(Closed) I no longer like this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@DolceVita:  Honestly, I think you are too easily influenced by others. You do something because your friend say she thinks you should. You invite her because your mom thinks you should. You give her a gift even though you don’t want to because she’s gonna give you one.

That’s not a mindset that needs to go into a marital relationship, IMO. In the meantime, you guys go your own separate ways. You probably won’t miss her, she probably won’t miss you.

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“but really and truly, I don’t want anyone there who I don’t believe is genuinely  happy for me. I feel as though she’d be there judging my wedding and comparing  it to hers, etc.”


BOOM! There it is! If that’s how you feel now,then when she’s at your wedding eating a $50 plate of food you’re paying for, you’ll be even more upset. I just wouldn’t call her for now. She’s in law, she’s smart, she knows when she’s being rude and trust me, she know’s that was rude as hell.

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Don’t go to her wedding, don’t invite her to yours, and stop stressing about it. If you truly don’t like someone and don’t want to be their friend, don’t buy them Christmas gifts, talk to them on the phone, invite them to parties, etc. Also, her engagement was three months before your engagement. You’re not sharing anything with her — in three months, I can guarantee you that no one is as focused on your engagement/wedding as you are.

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@DJones69:  +1 and all the subsequent comments. Especially, @lina010:  She’s in law, she’s smart, she knows when she’s being rude and trust me, she know’s that was rude as hell

You are putting way to much energy into someone you clearly dislike. You have two choices, either just let the relationship fade to black or be a big girl and tell her you don’t appreciate her condescending attitude. Frankly if an acquaintance of mine made that comment to me, I’d tell them straight up that they are an asshole with out blinking an eye. I don’t have time for foolishness like that. So the choice is yours. Speak up or let it fade. 


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Oh my God. Cut this stupid girl out of your life. Don’t go, and stop talking to her. Life it too short for assholes! Then she won’t be sharing your “shine” as you put it. 

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You need to stop being everyone’s puppet. You do everything everyone else tells you to do. Be your own woman. Don’t go to the wedding and don’t invite her to yours and stop blaming everyone for peer pressuring you. I know it is hard to say sometimes, but you are letting people run all over you, and it will continue to happen if you don’t start standing up for yourself a little bit and doing what is best for you.

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@DolceVita:  Don’t bother going to her wedding, no matter what others think. The two of you are clearly no longer compatible. Move on and try not to let it all get to you. 

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@DolceVita:  It sounds like a textbook case of a “frienemy”: you don’t like or respect this girl, you put up with her because of social pressure…and it doesnt sound like she likes or respects *you* much either. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

I would cut this crap out cold-turkey. Do not attend her wedding and do not invite her to yours. This could literally go on forever if you don’t choose not to play anymore.

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A girl I don’t get along with sent FH and I a wedding invitation recently. I don’t like her, so I’m not going to her wedding and she’s not invited to mine. It’s simple. You don’t have to go to her wedding. 

ETA: Don’t worry about “rocking the boat” either. It’s obvious that you guys aren’t close anymore so I don’t think anyone who knows you would question why you didn’t show up.


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Stop being so passive and trying to make everyone happy. Don’t give her anymore gifts or invites, you obviously have grown apart and that’s ok, it happens and her acting like you are beneath her should be reason enough to cut ties. It’s simple, decline her invite and don’t invite her to your wedding, at the end of the day it’s YOUR decision…not your parents.

ETA: I’m going through somewhat of a similiar situation with a girl who used to be my BFF, she’s having a baby and I was invited to the shower, I haven’t seen her in years and she rarely responds to my messages/calls so I had to finally realize that we have grown apart and are no longer friends. I declined the shower invite and my mom got pissed saying we used to be so close and I should send a gift etc. I said I’m not sending a gift and we aren’t close anymore end.of.story …you just need to shut that shit down, you know how you feel about the situation.

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Definitely don’t go to her wedding and don’t invite her to yours. Just because others don’t want to “rock the boat” and are fine playing her games doesn’t mean you have to. 

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Honestly, I would take your wedding as an opportunity to cut this girl out of your life.  You don’t like the person she has become, and clearly don’t want to be friends with her, so just don’t!  Most of the time in situations like this, a “friendship” will drag on for ages, but if you don’t invite her to your wedding, that sends a pretty clear message that you have drifted apart and aren’t really friends anymore.  And it sounds to me like that’s what you want.

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