(Closed) I think I throw up way more often than a normal person, and it's weird.

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If you’re experiencing any negative symptoms mentioned or feeling that you do it way too often, I would suggest seeing a Dr. 

I don’t think throwing up once a week or so is worrisome. Since my stomach nearly got destroyed by meds, that was normal for me. :/ From the sounds of it your body may ‘clean’ itself and return to normal eventually. Speaking as someone with a stomach condition, throwing up can be just a way your body gets rid of things it can’t handle. I have no idea when I’ll go back to ‘normal’ and being nauseas is semi-annoying since my gag reflex has skyrocketed in the past year. If it gets worse, I’d def. be concerned. 

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still troubling though that he would get blackout drunk often enough to need to learn how to do that..

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I often have cavities.  The dentist thinks it’s cause of vomiting plus having had braces as an adult.  I am careful to rinse with fluoride to help with my teeth strength.

My suggestion is don’t over eat that much!! 

To the others who may not be as experienced (as terrible as that sounds!) with vomiting, I kind of see the OP’s point.  She wants to enjoy seafood and knows that getting sick will likely happen.  I sometimes want to go to a ski resort which means driving up a mountain and that equals me throwing up the whole way up and the whole way back. It’s something I just deal with…

Other folks often think it’s weird while my friends are immune to it at this point.  I’ve never sought medical advice on it since it’s more of a nuisance to me than anything else. 

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@iarebridezilla:  it’s still not a good idea to make it into something that is easy and no big deal… a lot of young girls start that way, their moms tell/show them how to throw up when they are sick, and then they think that its easy/normal/not a big deal until it turns into an ED. 

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The stomach acid from throwing up regularly can definitely wreak havoc on your teeth and esophogus. Like to the point where you would possibly need major dental work down the road. I’d let your doctor know just to be sure, and especially mention the antibiotics for MRSA as a starting point. It could be that you just need to take probiotics regularly for awhile. 

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Food Allergies can get worse over time, so please please be carefull. What once only made you throw up might one day send you into anaphylactic shock.


FWIW, my SO has the same issue, but with diarrhea. He must get it once a week. His doc says he doesn’t have ibs, but just a sensitive digestive system and isn’t worried about it. So you’re not the only one in the bathroom all the time. I think it’s normal for some people to be more sensitive to things then others

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Lol, funny topic (kind of)

I am someone who will do just about anything, if it meant I didn’t “toss my cookies”.

This is one thing I hate soooo much… it is unbelievable.  I’ve been this way my whole life, partially because I have a very sensitive nose, and if I smell something really rancid then my stomach is going to churn.  As a kid, I was the one who threw up in school just because someone else had already done so.

It was embarrassing… and not fun.

Consequently I seem to have developed a bit of psychological barrier to getting sick for any other reason than that particular one (thankfully as an adult I haven’t found myself in a lot of situations where someone else is throwing up)

Mr TTR’s body is such that if he eats something that “is off” or “doesn’t agree” with him, his tummy will let him know pretty quickly… and it is up and outta there !!

I on the otherhand, don’t react that way at all… oftentimes I don’t have any symptoms at all (say we’ve both eaten the same meal)… that is until the day after, when I find myself cramping and sitting on the throne !!  (My body’s go-to escape hatch)

Since being an Adult in my 20s (I am now over 50), I can count on one hand how often I’ve barfed.

In all the time Mr TTR and I have been together (aprox 7 years), I’ve only thrown up once, and it was most definitely due to the extreme cramps, tummy upset, headache etc, I was experiencing due to the first day of my period at a time when my premenopausal life was at its worst.  He was a saint in how he took care of me that day… he couldn’t believe how sick I was… he honestly thought I should go to the hospital… (lol, I told him there was good reason I didn’t like this particular bodily function… it has never been kind to me).  In the end, he let me have my way… and I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and sleeping.  Next day I was fine.

As for your situation, I’d certainly be concerned… you should get this checked out with a Dr.  Your body is rejecting a bunch of stuff for a reason… you need to know WHY.  Because as the other ladies have said, stomach acid can really do a bad number on you internally (NOTE Too Much Information – think about the acid is meant to “eat thru” your food / meat… when it is displaced, it is going to “eat thru” your organs, teeth etc).  Sometimes people who are prone to throwing up are having issues with either their stomaches or their gallbladders (where the bile / acid is produced).


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I throw up on average maybe once every two months (due to severe menstrual cramps), and I thought this was a ton! Your barf reflex is extraordinary! A little concerning, too. I know you became accustomed to it, but I would at least see a doctor or call an RN b/c I think it’s definitely not normal and may be detrimental to your health!

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@iarebridezilla:  DH and I are completely opposite!  I HATE throwing up sooo much, and he throws up 3-4 times a month.  It’s not because he is bulemic – he just drinks his energy drink too fast, or he is gluttonous and eats too much (then throws up and eats more!  Silly!), or he wakes up with an upset tummy…

I say go to the doctor, but you are probably fine.  I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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