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@LeonardLady:  i can’t help you, but I’d like to wish you luck! I stay on BC for this exact reason… I’d rather not run the risk of pregnancy, and we both HATE condoms. While im not in love with pumping myself full of hormones, it seems to be the most effective and easiest. Good luck to you!

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Oh my God, haha, girlfriend, I don’t have any condom advice, but good luck with your search!

Maybe you could do the copper IUD? At least it’d be hormone free!

Or spermicides? Or NFP? We might switch to one of the latter two when we’re not necessarily too worried about getting preggers.

(Okay, also, I hope this is not thread-jacking–my egg retrieval is on Tuesday, and I am totally doing this thanks to you! I am SO excited! So thanks!!)

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@LeonardLady:  Try SKYN Large – in my experience, I can barely tell that it’s there on my end, and for him, it only bothers him occasionally. 
I hear you on the birth control front. I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility – after a few months you’ll be able to be condom-free part of the month.  

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they make several versions of the magnums. some of which are thinner and waaaayyy better.  

one version is EXSTACY and another version are called THIN. 

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I just wanted to chime in and say that the crown condoms you mentioned are awesome but they definitely fit tight on an average size so maybe skip those. Right now we’re using beyond seven and we both like them, not sure about sizes though. Good luck! 

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In all reality, you can put a normal sized comdom over your head (I have personally seen it done by two sex ed teachers and a friend who did it for giggles) so I have a hard time believing that it’s “too tight” unless you’ve got a horse for a boyfriend… the Magnums are just a “look at me I’m huge” brag… and often more unsafe than not unless a guy IS like a horse because of it not fitting as snuggly on normal men.

I don’t think you’re “humble bragging”, if anything I feel like he’s feeding you a line of BS.  I also don’t think you have a horse for a boyfriend.  🙂  I just think he hasn’t found a happy condom fit and/or one you guys both like.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want/know how to deal with wearing a condom, I get it feels better without, but that doesn’t mean it’s not easily doable once he gets over the “I’m wearing a condom” mentality especially if he’s been spoiled not having to.  There are a ton of brands and styles out there (not counting “large” ones like Magnum) you could try a different one every day of the year.  Even for normal sized and smaller guys, different guys like different condom brands for their fit or texture/thinness.  Unfortnately the thinner it is the more likely it is to break, there’s no way around that, but you can mitigate it with lots of lube (like to begin with and any time you THINK it might need it). 

Also the biggest (and strangest) penis I have seen was over four inches wide (from his right to left) and a little over two inches deep (from him to away from him) and well over longer than the average… I didn’t actually measure it… but I know the size of my hand.  My first thought on seeing it was “Um, I’m not sure that’s going to fit, ever.”.  We didn’t actually have full sex, but he was perfectly fine putting an everyday plain normal Lifestyles condom on it until I just gave up on the thing fitting in (and honestly it was just a fling, so the motivation to make it work wasn’t there).  And in my experience the smaller packaged guys like Lifestyles more than anything… so ya.  But as a side note, in my experience Lifestyles has more “feeling” than Trojan for just the normal condoms.

Absolute worse case senario should be he really can’t cum when in a condom (for whatever reason, but pretty much mental based) and then you BJ, hand job, or he hand jobs himself off after.  Which isn’t ideal, though can be fun at times, really it sounds like he needs to get over his issue with condoms. 🙁

For reference I’m 37 and used exclusively condoms for over 20 years.  My advice would be buy several variety packs from something like Drugstore.com.  They usually have good prices, frequent sales, and if you can buy enough of them and maybe everyday stuff you need shipping is free (think it’s $50 but it’s anything bathroom related and some home/pet stuff too) and no one knows what you’re buying.  Also try different lubes.  I like the KY liquid, as it’s water based (when I started having sex there was only “gel” in a tube lol… this is SO much better!) and safe for condoms, but I’m allergic to so much there might be much better out there I’m just afraid to try them because I don’t want allergic reactions on my sensitive bits!

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Have you thought of using a diaphram?   I hear they are just as useful as condoms.

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My husband has a thick penis, though not like tree trunk size. LOL

We used Durex Sensi Creme and they worked well for us. We both found that Durex felt the best.

BC gave me a tumor in my liver, so I understand your reservations about staying on it.

Nobody told me that being on The Pill would lead to a large benign tumor. It is sickening the way the drug companies just don’t care about women. 

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I had an old bf that had this issue. We found the thin magnums to be perfect. Good luck!


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@LeonardLady:  We have the same issue. Regular condoms don’t work — Magnums fit great but are too thick.

We use Crown Skineless Skin Condoms. They’re actually used widely by the adult film industry, and are super super thin at 0.00181″. 

We order them in bulk from condom depot dot com, as you can’t find them in your average CVS/Walgreens. If you go look there, the reviews speak for themselves. 

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