(Closed) I need your cold & flu remedies please.

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@Soon2BD-CBee:  I personally load up on Vitamin C and Zinc vitamins whenever I feel a cold coming on, it seems to help catalyze a virus and make it go away faster. Emergen-C packet, Zicam.

And after I started working in the ER, I started taking a Vitamin D supplement, Vitamin C, and Probiotic daily after I got terribly ill within the first month of starting my new job. I haven’t gotten sick since. *knock on wood*


And of course, my nurse-ly duties are always to tell you that if you feel sick and think you have the flu, call your doctor.Smile

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If you have a sore throat, tea with honey works wonders.  Don’t like tea? Warm water with honey and lemon works too. 

Stuffy nose? Congestion? Take a steamy shower or just sit in the steamy bathroom. It works fast. 

I’ve always been told to drink orange juice for the vitamin C. Fluids are especially important if you have a fever, diarrhea, or are vomiting. (Do not drink milk though! It makes congestion worse and if you’re throwing up, milk is one of the worst things to have to desk with a second time). Chicken noodle soup also has  beneficial properties, especially homemade. If I’m nauseated, sometimes Sprite (especially flat) helps settle my stomach. 

Really, when it comes to home remedies, there are no “cures,” only treatment for the symptoms. 

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Gramma’s Best Tips…

  • Lots of Fluids… Orange Juice, Tea with Honey
  • Chicken Soup
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep… and MORE SLEEP

And Modern Tips…

  • A Multi-Vitamin
  • Vitamin C
  • Cough Syrup if you are congested, have a sore throat, or your sinuses are bothering you
  • “Contact C”… if you are Canadian (don’t know a non Canadian Equivalent)
  • OR “Cold-FX”… again a Canadian thing

And oh ya one that Mr TTR & I swear by…

Get into Flannel PJs… or something else warm… and pile on the blankets.  Go to bed and sweat it out (ONLY if you don’t have a fever already)

On our Pre-Wedding Trip last year, both Mr TTR & I came down with a wicked cold… except for the Sleep elements (couldn’t do that so much as we were on a Road Trip & a Schedule) we followed all the other Tips… and we took what could have totally ruined our Wedding & Honeymoon… and broke that Cold wide open in 48 hours… making a full recovery and no sniffles for our Wedding Day.

We were totally stufffffed up when we left New Orleans, and we were laughing in the car driving across Florida how much Water, OJ, Tea, Chicken Soup and OTC Vitamins etc we had pounded back in just 2 days.  But it 100% worked.

Hope this helps,


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 @Soon2BD-CBee:  I don’t add milk but that’s a personal preference. I don’t like dairy when I’m sick. Usually a couple of teaspoons is enough, but you can add as much as you like. You really just want it to kind of coat your throat to ease the soreness. 

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Re – Tea with Honey

Agree with @ForeverBirds: milk is optional…

I find that generally black tea with a big teaspoon of honey works best.

Milk / Dairy when you are sick can be a bad combo if you are already having issues with mucus / phlegm (ya sorry lovely TMI)

Milk / Dairy won’t increase the production (as some people suspect / claim… Old Wives Tale)… BUT it will make the mucus thicker, and so a lot more “uncomfortable”

Unless I have a sore throat and all I have on hand is ice cream (and no regular popsicles)… I tend to skip out on Dairy entirely when I am sick.

 Hope this helps,


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LOTS of fluids, but if you have a sore throat avoid orange jucie (and citrus) because it can make it more irritated.  Although vitamin C in whatever other form (pills/chewables/etc) can help relieve symptoms but isn’t a cure by any means.


I was raised on the chicken soup/hot lemon water… but what really matters here is that it’s hot, and you like it enough to drink/inhale it as it’s the heat that clears you up for a bit.. so it could be anything hot.

I’ve also found gargling salt water in the last few years (I’m 37) to be super helpful with a sore throat.  Past that the Chloraseptic spray does wonders for me.  I tend to get a very irritated throat, to the point docs think it’s strep but their and outside labs say not… so they tell me to get Chloraseptic and use as needed (as in it has times on the bottle “unless otherwise directed by a doc”… and the doc tells me to ignore that and use as needed).  I’m not a doc and don’t endorse this approach unless your doc tells you this… otherwise use as directed!

I love the Ricola throat lozengers.  They seem to work the best and have the best flavor (to me).  Although ultimately anything you suck on for hard candy helps.

I also skip dairy when I’m sick, but I have issues with it anyway I just love it so deal with it but when I’m sick it’s too much.

Also to me, SUPER important, is if you have allergies avoid those things.  Even if you have to decline family/friends, you have to take care of yourself first.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Green tea with mint

Airborne effervescent


For a sore throat- couple tablespoons of honey, teaspoon cayenne pepper, and two cloves of minced garlic. Mix together and take a teaspoon every half hour.

Gargle with salt water or Listerine to kill germs

Lots of water and rest

Good Luck!

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For chest congestion, I swear my rubbing turmeric on my chest.  Works SOOOOOO much better than VapoRub.  (you will be yellow for a day, but it washes off in the shower).


I love Traditonal Medicinals teas…especially Breathe Easy (for congestion), Throat Coat (for sore throat) and Gypsy Cold Care (for everything else), with raw local honey.

I also take garlic supplements when sick, and it seems to really shorten the duration of the sickness.

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