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  • poll: Have you ever slapped your SO in your sleep?
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    No, but I did something similar that I will explain below : (29 votes)
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    No, but my SO has done it to me : (35 votes)
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    No, we're peaceful sleepers : (59 votes)
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    My fiance has claimed I’ve punched him while asleep which I continue to deny (however I am def guilty of “nudging” him because he snores).. And we do get into stealing covers BC we both think the other hogs them hahaha

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    I haven’t slapped him, but I kick him a lot apparently! He accidentally elbowed me in the face while asleep once. He was turning over half-asleep and I wasn’t where he thought I was. Lol. He apologized for like 10 minutes. I was like “STFU, I’m asleep.”

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    @Regina Phalange:  My Fiance has elbowed me in the face when I’ve tried to kiss him goodbye in the morning. We have a routine, which is if you leave before the other person is awake, you give them a kiss and say goodbye. He is usually half awake (because I get ready for awhile before I leave and I’m not very quiet). Apparently that day he didn’t realize I was about to kiss him goodbye and so he rolled over and elbowed me in my face. I woke him up, told him to apologize and give me a real kiss.

    @rachie576:  My Fiance likes to give me covers while he’s sleeping. As in he throws them on me. Then he wakes up and accuses me of taking them.

    I sleeptalk and I’m super scared I’m going to say something embarassing someday…

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    I’ve stroked my husband’s nose once in my sleep and we’ve definitely kicked and hit each other on occasion….but nothing too too bad. 

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    I sort of tickle his face with my elbow in my sleep. I’ve done it several times and he got mad the first time, but once he realized I’m not aware that I’m doing it he just puts my arm under the blanket, without waking me usually.


    He wakes up abruptly sometimes and has slapped shut my laptop before being fully awake twice. (Poor guy has night terrors.) He always apologises, but it scares the crap out of me!

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    I accidently punched my SO in my sleep, and gave him a black eye.

    In my defence, we had fallen asleep watching Taken, and I was dreaming that I was being held captive in a third world country. And he was on his way out to work, and leaned over to kiss me, and it woke me up, and I was still half asleep and thought someone in my dream was trying to rape me. So I punched him. Square in the face.

    I felt and still feel EXTREMELY bad about that one haha. Whenever he wants to do something that I don’t want to he always brings it up to try to make me feel bad, and when he’s making me mad, I tell him that I’ll give him another black eye if he doesn’t behave.  It’s all in good fun though!

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    Darling Husband once picked up a pillow and put it OVER MY FACE while we were sleeping (and proceed to put his head on it, still sleeping). I woke up and yelled at him, and then he was afraid to go back to sleep lol. Now we joke about how he already tried to suffocate me in my sleep only a couple months into marriage!

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    When we’re sleeping, he’ll lay his arm across me, and then I’ll partially wake up and freak out because his arm is on my chest/neck and I feel like I can’t breathe, so I try to push it away or hit him, but I don’t actually have the arm strength to do so when I’m half awake lol. This has happened a few times.

    During the day time we accidently hit/kick each other all the time too, we’re both really clumsy.

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    Not really, but before our king sized bed came into our lives, I was always accused of being a bed hog. I like sleeping diagonally. 🙂

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    My mother in law always tells this story…

    They were sleeping and out of nowhere (I guess he was dreaming about something?) her husband gets a pillow and starts beating her up with it. She got really scared and starts screaming “WTF?!” and that wakes him up and scares him, so he starts screaming and she kicked him off the bed onto the floor. After a few seconds of trying to understand what just happened, they both busted out laughing. Other concerned people in the house had run into their room because of the yelling and thought they were insane lol. 

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    This morning I was jolted awake at 3am by my husband with his hand around my neck.  I gasped and woke him up, and he goes OH MY GOD I WAS DREAMING WE WERE KISSING AND I WAS GENTLY CARESSING YOUR NECK, NOT CHOKING YOU OUT.


    haha It was scary at first but kind of hilarious in the end.

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    I have hit him several times in my sleep and he has roled over and hit me also.  Once he rolled over and flopped his arm right into my nose, I thought he broke it.  We just laugh about it.

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    I was having a nightmare about a nasty monster woman and in my sleep said to Darling Husband, “You’re HORRIBLE!”

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    No, but he talks to me in his sleep.

    One time he said, “Incompetent. So incompetent.” I said, “what?” thinking he was still awake, and he said, “The factory workers. Lazy ass bums. I’ll have to fire them.”

    He doesn’t manage a factory. Not even close. Haha.

    He’s also accused me of cheating on him when he ‘woke up’ from deep sleep. I mean, literally had tears in his eyes and asked, “I love you. Why would you cheat on me? I love you.”

    He doesn’t remember anything he does, By The Way. It’s hilarious. It’s only slightly scary when he starts trying to MOVE in his sleep. God knows where he’d end up, or what he’d do.


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