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Blushing bee
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So I read your other post and thought i’d throw in my two cents…I was diagnosed bipolar when I was 18 and have been dealing with it ever since (5 years). I was a childhood case and had it from birth, and am Bipolar II with predominate depressive cycles and occasional hypomania.

I totally relate to the part about trying to get to the doctor whilst I’m feeling well–I think part of me fears that the doctor will take away that really happy feeling and remind me that it’s an illusion. It’s so hard to see things clearly. I always feel like things will be ok and so why bother correcting them?

I hope your SO acknowledges that your feelings are legitimate and that you’re not making it up or exaggerating. I’ve had people tell me that it can be fixed by “wishing it away”. Ridiculous! I have a neurochemical imbalance in my head. It’s not going away, ever.

As to calming yourself down, I’m not sure if you’ve looked into mindfulness meditation, but it’s a fairly basic meditation technique that involves distracting yourself by focusing on physical senstation. There’s a wealth of info on it online, and it helps me center myself when I get a little out of control. I’m an obsessive worrier and can’t focus on anything else when I percieve a huge problem or change on the horizon–I use meditation to distract myself. Also I try to give myself little challenges throughout the day to focus my attention. And stay away from tea/coffee, unless the tea is herbal. Caffiene can actually induce mania.

If you want to talk about bipolar or anything at all, PM me. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. 🙂

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Helper bee
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I was diagnosed at age 11 (15 years ago) and have a lot of the symptoms you have.  After 8 years my stable meds STOPPED working… (Your body changes every 7ish years) ::start cycle all over again::  I immediately went through almost 2 years (again) to find new meds that work for me.  (all the while being SEVERLY depressed.)  I found meds that work ok right now but they still arent perfect… 


  1. Keep an open mind about what meds other people recommend – every med effects every person differently and it may or not be the right med for you.
  2. Find something that makes you happy when you are NOT depressed and make a strong effort to do it when you START getting depressed. I love shopping and hanging out with friends, scrapbooking, and sewing, so when I find myself starting to get down I do one of those.  -Do that something BEFORE you get full blown depressed (if possible) and maybe you will be able to avoid it.  Make a list of those things to refer to so that when you get depressed and can’t think of anything you can refer to it. 
  3. Lean on those you love.  Friends, family, Future hubby.  That is what they are there for, to support you through anything that life throws at you. 
  4. Get informed.  Read!  find as much information as you can.  don’t be the only one reading either!  your future husband, who is going to be with you for the rest of your lives needs to know what is going on with you. 
  5. Talk.  to anyone you need to.  therapist, finace, mom, sibling, friend.  everyone needs to vent. 
  6. Discuss what will HELP you.  when you get depressed or manic figure out what you need at those moments and tell the ones you love what to do.  (that has really helped my Fiance and I)

Hope this helps!



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Busy bee
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I dated a guy for about a year who was struggling with Bipolar and trying to find the right medication. I’m so happy that other bipolar women commented — it sounded like their advice was really good! I was also going to recommend meditation. 

From the partner’s perspective, I was really confused about bipolar. Maybe your SO could accompany you to therapy some time so that he can further understand it. I see that you said he’s starting to get it, which is great! I wish that I had been more informed when I was dating the guy with bipolar, because it may have helped me learn strategies to cope with his behaviors as well as given me insight into what he was going through so I could have been more supportive.

Best of luck, and I’m so glad that you’re on track to getting control of your mind!

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Helper bee
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Try some melatinin for sleep.  it is all natural.  I usually take 3-6 mg about an hour before bed when I am in my manic phase and it really helps me sleep.  3-6mg works for me but you can safely take up to 12 or 15mg usually without any side effects. I would start out with 3mg to see how your body reacts to it then up it if it seems to “not be doing anything”.  you can get it pretty much everywhere in the vitamin section.  Journaling is a great idea too. 

PS I do the EXACT same thing when it comes to “all or nothing”.  …and when something unexpected happens i get really bad anxiety…  As rediculous as it sounds I try to have my fiance tell me everything that we are doing, to have it all planned out and scenarios for when things might not go right when I am really feeling it. 

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Buzzing bee
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Read through the 2 posts, and while I dont have any advice, I would like to say that I think you are very brave and sensible for getting this all sorted out. Good Luck!

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Bumble Beekeeper

I know that we talked about my diagnosis and treatment over PM after your first post. I’m glad that you finally have some answers and can start being treated.

Just remember that there is hope. I live successfully with bipolar and not on medication.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m glad you finally got some answers AND are working on a solution! While I’m sure it’s not awesome to have a disorder, I bet you’re feeling relief just knowing your feelings have been validated.

Now you can begin healing. I’m very happy for you!

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Helper bee
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I hope everything goes well with your meds and everything. I was diagnosed at bipolar at 16 years old. I’m not on medication now, but I definitely needed it the first go round and on and off since then.  A good part of it is learning to recognize when you’re starting to head in one direction or the other. It’s like a whirlpool – on the edge, it’s easier to swim away without help, but once you get so far in, you need help to get back out again.

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