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Im sorry its been so difficult. Why dont you go with a stock setting from a different jeweler to make it easy on yourself?

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Busy bee

I think you did the right thing. I fyou aren’t happy, and they don’t want to make you happy, then you return, take a step back and find someone else worthy of your business.

I’m sorry they made you feel bad, I think they were just trying to intimidate you. If I’d been one of those other customers, I’d be totally on your side!

It’s all ok, don’t be hard on yourself for feeling bad- just give yourself a little time, then make your decision on what to do. It’ll be all right.

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Be happy that your interaction with them is done and you can now find a much better jeweler to give you your dream ring. Saying you don’t ever want a ring again is ridiculously over dramatic IMO. Get a grip.

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I agree, stock setting. Or sell this diamond if it’s giving you bad memories and just buy a whole other ring. James Allen has inexpensive settings, and if you choose a new diamond, they are certified and you can view them easily. No pressure like in jewelry stores. My ring was made incorrectly the first time and it was frustrating, I can’t imagine going through all this like you have.

Not all jewelers are created equal, and it’s possible that this one just couldn’t do it the way you wanted. But they should have said that politely, not been rude to you, which is never okay. Did you ever figure out if your diamond was switched?

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The best way to get over this is to forget about these rude jewelers and start researching a new setting for your diamond.  Get on Google, Pricescope, Pinterest and see what’s out there. There are so many amazing ring designs out there, maybe you can use elements from the old setting and add a twist to make it feel fresh and new. 

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Not ever having a ring again is a bit dramatic. Was this a local jeweler or a chain/mall store?

Find someone else who is reputable to make you a setting. What’s your budget?

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zamorski :  I would leave a scathing review on Yelp.  Than really sucks, bee!


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I’m sorry they were being rude. I totally agree though… You’re very upset. Rest on it for a bit and research. You can find great options out there. 

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zamorski :  I know that feeling! I am guessing that you do like rings and do want to have one. So take a little breather (a few days, weeks, months, whatever feels right), then start researching a new one like pp’s have said. And like my mom says, the best way to get over an old love is to find a new one 🙂

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To have a jeweler handmake something that’s a cast item (made from a stock wax model and then cast in the metal you want) – depending on the intricacy of the ring you want, could be difficult. I do some silversmithing – and have made copies of some things I like – but unless I had a CAD drawing of the item, and 3-D printer to print out a wax model – I can only approximate the settings I’ve seen in stores. There are jewellers out there that have those things – but not all. If you’re willing to use internet you could try Joseph Jewelry in Washington – their website shows some amazing rings – and they will work with you long distance to create the model of your dreams 

Or – if there’s a specific setting you’re trying to copy (didn’t you say originally you wanted one from Brilliant Earth?) – then why not just get it overwith and get the setting you want? In the end, you’ll be happy – and assuming that you’ll be spending the next 50+ years with this guy, that’s a long time to be unhappy with your ring!

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zamorski :  Turn them in to the BBB, if it’s a chain call the national customer service line. Put reviews on every single review site with dates and names of people you talked to. I’ve had glasses fixed that I was told by 3 different people were correct. The person had put the wrong RX in the computer, so yeah, they matched what the computer said, but they weren’t MY RX. It took me 3 months, but after giving a review to the national customer service line and going in every single week not only did they fix my glasses, I got reimbursed for them. I know having your wedding ring not be right has to be so hard, but the calmer you stay, the more likely they are to help you as well. I’m sure they lost a lot of business that day if they were laughing and rolling their eyes at you. I would have walked out of the store if I saw a customer being treated like that, and I would have made sure they knew their behavior lost a sale. It’s unacceptable. 

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I am sorry. I know how frustrating it can be to not just have things not turn out, but such poor customer service. I am going through something like this with someone after a resize which resulted in a thinned, wonky, and weakened band on my ring (when the band before was in excellent condition), but there is no option to return in my case – it is either to let them do a patchwork repair that they offered reluctantly, or spend hundreds somewhere else to repair and I am still undecided on what to do at this point. But what bothers me most is not that they messed up, but how they tried to turn it around on me for being unrealistic (right, wanting my band not get all warped is unrealistic!). It was frustrating precisely because I never blamed them or attacked their skill, and realized sometimes things happen, but I was treated like I had insulted them all and personally attacked their skills. I have a long history with this place, including for custom work, so it was really discouraging. It was a very unpleasant phone call or two!

I understand the “never want another ring” thing right now is probably just a reaction to being “fed up” in a sense and discouraged from the process. It is dramatic, but I also get it, and understand feeling burnt out as I know this is not the first go for you. Take some time. Tuck the money you were refunded away for now. And, when you are ready (and I am sure you will be in time) look for a stock setting. I honestly recommend only those with very strong fortitude and risk acceptance go for something that is totally custom. Really stock settings, even with a couple minor tweaks if needed, are the best option for MANY and that is fine. Stock settings can be beautiful 🙂

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I am sorry for the ordeal you’ve been through. I apologize for not remembering, but is this the same jeweler you continue to go back to or a new one? I would be glad you were able to get your money back and start at square one. Take some time to browse rings and settings and a variety of jewelers. Even Etsy because there are a ton a jewelers that are willing to do custom work and build clientele. Gather tons of pictures showing what you want and what you do not want. Be prepared that sometimes we think we’re communicating exactly what we want but the jeweler may be picturing something different. Visuals are everything in this field! Good luck!

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