(Closed) I think I accidentally flashed my FFIL last night.

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SMIL walked in on Darling Husband and I after we’d just gotten done having sex (this was when we first started dating). We were under the covers and I thought I was all covered up, but she interrupted herself in the middle of a sentence to say, “I can see your butt.”

Lol, embarrassing. But the way she said it was so funny…she said it like someone would say, “Your shirt’s on backward” or “The sky sure is blue today, isn’t it?”

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Yeah my Father-In-Law saw me in my bra before. Goooood times (not at all).

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hahaha oh no! I saw my Mother-In-Law in her bra once. It just  so happens that when we stay over at their house we have a room that connects to theirs through the door. At night they leave it open so that our room could get air conditioning in the summer but they just leave it open always. One day we were preparing to go out and I was going to ask her for something and when I moved to the OPEN doorway she was in her bra. OOps 😀 .. you can close the door ya’ know!?

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I’ve never done this but my Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law just left from visiting us.  I was paranoid the entire time that when I got up to use the restroom at night, my Father-In-Law would be going to do the same and I know he sleeps in just underwear.  I was really not wanting to deal with that situation if it happened but my husband said he thought it would be funny.

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BWAHAHAHAA! This thread reminds me of something…. a few years ago, my best friend and I went out for a night to celebrate something– I usually don’t drink, so I didn’t realize how much it would take to incapacitate me. Apparently it wasn’t much, so I asked my friend if I could stay in his basement apartment for the night. He agreed, and when I woke up, I was going to let myself out.

I went up the stairs, and parallel to the basement entrance is the main floor bathroom. His mother was on the toilet, taking a giant dump with the door wide open. Oh man. I was embarrassed for her! I tried not to call too much attention to me leaving, but my friend called when he woke up and told me how mortified his mother was. She eventually thought it was funny, but I’d hate to have been her. 🙂

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Lol.  I saw my step-FFIL completely nude in their bedroom doorway once.  Then he made a running leap to get out of the doorway …. and that totally only made it worse. 

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I saw Mother-In-Law in her bra once.  We went shopping together and she asked for my opinion on a shirt while in the dressing room, then started to change back into her clothes with me still in the room.  Umm…. we’re close, but not THAT close.

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Once when we were snowed out of our nieghboorhood we stayed at ILs house for a week. We have two kids who stayed in the upstairs room right next to us, and ILs room is below both. In the morning we got up, and Mother-In-Law told Darling Husband that they heard us “doing stuff” upstairs… uh… we never did anything.

When Darling Husband told me confused I cracked up, having to explain to her that our son rocks his crib before going to sleep. We have just learned to tone it out, and Darling Husband probably didnt realize he did it that night. But it made for a really awkward breakfast

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My husband accidentally flashed my girl cousin while we were staying with my aunt. She has a dog named Duchess and apparently we were sleeping in Duchess’s room-her dog bed was in there but she had already gone out of the room and we shut the door to have some morning fun. All of a sudden the door burst open and Duchess came bounding in. Apparently she can open doors.

So in the meantime my cousin Aly was dropping off HER dog (a pug with a Chinese name I can’t spell but it’s pronounced “Shabby”. We heard Shabby come upstairs and thought it was safe for my husband to get up and close the door to our room. Apparently not, because as he tiptoed across the room, totally naked, I saw Aly’s head appear at the top of the stairs at moment my husband was reaching for the door knob.

My husband was really embarrassed but it actually was worse for her because a second later when she went down the hall to her parent’s room to let Shabby in, she caught her DAD stepping out of his pajamas. Poor girl. I’m surprised her eyes didn’t burn out of her head that day. Lol

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We currently live on the downstairs floor of my parent’s house (private bedroom, family room, kitchen, & bath but shared laundry room)

They’ve seen it all.

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I work as a nanny.  One morning when I got to work the dad came out to grab something.  He didn’t see that I was there already and he didn’t have any bottoms on.  I saw the man bend over…. the back view is really not a pretty one.  I pretended I didn’t see anything but I am not sure whether he bought it or not.  Not really something you want to seee at 7am…. or ever for that matter.

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I have been both of my in laws in their underwear only! Mother-In-Law walked around our apartment in her underwear for an hour. She even sat on our couch and chairs like that!!!!! Father-In-Law was walking around in his underwear one day at his parents house and I was there. SICK!!!!!!!!! 

The most they have seen of me is my shoulders and I plan on keeping it that way.

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