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I would lose my MIND if I knew he had the ring SOMEWHERE. Oh lawd I’d probably tear the place apart. Kudos to you for having such self-control. So see? Not totally crazy just yet. At least you have enough of your wits about you that you don’t go on a mad treasure-hunt through your house to find it again. 

As far as training your mind to wait until the end of the year…maybe try and think of ways you can make Christmas extra special this year? Focus on how you can decorate and maybe craft a few things to keep your mind busy??? That way your sole focus will be off the ring and on Christmas itself.

That’s all I got. Good luck doll!

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@FutureMrsM87:  The gym helps me a lot. I’m only 3 weeks in with him having a ring. And I’m already stressed. But we haven’t done anything special, and there is nothing special planned that I know about, so the waiting is rough. Some things that help me: Gym, making a baby blanket for a friend who is due this month, puzzles, yard work, remodeling a bathroom, cooking new things. Anything to keep my hands and mind busy. Good luck!

I’m sure Christmas will be here before you know it. Also, if you get your mind set on it being a Christmas proposal, he could do it sooner. But at least then you wouldn’t be reading into every weekend trip you take and every thing he says.

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@FutureMrsM87:  we have the same birthday! Dec 16! so we are both restless Sagitarius’s!

  • Sagittarius people are restless by nature. They cannot stick to one place.
  • They want everything to happen, as they like. they are not adaptable to changes around them.
  • They can also be dominant at times.

My advice-imagine how it would feel if he didn’t have the ring yet and you were waiting for the complete unknown! he has the ring it will happen! imagine the worst case scenario that it won’t happen until x mas day! heres a christmas day countdown! only 76 days 5 hours and and 52 mins left!


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@FutureMrsM87:  I think all of us bees that are past the ring talks/shopping/purchase all belong in this special category of going bat shit crazy on the edge of some surprise we have no idea when it’s coming… but we know it’s soonish

I’m right there with you. In August we had the ring talk (so exciting) I went to try on shapes and get my size and wound up getting quoted for a custom ring and then I passed on my information. Mid-August. 

Not one word about it has been spoken since. 

All the while I’m going crazy. A few weeks ago I thought it was going to be Thanksgiving (which is THIS weekend in Canada). It’s my favourite holiday ever… but now that I’m here, I’m like, nah it’s probably too soon.

I’m fairly certain it’ll happen before the end of the year, and am not particularly fond of the Christmas proposal, but I’m starting to feel like it might happen in December too. I also have my birthday in November…. 

Stay strong!! It’ll come when it’s meant to!!

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@FutureMrsM87:  My SO has had the ring since FEB. That’s right…FEB. Some minutes, I can put this out of my head. Most of the time, that doesn’t happen. It’s just a case of waiting it out. I agree with a PP that said we are all going batshit waiting.

Put a countdown on your phone/tablet. That’s what I did, and i’m all…ok, I can do another XX days. Every time that number goes down i’m all excited and knowing it’s coming closer is just a wonderful thing. I would suggest that the countdown extend past your suspected date, so that you aren’t all disappointed if it DOESNT happen.


Good luck!

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@FutureMrsM87:  Hi there fellow December baby (12/19 here!)…Ok so i know how hard this is…mine is still making (or who knows, already done) payments on my ring. I’d probably turn the house upside down if I thought it was in there somewhere! MY SO has also dropped some unsubtle hints about what to expect/not expect for my birthday and Christmas… I think he’s going to do it on my birthday because he already knows that there is nothing on this planet that I want besides that ring!

Anyway, doing crafts sound like a good idea. Since you have an idea of when it’s coming, have you thought about getting him a nice engagement/christmas present? I’m trying to think of some different things. My guy is a huge watch fanatic, but somehow all his watches stopped. So I rounded them up and I’m going to get them all fixed up. Then I’m going to get a nice watch box and possibly a winder. I saw on another blog where a girl did this as an egagement present for her guy and I am totally stealing the idea and modifying it to my own meager budget. Working on stuff like that, plus school, plus trying to fit time for the gym is keeping me somewhat sane.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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I am 90% certain SO is going to ask this weekend (based on some things I overheard, his actions, etc.) and honestly, since I found out (assuming I’m right), I’ve found it SO MUCH EASIER to wait.

I’m dying of excitement, obviously, but knowing a concrete date has made is way easier to just relax and focus on my relationship with SO. Knowing that I only have a few days left as his girlfriend has really made me look back on and appreciate what we have had for the past 5.5 years. Obviously, your wait is a little longer, but the fact is, you KNOW (or you think you do) when it’s coming – that’s really awesome! Focus on yourself, your SO and your relationship – stressing out about it isn’t going to make it happen any quicker.

And of course, keep yourself busy with other things/hobbies, but that’s a given.

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