I signed my life away to this f-ing sorority,

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Can you go on “inactive status”?

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I quit my sorority, too, after a year.  I was playing college tennis at the time and trying to participate in the sorority…either would budge.  I had to return my $100+ pin and everything.  I know how you feel.  Sorority life was very expensive…

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My sister hated her sorority and quit after a semester.  People were really dramatic about it, “You can leave, you can change, but you will always be a (Insert Sorority!)”

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Exactly why I turned THEM down when I was invited to join a sorority in college.  Too much!!

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I ended up dropping mine with a year of college to go.  I didn’t want to because I’d spent so much money (and used to really enjoy it), but the last semester I was in it I couldn’t do anything because I had demanding classes and a part-time job, and a live-in Boyfriend or Best Friend, which took up all my time.  Plus my sorority never had their act together.  It was a mess.  I’ve only been out of it for a semester now, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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Uh…. seriously?!?! I’m not into Greek life, at all. But they really think they can take back things YOU paid YOUR money for or that somone else gave you because it has thier letters on it? No wonder you want out! 

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Wow that crazy, I didn’t have time nor the interest to do sororities, but that sounds crazy that they would take tshirts and other things that have their name on it. It’s nuts I wouldn’t give it back. Besides what they can do take you to small claims court, sorry your honor she paid in full for the items but because they have our name on it we want it back! I would say I lost it! I think it depends on the soroities you are a part of, I know people who have had negative and positive experiences with them. I do think the networking and professional development after graduation is great and will make it worth it. But I guess it depends on which one you join. Seesh it sounds nuts though.

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As someone who is in a sorority and used to be treasurer of mine, it’s honestly annoying to see the people who join for a year and then split b/c they “can’t afford it.” We gave all of the girls who are thinking of joining a fee schedule for each year that they’re a member of the sorority upfront so that they can’t use the excuse that they didn’t know how expensive it was. It’s really frustrating to the sisters who DO pay their dues and participate in everything to see people hop in for a year and then try to get out of it. And yes…we want our letters back if you’re not going to belong to the sorority any longer. That’s the way it works! You can’t wear our letters if you don’t belong to the sorority!

Sorry…this is one of the most frustrating things as a treasurer when you’re trying to budget for activities and you have people who flake out each year. If you can’t afford it, don’t join to begin with!

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I dropped out the night before I was supposed to be initiated, but by that time they’d snagged a lot of cash from my parents and showered me with greek gifts and parties and what not.  My parents battled the house, then the national chapter, then got Panhel involved at my university, but at the end of the day they lost their initial payment and I kept everything else.  They can’t demand that shit back from you.  Sure, you’re not supposed to ever wear your letters again, but you know what?  Who cares.  I wore my letter hoodie to a rave (yes I just aged myself) where I made a complete mess of myself while wearing their letters.  It was awesome.  🙂


ETA: I didn’t drop out because of the money, but the atmosphere.  It was horrible, and very unproductive for me to be involved.  I see the value that a lot of people get out of it but it just wasn’t for me.  I couldn’t afford to be fined $35 for each party on a Wednesday night that I missed because I had to study.

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In my sorority, we had something called “special status” for situations like this. Like I specifically remember a girl going on special status because she had knee surgery or something. Also note that in most cases, the national sorority totally trumps the local chapter, so if you want to go to alumnae status before graduation and the local chapter is giving you beef, give nationals a phone call.

There’s no reason for them to ruin something you once enjoyed because you’re moving on with your life. And by the way, I was chapter president. I just think some of these girls take this ish wayyyy too seriously.

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@2PeasinaPod:  I totally get that you don’t want former members wearing your letters.  However, I don’t see how a group can legally demand items back that were paid for by the former member.  You might be able to buy them back, but to demand them back with no compensation sucks.

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@Sugaree: Legally, you probably can’t demand them back, but asking for them back is the only way we can really ensure that you aren’t wearing them anymore. And I understand that not being compensated for the things you bought sucks, but so does having to pay the National sorority your dues when you haven’t paid them to us. It short changes everyone who does pay their dues. 

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@Blanche: omg, you got a $35 for missing a party?! that’s insane!

i was in a sorority for one semester and then quit. I don’t think i even paid any fees yet as i joined halfway thru the school year. or maybe i had paid a reduced fee. I  had a lot of fun, but then my grades really suffered that semester so i quit. they were really nice about it actually. 

to the OP, that sounds insane. I would just quit so you stop giving them money and avoid their calls for your stuff back. what lengths do you think they would go to get it back?

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@Sunfire:  Me too!  I was approached by one of the more annoying sororities on campus and I told them that I didn’t need to pay for friends.  Lol!

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