I think my apartment is haunted :/

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Helper bee

renayaladisia91 :  I would have someone look at your wiring, that being said if it feels like something is off you should follow that instincts. I saw this ted talk a while back which changes how I looked at “spooky feelings”. Here is the link if your interested:

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Honey bee
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I’d talk to the other girl in your building and see what things are happening in her apartment. 

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Busy bee
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Not to freak you out further but Im a huge murder/true crime fan and have heard of a few stories of stuff like this turned out to be someone had a copy of the key and acceased the apartment moved or took things (doesnt explain the lamp).

I second PP and talk to the other girl and see if she has any suggestions or leads?

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Busy bee
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Knocking sounds could be pipes.  Light turning on could be wiring or something else to do with the actual lamp.  How old is the building?  How is the sound proofing? What exactly is getting moved around? Most everything has a rational explanation  even if that rational explanation is someone living in your walls.  A while back I heard a story about a woman who was freaked out because she thought her house was haunted.   Turns out there was a carbon monoxide leak and she was seeing things and moving things around on her own, but not remembering doing it.  She only figured it out after installing a camera. 

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Bumble bee
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Definitely haunted 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Don’t freak out bee, there is probably a totally logical explanation for these things – like there is someone living in the attics or walls and they only come out at night when you’re sleeping and will one day pull out all of your toe nails with rusty pliers.

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Bee Keeper
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If the knocking is happening in someone else’s apartment too, I second the suggestion of it being pipes.

Have you checked the lightbulb in the lamp? Is it loose at all?

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I’m also not trying to discount what’s happening, just throwing out some ides

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Check all of the logical things, like wiring and plumbing.  If that’s not it, try to find out if a previous tenant was brutally murdered in your apartment, it could be their ghost.  Or, it could be some demon, in which case burn some white sage and salt the perimeter.  Then, call in a medium or priest to cleanse the place and release the negative energy to where it belongs, which is somewhere other than your apartment.  (In the meantime, tell it politely that it is not welcome there and this is your home now.)  This is seriously what I would do should I ever encounter a spirit I couldn’t kick out on my own.  So far I’ve only encountered the pesky types that aren’t too bad to live with as long as they behave themselves.  (Then we moved and our new house isn’t haunted thus far.)

Or, it could be a guy living in the walls, like  slomotion : pointed out.  Your motion detector camera will pick him up if that’s the case.


Either way, please keep us posted!  Hauntings are just so fascinating!

P.S.  In the meantime, don’t watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies …

P.P.S.  Also, keep in mind that evil spirits feed off of fear, so STAY CALM.  laughing

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Bumble bee
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Funny story, I was convinced my house was haunted for a long time but it turned out we just had mice in the walls sealed.  I don’t NOT believe in paranormal activity but there are usually very innocent explanations for creepy noises/happenings.  Older buildings can make a lot of weird noises with pipes, vents, radiators etc.  The knocking in particular sounds like a plumbing issue, and the lamp sounds like a wiring issue.  The things being moved around is a lot less explainable but I would definitely check with a CO detector just in case.  And also maybe set up a camera if you suspect someone may be coming in your apartment while you’re not there.

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Blushing bee
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I love haunted places…I’d totally be happy lol

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