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Blushing bee

I was a nail biter, and nothing worked for me either. Then one day I just decided to stop, and somehow I did. That is probably no help at all, but I guess I found that I couldn’t trick myself into stopping, I had to really want it. IDK, maybe just every time you put your hands up to your mouth, say NO, then go do something else. Keeping my nails short and polished helped me to keep it up 🙂

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Busy bee
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Shellac nail polish has helped me quit biting!

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Helper bee
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whimbrel:  You have it spot on. I was the same. I found keeping them short and filed and taking care of them every night worked well. 

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Bumble bee
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nikbee:  I know you said you already tried this but keeping my nails done, no matter how short, helped me stop biting. Once I got to a place where I saw progress that made it so worth while. I agree that there came a point that I just really wanted it and it was worth not biting to see them grow!

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Helper bee
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If everything has failed then hypnotherapy.

Otherwise I’m like the precious posters in that I keep them short and neat. I keep a file and a bottle of clear nail protein with me all the time. Any snags and that’s when I start biting. Acrylics worked for me but ruined my nails underneath which made them more likely to break and me more likely to bite. So annoying!

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Blushing bee

I bit my nails terribly for like 20 years and then I just felt repulsed by it like what kind of germs are under there would go through my mind. 

that was that. Sorry I don’t have better advice. 

Wishing you luck. 

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Busy bee
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I bit mine really badly for about 20 years as well, and the only thing that’s been able to help me quit entirely is a full set of quality acrylics with shellac. When I first got them done, I kept them really short so I could get used to the feeling of having something on my nail beds, and I went in to get them filled every week and a half, just so they stayed pretty and motivating. I still get the shellac redone if it chips at all- otherwise I start picking at them. If you don’t want fakes, I’d try getting them painted with shellac every week or two until you break your habit. I’ve found it really helped dissuade me from biting when I knew it would ruin my polish, and cost me to get them redone. Plus regular manicures make great rewards for your progress!

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Busy bee
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Hmm, our screen names are oddly similiar and I too am a chronic nailbiter… so much so I don’t even recognize I am doing it majority of the time.


The only success I’ve had was for 5 months after getting acryllics and them falling off I had long, gorgeous nails.  I painted them and was so proud…

… then I bit them off the next time I became super stressed.  Oops.

What pbubs suggested is probably the best solution.

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Sugar bee
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I was really bad for biting my nails, and I still have a nibble now and then.

I decided to stop one day because I realised that there was no point in asking for a pretty engagement ring if my nails looked pants!

I started booking in to have gel nails done – my lady is great and extends the nail with silks which are a lot kinder to your nail. These are then coated in bio gel polish and cured. They’re rock hard when she’s done.

I find that I’m less inclined to bite them because it seems like a waste of time and money to have had them done, only to chew them off. 

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Busy bee
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I bit until I was about 21. Partly it was using those DIY glue-on nails (lol) which helped me stop, but I’d tried that for years so it was kind of a mental shift where one day I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

I think keeping them short and filed (no snags to start biting or pulling at) could be really useful just while you’re breaking the habit.

I do empathise though as I know it’s really hard to stop.

My nails are ridiculously long and strong now though which was some surprise as I always believed ex-nail biters would have thin, flimsy nails.

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Blushing bee

I’m not going to lie and tell you that you don’t need willpower to do it, because you do. But there are definitely things you can do that will make it easier.

What worked for me: 

– DIY glue on nails – I used these in the first month to cover up the rough edges, give them a chance to grow and lessen the temptation to bite. 

– After a month, I stopped with the fake nails and filed the edges of my nails straight and smooth. 

– I then switched to DIY gel manicures. 

– Regularly moisturised my hands and used cuticle cream to keep nails and surrounding skin nice and smooth. (less temptation to mess with them then)

– On days where I really struggled I would give myself incentives. A new nail polish, pretty ring, new hand cream. Hand based/nail based incentives so if you bite you can’t really enjoy what you bought.


My wake up call was when my front tooth started to develop a chip. The dentist told me it was from nail biting and I was pretty horrified. I figured spending money on incentives would be cheaper than the eventual cost of dental work to fix the mess I was making. 

Also, even to this day I occasionally cave and have a nibble – but the trick is not to view it with an all-or-nothing mindset. I used to think that if I bit one nail, I had failed, so I would then bite them all off. Now if I bite one nail, I don’t view it as a failure, just a minor set back – this mindset means I don’t feel the need to give up and bite the rest off.

Sorry for the long post!


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Blushing bee
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Maybe someone close to you has a bad habit they want to quit as well? If so, make a deal with them to quit together. I stopped biting my nails when my mom told me she would quit smoking if I stopped. 

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Blushing bee

I used to be a terrible nail breaker and the only thing that really helped was acrylics.

Why do you bite the acrylics off? Are you sure you’re having high-quality acrylics done? Are you getting tips so that your nails can look long and pretty and that way you don’t bite them?


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