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I remember the day as well. I was in 4th grade and I was line to get my picture taken for picture day. I was so excited because my mom let me wear lip gloss instead of chapstick. My principal came in and informed my teacher of what was going on but I didn’t understand it. However, about a week later, my classmate was crying his eyes out and he told us his uncle was in one of the towers. That has just always stuck with me. I still remember his name and I can still see his face and hear his heartbreaking cry.

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I was in 6th grade. Hadn’t left for school yet. My parents always had the news on in the morning and I just remember seeing it on the tv and shouting to my dad that something was happening. I honestly don’t remember what happened the rest of that day, but I can still vividly remember seeing it on the television.

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I was in Manhattan on 9/11. I remember.

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daxsymbiote :  Hugs to you on this day. I went to NYC for the first time this summer and visited the memorial and 9/11 museum. For the whole trip, I just kept thinking about what it was like for residents. It’s impossible for any non-resident to grasp what you all endured. 

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I had been sick for several days and was dosed up on antibiotics at home. I was almost 9 years old. I woke up from my nap to come downstairs as my mother was on the couch, crying and crying, with the TV showing nuns on EWTN praying the rosary and my mom was praying along, surrounded by a load of laundry she had been folding but obviously there were more important things to do. 

I was a really sensitive kid and I started crying then without even knowing what happened. My dad had left to pick up my sister from school and my mom sat me down and told me what happened. I didn’t really understand – I had a fever and I don’t remember ever really soaking in the information, to be honest. 

But I do remember my dad coming home with my sister and turning the television on and all I saw was the fire and smoke and ash. But it would be a few days before I really understood what had happened. I wish I had this “vivid memory of horror and knowledge of what had happened” – my husband does and he was only 7 at the time. I almost feel guilty for not being as hard-hit about it as most. But I really was just a kid. I was sick and confused and so focused on the fact that everyone was crying, not that everyone was dying. 

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I grew up in Queens, I was 12 and my mom had passed a few months earlier due to cancer so I was already grieving and naturally anxious about my family. My dad worked in the city, at the time I was too young to really know the geography and his location. I took that day off school for some reason and accompanied my grandma to drop my younger brother off at school.
I remember going to run errands around 9:30; a grocery stockperson was listening to the radio and something just sounded off, they were asking for all EMS to come in. We made it home about 10 minutes later and I ran to turn on the TV and saw the news. I remember frantically trying to call my dad but the lines were busy, he eventually got through and was okay. I remember how all basic TV channels were streaming the news 24/7, updating people about the condition of ground zero. 

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I was in 9th grade in a typing class, it was just shy of my 15th birthday. It was the second day in our seven day rotating schedule with G block being the first class. They put it on the TV’s we had in every room. The whole class was quiet as we watched on tv when the towers collasped. I’ll never forget where I was and what I was doing that day.

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i was a junior in college, i was getting ready to leave for my 9am class when my phone rang.  it was my mom calling, telling me to turn on the news.  i called all my roommates to the the tv and told them they had to see.  i didn’t even know what yet.  one roommate asked if it was going to be coverage of a child that died on a ride at the county fair the night before.  i replied, “i don’t think so.” i watched in disbelief.  then left for my 9am class.  it was american history and my professor was awesome.  when i got to class, he had the news on and we discussed everything for the next 90 minutes.  i didn’t go to any other classes that day.

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I was a grade 12 student in the Canadian prairies. We were living an hour away from my school and my mom and I drove in together everyday, we’d just made our specialty coffees and got ourselves comfortable. We turned on the radio and you could just feel the gravity of the situation. They were unsure of the details as it had just happened moments before we hit the road but we listened the whole way in as they reported all new details as they came in. I don’t think they played a single song on the radio that morning. Classes were all but canceled as staff had wheeled in all the TV’s in the building and we all gathered in the library to watch the news all day. I remember one student crying and very worried, then someone told me his uncle worked in the towers and his family hadn’t been able to reach him. I never did find out if his uncle was OK. I remember

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Goirishgrl :  I’m on the Pacific coast. I remember waking up to the news of the first plane hitting the North tower, and how the media was calling it a possible pilot error, or a possible attack. When the second flight hit the South tower, the instant it happened, the entire country knew we were under attack. I remember watching the news all day at work. The horrific events that continued to unfold that morning are (to this day) still difficult to comprehend: two more hijacked planes; the Pentagon attack; the hope that 93 coould (by some miracle) be safely grounded, only to crash in a field in PA; the towers falling; then over many days afterward, the heroic recovery effort. I remember how quiet the skies were for days afterward. The only positive that came from the attack on that day was how united we were as a country during the aftermath. It was so powerful, I never thought we’d lose that unity. 

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I was at home with my almost 3 month old daughter. A friend who had a baby the same age called me andtold me to turn on the tv. We just talked and watched. My daughter got to go to Ground Zero a few months ago on her senior year band trip to NYC. The gravity of that day really sunk in for her being there and hearing about it from survivors. 

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I was a freshman in college, and the girl across the hall in the dorms came running into our room to tell us. I talked to my mom about it on AIM before actually watching any news coverage or reading about it online. It took me quite awhile to fully absorb the magnitude of what had happened.

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I was a senior in high school, and I grew up in the NYC suburbs. My dad, aunt, and uncle all worked in the city. My dad was supposed to be at a meeting at one of the smaller buildlings in the WTC complex that day, but he randomly decided not to go in. Thankfully, nobody I knew was killed. A friend first told me about it in-between 2nd and 3rd period at school, and then my calculus teacher told us. And it was such a beautiful day, which made it even more eerie. We watched coverage on TV for days afterwards. The first time we drove over the Whitestone Bridge (which we regularly drove over to visit my grandparents) and didn’t see the towers, it really hit me.

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I was still on the West Coast so I was busy setting up my day with the news on in the background.  My first thought was that a small private plane must have crashed into the Tower.  

It all unfolded very slowly for me.

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