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I saw an episode of Wife Swap (USA) where a conservative woman from the South swapped homes with a lesbian lady (Who may or may not have been married to her partner). The lesbian couple had two children.

What stuck with me (and really upset me at the time) was the copious amount of hatred and bile spewed by the heterosexual lady, saying that their lifestyle was ‘deviant’ and that the children were basically being abused. It was horrific and I have never seen anything like it. I hope I never do again.

The lesbian lady was beyond devastated and could not get over how someone who professed to be a devout Christian could be so cruel.

There was a post on here a little while back. The title was something like ‘how can our little loving world cause anyone else a problem?’ That really resonated with me. Love is a great thing. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but the more of it the better. Peoples relationships dont affect me, so I should mind my own business. FWIW, I am fully in support of gay marriage and super proud that the UK has allowed civil partnerships for many years now.

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Frukaj, I sincerely hope all your children are born straight, have all their body parts, are free of all diseases/syndromes/conditions/etc, never struggle with infertility, and never need braces or glasses…because heaven help them if they are “wrong” or have any “deficiencies.”

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@mrsSonthebeach:  Yea, seems pretty cut and dry to me. 

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@Frukaj: “I hesitated to post at all on this thread but thought it was unfair how that I one girl was called a bigot and ignorant for her religious beliefs.”

This thread was posted in the LGBTQ section of this website. How in the world would ANYONE think that it’s appropriate or acceptable to spew hate in this section? You’re entitled to your opinions, however OFFENSIVE they may be, but stating that being a homosexual is wrong and COMPARING THEM TO PEDOPHILES AND BEASTIALITY is a whole new ball game. Kindly take these opinions elsewhere because they’re not welcome in this thread. 

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@Frukaj:  It is my view that people are meant to be attracted to the opposite sex just like we’re all meant to be born with 10 fingers and 10 toes, but this doesn’t happen all of the time.  If saying thise makes someone think I’m a bigot, so be it.  You can’t change my views and I can’t change yours.  I’m done. 

So if prenatal screening said that your baby would suffer from a severe birth defect, that would say…cause them to be born with less fingers, or another deformity- would you abort it? Or (assuming you are pro-life) would you love your child unconditionally in spite of this, and accept that it was born this way? Let’s recall that people who are gay don’t choose to be, in the same way that a baby doesn’t choose to have 8 fingers instead of 10.

Admittedly that question is slightly tangental, but I don’t understand your logic.

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@Frukaj:  Ok, there are so many things I take issue with in what you’ve said that I’m not going to get into, because others here have already said it and because it’s clear you won’t change your mind. But, I do want to say that it doesn’t matter whether your professed reason for being on birth control is to “manipulate your period.” It will still be doing it’s intended job, i.e. controlling birth. So I’m assuming you’re not having sex now (and it looks like you’re not married yet, so that’s a distinct possibility). Will you be using any form of birth control after marriage? Or will you just abstain when you don’t want any more kids? Or do you not mind if you have a very large number of children? I’m just trying to understand the logic here. Although on second thought that may be a fruitless endeavor…

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@UpstateCait:  I always hope that people like Frukaj who say things like she has will learn something from listening to others, but it does not seem to be the case.  I think an open dialogue, though, where people are free to state their opinions, however awful they may be, is an important part of a community.  When people feel they have been censured just for having an opinion, they develop a negative feeling toward the group they feel censured them.  That does not benefit anyone.  It also causes groups to be inclusive, which in and of itself is not bad, but when inclusion means exclusion of others, it creates an us vs them mentality which further separates the groups.



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So I feel like this thread is starting to go in circles and is very emotional. I know this is a really sensitive topic, and I’d like to emphasize that WB is an all inclusive community. We value and embrace each and every culture and lifestyle here, no one is any better than another. Let’s all take some time to cool off please. 

The first two sections of our TOS state:

i.      We don’t allow posts that are intended to be rude, sarcastic, insulting, berating, argumentative, condescending, personally attacking, or that otherwise harass users of the Weddingbee site.  Please do not post threads for the sole purpose of criticizing, mocking, or otherwise disparaging others’ wedding, waiting, or nesting choices. Weddingbee is a diverse community with members across the globe.  No single culture is better than any other, and we value every member’s perspective.  We reserve the right to remove such posts as necessary.

ii.      While individuals sometimes disagree, we expect such disagreements to be handled in a mature manner.  Please refrain from leaving comments that exhibit intolerance for individuals or groups of people including excessive rudeness, defamatory remarks, racist remarks, threats, or profanity directed at other members.

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