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Honey Beekeeper
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It doesn’t help that their husbands probably let them get away with that bad additude though!

If i EVER acted like that, my Fiance would call me out on it and let me know how ridiculous I was being!!! Simply put, I’m not allowed to act like that, haha. And since those brides are acting like this on their "big day" i bet they are like this EVERY DAY! 

They always pick the craziest/most dramatic brides though. It’s a big hot mess! Drama with a capital D. 

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Helper bee
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There are certainly a lot of of crazies out there, but remember that not everything you see on "reality" TV is real.  I have had several friends on reality TV shows and they say theat there is IMMENSE pressure from producers to "act a certain way."  On one of the shows the producers would actually feed them lines and threaten to not air their episode if they didn’t say certain things.  After all, if the show is called "Bridezillas" and the bride is in a pleasant mood on the wedding day, what kind of show would that be?  I try to tell myself that 75% of what I see on these shows isn’t real or is, at the very least, extremely egged on by production.  Like you, Mr. K hates these shows and the people on them so much.  I couldn’t have them on when he was around or he would turn grouchy!

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Helper bee
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I know! Where are these chicks coming from! They seem like they’re treating everyone in their lives like crap just to be later known as, "that BRIDEZILLA, or remember that girl on that show!"

You think they would be embarrassed- but they aren’t. Who really treats their Fiance like that! Some of these chicks are trying to get their men to buy then rings that are worth 3xs as much as the cars they’re driving in the show.

I just don’t understand some of them. One that I didn’t get to catch but thought was really odd- was the gal that wanted all her bridesmaids to be atleast 200 pounds because she was big and didn’t want any of them to be smaller than her.  I know it’s one of the biggest days of our lives- but seriously ladies, who agrees with this??

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Blushing bee
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Oh geez, I was ready to throttle one of those brides on Masters of Reception the other night, I couldn’t even finish the episode! What kind of bride demands that her VENUE find her rare Dominican candy and Dominican dancers? Hire a dang wedding planner! And the fact that she asked for custom menu cards the night before the wedding?! I had to change the channel… I’m sure much of the show was set up, and the venue wanted to prove how truly accomodating they were, but GEEZ. 

Being a wedding planner myself, I can only hope I don’t get one of those brides…  

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Helper bee

I think a lot of these shows make the bride look a lot worst than she actually is ^_^  that’s what me and my Fiance have determined from watching it.  I mean they can’t be that bad if their FIs are marrying them right?

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Busy bee
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I had to definitely stop watching those shows after awhile, it just became too much for me to handle because of the way they were treating everyone!

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Blushing bee

I know these shows are edited to be exagerrated, but that’s what I always wonder….how these women have men who want to marry them and friends to be bridesmaids!  I was watching Cake Boss on TLC last night and there happened to be this segment where a bride came into the shop and asked to see her wedding cake.  It was beautiful — solid ivory decorated with gum paste calla lilies.  She says, "it’s ugly."  The cake boss leaves the room to talk to his team about what they can do to make it more colorful and she starts grabbing bags of colored icing and randomly squirting it all over the cake!  It was totally ruined.  And then she said she wanted him to make her a new one!  I can only hope he got paid for the ruined one as well. 

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Helper bee
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LOL!  Reality TV is so funny sometimes, but it shows a lot of things that are UNREAL!  I always imagine that everyone on it is drunk and getting egged on by producers. 

I watched that one "Hitched or Ditched" last week and thought it was highly entertaining, as in horribly disturbing but fun to watch.  My Fiance was all "what is wrong with you?" as I was watching it!

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Bumble bee

I watched Bridezilla over the weekend for the first time ever (I know, shame on me working in the Wedding biz and not ever having seen it!) and all I can say is,




Wedding planning is stressful but these women were just insane!!!!

The whole time I was watching it I was thinking, "I’m SO GLAD our brides are not like that!" 

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Blushing bee
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I agree with the posters about "reality" TV being scripted. What a horrible way to evoke emotions in people who are already going through an emotionally stressful time. I guess the one positive is that I aim to try and avoid "Bridezilla" impulses because of the shows…

I was honestly hoping, when I clicked on this topic, that we were going to talk about how elaborate and lush some of the weddings on these shows are. The budgets these brides have to work with! I am constantly flabbergasted. And I am sick of feeling put down, shut out, or told my ideas of what I want for a wedding are wrong by these shows. Some of itis jelousy, certainly. Sure I could have a simple, elegant wedding like the one on TV. If I could magically come up with a couple hundred thousand more dollars… 🙂

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Bumble bee
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Couldn’t agree more! I know a lot of it is scripted and edited to "reality show perfection," like Mrs. Kitten said. But it’s still too much to watch sometimes. It’s like these people are unreal!

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@ LilMisPriss I saw that episode of Bridezilla! It was the first time I’ve ever seen the show and OMG, I was so mortified. 

It made that other bridezilla on Cake Boss that Rhiannon seem like a sweetheart.  

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Buzzing bee
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Awww, I wish I had the We network!  I’ve never seen Bridezillas before, but I bet it would give me a good laugh!  Some brides are insane, plain and simple.  I saw an episode of the Tyra Banks show and a bridezilla was wanting her overweight sister to lose 100 lbs by her wedding date– wtf??  Who does that??? 

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what i want to know is why do people go on these shows? who wants to be riddiculed on national tv as a bridezilla?

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