(Closed) I suffer from chronic UTIs..

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I know exactly how you feel.  I used to get them all the time.  I am THRILLED to have found the Cystex, it has really been a lifesaver for me.  I don’t even have to go to the doctor anymore after a few days of that stuff, and I used to be on the next to highest doses of antibiotics.   Hope you feel better, those totally suck.

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@Rouquine: That really sucks. If you have them a lot, I’m sure you know everything there is to say about prevention already but *just in case* I’d always advise anyone who suffers from UTIs (which are so freakin’ painful…. oww…. why?) to always pee after sex, wipe front to back and drink LOTS of cranberry juice. I hope you feel better soon and yes it does truly, truly suck that when you can barely walk you have to go out to get medication.

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If your OB/GYN (or even your GP) is aware that you are prone to chronic UTI (which is common the more often you get them), they can prescribe you antibiotics for you to keep on hand at home for when you feel the symptoms starting up again. Check with your doctor to see if that may be a solution. I also second the peeing right after and cranberry juice or even cranberry supplements!

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Oh no I’m so sorry I too suffer from uti’s after having my son 4 years ago my doctor told me I’m just way super sensitive and have to take cautions with everything .I was getting them every two weeks!!!! Yup it was horrible .my grandma mention that boiling corn silk in tea heloed my great grandmother with her infections and the last time i had one I drank the tea and it went away.I haven’t had a uti in over 5 months!!! I pee before and after sex ,only wear loose cotton underwear and what had definately helped I cut out coffe completely somehow everytime I drink coffee it triggers a uti..maybe you can try removing certain things in your diet and see what triggers them.

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Cutting out sugar helps too as does not wearing uderwear to bed.

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Ugh, I feel you. 

I’ve always been prone to UTIs (always, I think I had my first one at age 8), but I’ve been getting them so often this last year (like every 2-3 weeks). I was lucky enough to get one ON MY WEDDING DAY, too. I’m just like you, I do every SINGLE thing the doctors say to do and I STILL end up with them. It’s the most uncomfortable thing ever. It’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid to go pee!

My doctor perscribed a low dose antibiotic for me to take after sex (but I’m not entirely convinced it’s always caused by sex), and it seems to be helping.

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I used to get them about once every other month, and then a few extras after an especially… um, intense… sex session.   My doctor prescribed the low-dose antibiotic also, but I really avoid antibiotics if at all possible.  The also put a video camera up my urethra to make sure there wasn’t anything physically wrong in there (lovely, I know). 

I’ve studied the things I eat, my sex and bathroom habits, and here’s what I’ve found.  Seriously, I spent years with this problem and finally just started eliminating things one-by-one to pick out the culprits.  

Things that will cause a flare-up (get ready for TMI):

Anything super spicy- wings, thai food, indian food, habanero-infused vodka, too much red chili pepper on my pizza.

Dark drinks- Coke, Diet Coke, more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day

Dehydration- Too much booze + not enough water = Sure bet UTI; Too much Exercise + not enough water = same result.  

Holding it.  I really hate stopping what I’m doing to go potty, but I make sure to go every 2 hours now, even if I don’t have to.

Not peeing after sex.

Not washing hands before sex.

Thong underwear that are too tight.  Speaking of, I change my underwear twice a day.


I think that’s it.  By narrowing down my triggers, I haven’t had an issue that a single dose of AZO and about a gallon of water couldn’t fix in about 8 months.  



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i have only had a few in my life, and man they suck! i am so sorry you get them constantly!


my mom used to get them all the time, and found that it was something in her underwear/laundry detergent causing irritaiton as well–she switched to pure cotton panties, and started washing her panties in baby detergent, and air drying them (no softener) and stopped having issues! maybe this would help you too?!

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I use to get them once every 4 months or so but haven’t had one in years.  so hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself.  In addition to the things you should do- pee before and after sex, drink cranberry juice (esp after sex) my husband also cleans himself before sex.  Those are just my tidbits on what worked for me.

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Are you on the pill? I had them chronically (along with yeast infections and small tears), but I stopped taking the pill and after about six months, all of that stopped completely and I never have any problems with it anymore (three years later).

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OMG i have one right now and it’s terrible. I get them all the time too and the doctors never give me much other than take cranberry pills and go to the bathroom about sex. I feel your pain. i’m off to the doctors tomorrow. yay!

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