress — there are a number of places you can order from online that have estimated delivery times of about 14-16 weeks or so depending on the designer (bestbridalprices.com for instance).  Plus, they discount. 

Secondly, don’t rush into buying anything you don’t really love.  You read all the time about "two dress" brides who bought too soon.  They then find the dress they really love and need to get rid of the other (also people from whom you can buy and get a dress fast and cheap!).

Thirdly, you never need to get your dress altered at the place where you buy it.  They’ll probably HIGHLY recommend it — but that’s because that’s a way they make lots of money — and you hear plenty of horror stories from brides who use the in-store seamstresses, so there’s no guarantee that the work done there is good quality.  Ask around to see what people say about the shop’s alterations and poke around online   Usually you can save some money, heartache and stress and have better work done by going to an independent seamstress. 

Lastly, If you’re planning on losing weight, etc. a corset-back dress tends to be more forgiving for a changing body size/shape.  So, that’s a good way to go.


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I agree with the comments above.  I purchased my dress from one of those big bridal stores, and it came in two weeks even though they said it would take 5 months.  I’ve also seen some really nice dress on the sample rack.  as for the alterations, 22 weeks seems like a lot to me.  if you go somewhere local, you should be able to have it done in 2 fittings… don’t worry!

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I was in a very similar situation earlier this year when I got my dress. I am also 5’0 and wanted to lose weight before the wedding. I ended up ordering my dress about 6 months before the wedding and getting it shortened.

I bought the size i was at when i got the dress but did get it in the corset back. When I went for my fitting, I was down about 8 pounds and the corset accomodated it well. The only thing I needed other than the shortening was some elastic added around my bustline to make it a bit tighter (there where I lost some weight).

Order the dress for the size you are. You are going to lose weight but its impossible to know where you lose it from. 10 pounds for me now and not one centimeter has come off of my thighs!

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Your last fitting is going to be just a few weeks before your wedding so don’t worry!  My best friend planned her wedding in less than 6 months – – – so you def have more time than you think.

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I know people who have planned weddings in weeks not months so no worries!

My concern though is the time frame that they are giving you for alterations, thats insaine! I have never heard that. Ask if you can take it to a seamstress in the area. SOunds like they ship it out anyway and that would worry me more.  

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First of all – the time to get the dress depends on the manufacturer.  Mine was Alfred Angelo – the dress came 11 weeks after it was ordered.  Second – the time for alterations depends on your seamstress, and what you need done.  My alterations took one week.  The time they are quoting you for alterations is insane – they should be able to make the whole dress (maybe twice) in that time.

I would definately shop around – and you do have plenty of time.  Some dresses do take 4 months or more, but you don’t have to buy one of those, do you?  A decent shop should be able to tell you how long each manufacturer takes.

I actually think that you might need to find another shop, as they are definately feeding you a line.  Don’t panic.  Shop around.  They’re trying to scare you into buying from them without looking other places.

On the subject of size – if you’re on some kind of exercise/weight loss program and already losing, then it seems like you could possibly predict that you might be a size or two smaller.  Otherwise, I would order in your actual size.  The four months before my wedding, I didn’t have time to do the outdoor activities that I normally do, let alone anything extra in the way of exercise.  It’s a great idea, but you’re going to be busy and stressed, and I just wouldn’t bet on making big changes.  And as pointed out, taking in a dress is easier than letting one out.  And a corset-backed dress is really forgiving as far as losing (or gaining) a few pounds, and will also require less alteration as the fit can be customized with the lacings.

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I agree with the comments above.  I ordered my dress fairly early and was also expecting to lose weight.  Make sure you look at the sizing charts for the manufacturer of the dress. Usually, they order the dress based on your largest measurement.  For me, had I worn the dress that day, I would have been one size, but was close to one size down and knew my dress would be arriving several months prior to the wedding.  I tried on a dress in the lower size by the same designer in a simliar style and it actually worked, but was tight.  I took a chance and ordered the smaller size.  It worked, as I had lost weight.

I brought in the dress for alterations about two months prior to the wedding and had it back in less than four weeks.  They actually had to take it in even further, so woo hoo.

That said, the others are 100% correct – if in down, order larger or go with the corset back, especially if you are tight on time.  That way, your dress will need fewer alterations.  If you don’t find a corset back you love, then make the best decision you can and then get alterations when it comes in.

For the alterationist, make sure they have experience with wedding dresses and ask if they have worked on dresses by your designer and if they have experience with your dress.  According to my seamstress, certain designers/dresses have their own quirks and familiarity will certainly speed things up.  🙂 

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I just have to comment, 16-22 weeks for alterations?! That’s insanity! Definitely don’t take it there! Haha. Mine is taking 3 weeks and it’s not like I’m rushing it. My sister in law planned her wedding in 5 months and had no problems, you’re fine. I’m doing it in 9, we probably would have done less but we wanted my fiance to have the maximum amount of vacation time. Good luck and congrats!! Enjoy it!

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