I regret acting a fool after being dumped?

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Blushing bee

Omg yes! When I was 17 and I broke up with my high school boyfriend I was hysterical. Actually thought I was gonna die. My poor mother lol. I wrote him a letter and would drive by his house and see if he was home. How cringe!!

when I broke up with my ex about 7 years ago, I went to his work to ‘talk to him’ after I dumped him by text 😂 (I was 19) and he was like no, why you hear, you dumped me remember?! 

So cringe that I laugh when I think about them lol. 

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Busy bee

🙋🏽‍♀️ Yep! I thought my ex was my soul mate (spoiler alert: he wasn’t) and I was devastated when we broke up because he was in love with someone else. I actually didn’t do anything to crazy toward him, but I sent the other girl a short but mean message telling her to stay away from me. (Small town, we all worked for the same company in different office locations, so she would have run in to me for sure). Anyway, I wish I had never sent that message and I wish we were cordial because many years later we ended up living around the corner from each other, we have kids the same age and they play sports together so I see them all. the. time. I just pretend I don’t know them. They do the same. 

What do you bees all do when you see your exes around? Do you pretend to be old pals? Ignore? I am perfectly friendly with all the other guys I have dated, mind you none of them broke my heart. 

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Busy bee

Oh god yes. When I was younger I definitely behaved in a very clingy and cringe-worthy fashion with a few of my exes.

I was involved with a guy for 5 years (!) who was nowhere near ready to make a commitment and was super selfish and kept breaking up with me. I was convinced he was The One, and every time he pushed me away I would go out of my mind crying, phoning, emailing and texting him constantly. I went to his house a few times unannounced because I was so miserable. That relationship caused me so much anxiety, and I still absolutely cringe when I think about how I behaved. I wish I had behaved with a lot more dignity and self-respect, but I know how much torment I was in. Ugh.

I have evolved a lot since then and I cannot believe how much I clung to a relationship that was quite crappy in so many ways. I really can hardly recognise myself when I think of how I behaved.

It’s cringey, but I think most of us have done it when we were younger!

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Busy bee
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Oh, heck yes. All part of living and learning? I have no idea why I stuck with some truly rotten situations as long as I did and why I cared so much when they ended. I really wanted to make things work each time and now I’m honestly glad they didn’t work out, because it’s nice to be with someone where everything is not so much work.

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Busy bee
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Hahah…. ahhhhh….


My only “breakup regret” is about 6 or 7 years ago I was dating this really, REALLY good looking guy. I think it was purely infatuation to be honest because our personalities did not mesh whatsoever but I think I forced it because I thought he was SO attractive.

Anyways, we went out for his birthday to a club and we were reeeeally drunk. When I came out of the washroom, I saw him dancing with one of his former female teachers and thought they were kissing, so I went up to him and literally started speedbag punching him in the face, probably 15 times. All of his friends were there and saw the whole thing. He left, I was upset and then for whatever drunk reason kissed his best friend to “get back at him”.


After that night, he swore he wasn’t kissing the woman he was dancing with, I felt like a huuuuuge asshole, and all of his friends basically thought I was crazy (rightfully so). So we pretty much fizzled out. I’m still mortified to this day about my behaviour and always make sure I’m more responsible with my drinking. 

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Buzzing bee
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When I was single decades ago, I acted like an idiot most every time I was dumped. Too many phone calls, crying, declarations of how I would spend my life alone. 

Do I regret it now? Nah. If it made the jerks uncomfortable for a few minutes, they deserved it. After a short period of histrionics, I went away. They would tell their friends I was crazy, and that was it. 

Three are dead now, and I am sure the others don’t remember me.

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Sugar bee

overthemoon2018 :  most of us have somwhat embarassed ourselves over a love interest. Blame it on being young and dumb/naive whatever. 

Dont dwell on it, break ups and unhealthy relationships mess withyour head. Learn and move on 

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