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Honey bee
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I don’t think you’ll get a lot of support here.  i’m sorry, but this makes me kind of angry.  You shouldn’t have got a dog if you’re in that bad of a financial situation.

PLEASE, do not let this dog die.  

However, your vet can not tell you that it’s going to be $500 when it hasn’t even examined the dog nor knows what medication it needs or does not need.  If you must – drive hours to get to a vet you can afford.

please, please, please take this dog for help right away.


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Helper bee

water is the most crucial thing for vomiting. Can you discuss with the vet about how you don’t have any money currently? See if they’ll consider letting you pay after?

Keep her warm, keep the fluids up, try things she likes in the water (honey can be good to tempt them)

Dont worry too much about food, imagine how bad you feel after vomiting, she probably wouldn’t feel like eating for a while.

Could you travel to another vet? Also, you say puppy, how old is puppy?

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Is it parvo?

A couple of years ago I was given a wiener dog [he’s so cute!], he was weened MUCH too early – well im not sure he was weened at all, pretty sure the owner was just trying to get rid of them. Anyway, he was TINY, smaller than my palm, I had to feed him via tube. Anyway, he was growing – slowly, but then about 3 weeks later he was VERY sick, wouldn’t eat, was lethargic. It was parvo, and it is deadly for a puppy. On easter I took him to a 24/7 vet, and they fed him fluids, he only had a 1/3 chance of surviving, much he made it through! He’s now a healthy little bugger – but he’s still very small as the parvo stunted his growth.

I understand you don’t have the money, but you should take him in NOW – they shouldn’t require payment until the treatment is finished, and by then you should have gotten paid. [Although, if it’s parvo and if he’s in there for awhile, it can be very expensive].

EDIT : To add link :


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Busy bee
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Can you just drive a little and go to another town?  There are vets who are regularly open on Saturdays and they should only charge you for the visit to at least just find out what is wrong.  Your dog shouldn’t have to suffer like that.  I really hope you can find something out!  I’m sorry you and your dog are going through this.

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Bumble bee
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You NEED to go to the vet if she’s really lethargic.  Its not unusual for a puppy to get sick and vomit (even a few times) but if she was truly vomiting all night she could have an obstruction or be severly dehydrated. I don’t know of any vets that won’t work out a payment plan in this instance.

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Find a shelter or rescue group that will take her, apply for Care Credit, sell something…Call around and see if any vets will let you do payments, or let you sign her over for treatment. It’s really not fair to her to let her suffer like that.

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Helper bee
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I agree with the previous poster…drive as far as you need to get this dog help. Find an animal hospital or something, have them bill you…they need to see the dog first before telling you how much it will cost. This is why pet insurance is very important. I would go into any amount of debt to help my pets if they were ill. See if anyone, a family member or friend can loan you the money until you get paid if they require upfront payment. But waiting until monday is simply not an option. 

Maybe try one of these locations


I had a cat a few years ago who became extremely ill and they saw her without requiring any money upfront. Unfortunately she was so ill that treatment would have been very expensive and continuous for the disease she had, with no guarantee of success, and we were advised to end her suffering. But they did see her and advised us on our best option without requiring any money upfront. 

I hope this helps at least somewhat, I know its a rough situation but you need to do anything possible to get this dog the help he needs right now. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Um…what?  Just take the dog to the vet.

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Buzzing bee
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When my dog was a puppy he got really sick and was foaming at the mouth, vomiting, sooo sick.. we got him Kaopectate and fed it to him through a baby medicine dropper. Also, maybe try cooking white rice until it’s extremely overcooked and mix with some over cooked chicken or hamburger meat. I agree w/PP that it was irresponsible to get a puppy if you can’t handle the unexpected costs that follow. 

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Force feed the puppy small amounts of pedialyte using a big syringe without the needle. Rub her throat if she doesn’t want to swallow. Keep her comfortable and make sure she takes pedialyte every two hours. She can go without food safely for a few days so focus on hydration. Keep her warm if she starts to go into shock. 

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Flounce posts are in violation of the TOS, I’m closing this down.

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