(Closed) I used to work at an abortion clinic.

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I’m pro choice, but I could not imagine having that as a job. =/ I cant imagine the emotional drain it would cause.

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I remember driving by a clinic on my way to work a few years ago.  3-4 days a week there were people outside protesting as early as 6AM… I always thought about how horrible it would be to work there… Let alone be a patient.  Ugh.

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@Missanon22:  It must have been horrible due to the protesters, but don’t forget you’ve made a huge difference in the world!! Throughout your work you would have saved some women’s lives and livelihoods, some women’s futures and dreams, and saved relationships (including with parents). But most importantly you will have saved some innocent children from being born into a world where they wouldn’t have been loved, where they wouldn’t have had a fair start in life, and might even have been born into a family of abusers. But yes, I’m sure you’re glad to be out of there!

Just out of interest, what was the oldest patient you had?

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Ugh can’t imagine 🙁 & this is I don’t like pro lifers. You never see someone who is pro choice telling women getting an abortion is the way to go, they just support you if YOU feel that way… What were your favorite & least favorite memories while working there? You mentioned you loved your co workers & protesters were less than pleasant but anything specific ? 

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I’m from the US originally, but I had my termination in Germany where I lived at the time. It’s so sad to know there’s another reality out there filled with privacy, dignity, and safety that so many women will never experience. 

There is no such thing as an abortion clinic there. I went to the same gyno (she was an OB/GYN) I always went to. We already had a realtionship (I was young. Not her fault I wasn’t being safe). There were many happy women in the waiting room, some of whom were there for ante natal care.  No one was the wiser, and I recieved after-care over and above. 

There are massive legal differences. It’s a process that involves manditory counselling and a waiting period with a strict cut-off date (first trimester in the case of a healthy mother and fetus and no criminal circumstance). But, I have to admit as much as my gut reaction says “on-demand!!!, no restrictions”, I can’t help but think that perhaps if the US had begun with this more moderate approach it might not have turned into this never-ending polarised sh**storm. I was very annoyed having to wait three days and go to Pro-Familia, but very happy to have not witnessed what you did every day you worked there.

Thank you for sharing your experience. (Incidentally, I live in Ireland now. From the sublime, to the ridiculous in terms of abortion stances. Oy vey…)

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@Bette_Noire:  Those anti-choice people are very militant, to say the least.  They don’t want restrictions on abortions; they don’t want abortions, period.

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Pro-life protesters must iive a sad little life if that’s what they consider a good thing to do. It must be nice to go home and really feel like you’ve made people feel like shit. What a good thing to do.


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@Missanon22:  I had an abortion 6 years ago. I was (and still am) so grateful for people like you that made it bearable during an otherwise horrific part of my life. 

Pro-lifers have always astounded me. Their logic is flawed. In their belief that everyone has a “right” to live, they are forgetting another basic “right” we all have: the right to make decisions about our own bodies, based on our circumstances and our experiences. I would never feel like I was qualified to make a judgment about someone else’s body.

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I’m going to be the only pro-lifer commenting so far. I have been at those clinics, and have not once seen the situation you are describing. When I have been there, a big group of pro-lifers would SILENTLY pray across the street, and a couple trained counselors would approach the women walking into the clinic and hand them literature about other options and tell them that they would help them find resources if they wanted to choose to parent or adopt rather than abort.

I’m not saying you’re lying about how things were where you are, but it is absolutely not true that that is how all pro-lifers are, or how all pro-lifers approach ministering to people outside of abortion clinics.

I’m also being trained to work in a crisis pregnancy center and they train us to be so compassionate, non-judgmental and encouraging to women who come to us for help. We do their pregnancy test for free, ultrasounds for free, and talk to them about their options. We make it clear that we do not promote abortion but do not pressure them either way. We run programs where we provide parenting classes and, in exchange for them coming to the classes, they “earn” baby clothes, car seats, cribs, diapers, etc.

Pro-lifers DO think that abortion is ending a life and that is why we feel strongly about it. But the majority of pro-lifers are out there really trying to make a positive difference in the lives of women who find themselves in a difficult situation and offering professional help, financial help, and emotional support. It’s not fair to portray pro-lifers as a whole the way you are portraying them.

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IMO protesting harassing people getting a legal medical procedure should be considered harassment and illegal. If I stood outside a church and protested people going in, I’m sure I would be escorted off the property. Can I protest outside a cancer clinic because I believe chemotherapy is morally wrong?(Obvi I don’t) No. These people have no buisness being there. It does nothing to further their cause. 

Thank you for putting up with the hard and scary stuff. Women need a choice and without people like you there to support them it would be a lot harder than I’m sure it already is. 

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I am pro-life, but I would never tell someone what to do with their body. My mom worked in an abortion clinic when she was younger and said she felt so awful for some of the women. Some wanted the abortion and others were forced by their partners. Whatever the choice is the woman should be comfortable with it! Obvioulsy, its a big choice.

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