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@bkrocks13:  Wow ypur maltese with the bow…. stop ot!!  So cute.

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Craigslist often has older puppies for sale as well as new litters. I find that in a lot of cases, they were accidental pregnancies so they are mutt pups. I found my little guy on craigslist for 35 dollas – the family didn’t know their dog was pregnant and the vet informes them of it when they took her in to get spayed. He is an adorable , highly intelligent lab/heeler mix who has been very  easy to train and has a huge personality. 

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@xoxo_712:  Another suggestion for the breeder route is to go to a dog show. My friend and her family would be considered “reputable breeders” and used to breed show dogs/dogs to be pets (each female could be bred once or twice and if there was an issue the first time, they were never bred again, etc. Dad was chosen and they checked family trees, health issues, puppies were certified no health issues). They would often have people come up to them at the shows and ask about their breed and talk about their families, homes etc. It’s a great way to see a ton of dogs and talk to breeders. There are probably a lot of breeds out there that you don’t even know about! 

Personally, I searched petfinder.com and found a dog to adopt. I think there is nothing better than the feeling of saving a dog that’s living at a shelter. My dog was found wandering the streets and was in the shelter from June-October until I adopted him. I love knowing I saved him and gave him the home he deserves!  If I didn’t have to pay a dog walker to walk him every day, I would rescue another dog in a heartbeat! 

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@xoxo_712:  Havanese are great dogs–minimal shedding (their coat is actually hair, not fur), and are small sized. My FI’s parents have one, and he is a trip!

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If you are truly searching for a healthy dog, start here:  http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/dnabank.html


There is no such thing as a “toy” goldendoodle or “mini” goldendoodle.  This is what unethical “breeders” call mixed breed dogs. 

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@xoxo_712:  I am in the exact same position as you! I have wanted a dog since I moved out on my own 12 years ago, but It always was that I work too much and sonèt have time, or like now Ièm back in school but the place we live in doesnt allow pets. 

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A little clarification regarding puppyfind. To me there are 3 different types of breeders. Mill type places, hobby breeders, and reputable breeders.

Mill/commercial breeders: pump out puppies only for the money, dogs are often kept in horrible conditions and bred every heat. Just about every puppy in a pet store is from a mill.

Hobby breeder: usually have 1-3 litters a year, dogs generally live in the house and are well taken care of, but they are pets. Nothing more. Generally no health testing is done and the dogs/puppies don’t always follow the breed standard.

Reputable breeder: almost always show their dogs in conformation and will have the titles to prove it. Very well versed on the AKC standard and can tell you the differences in structure in all their dogs, and especially why they chose to breed a certain pair of dogs together. Will have health tested all of their breeding dogs (hips, eyes, elbows, etc depending on breed). Dogs are very well taken care of.

Generally the puppies on puppyfind are from the hobby breeder, and sometimes bordering on mill. If you watch the listings for a while you can see who is constantly selling puppies which is a huge red flag.

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We have a Chihuahua/Daschund mix & he doesn’t shed too much at all!  He’s a huge c uddler & while he is still a puppy at 7 months old, he won’t really get too much bigger & he is currently pretty damn cute & small/puppy-like ;]


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I have a jack/pug cross and sheds quite a bit so I try to keep her off the furniture. I also have a daschund but she sheds a lot less. 

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@xoxo_712:  Get a bichon! Hypo-allergenic and they don’t shed. Hopefully you can pay pet fee at your appt

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@xoxo_712:  Before getting set on one breed, I would definitely define what type of personality you want. This is much more important than a minimal-shedding dog (if you don’t have allergies), or it “looking adorable”. You want to find something that you can spend the next 10 years of so living with! 

Do you want a couch potato, or a jogging partner? Do you like a vocal dog, or a quiet one? Constant companion, or one with a more aloof personality? Do you want a really smart and trainable dog, or are you not into training? How much time do you have to spend with your pup every day?

These are very important considerations, looks should be way, way down the line. 

As previous posters have mentioned, once you have settled on on (or a few) breeds you would like to know better, start doing breeder research (or look for a breed rescue). Do you homework by visiting prospective kennels. Do they keep all their dogs outside, are they inside? How are their coats-lustrous and shiny, dull and brittle? Does your breeder know of allergies or any inherited illnesses from their lines?

If they have found any, they should have spayed/neutered the affected animal and alerted all puppy owners of the problem, they should also have no problem being honest about this, as it happens sometimes. Also, your breeder should participate in some sort of competition/event with their animals (conformation, agility, obedience, tracking, herding, flyball, disc dog, hunting, etc). This shows dedication to the breed and also a specific purpose for their breeding program. If they are just breeding to breed because there is a demand for the puppies….that isn’t good. Make sure you do a home visit! I can’t tell you how often breeders put up pretty pictures of their dogs in idyllic places that aren’t representative of their living conditions!

Finally (though I could go on for a lot longer), there needs to be extensive health and temperment testing and awareness on the breeder’s part. They have to know what type of dog-bitch matches to make to get quality offspring. They have to know what pups will grow up to have which type of personality and strengths (weaknesses) and match puppies to appropriate owners. 

Finally, when you settle on a breeder (if this is the route you choose), be patient! Don’t feel like you need to take the first puppy offered if you don’t feel 150% sure! 

Many of these things go for shelter dogs too. Make sure you are choosing a dog with the right personality for you, and just as important, don’t let looks convince you that you will be the perfect home for that adorable puppy, but that doesn’t fit your lifestyle! 

Good luck! I’ve been keeping my eyes out for my next dog for the last 12 months. I could have gotten one already, but I want to make the right choice! 

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@MsSkater:  Yeah, it is frusterating lol 🙂 

I almost aways prefer voice/in person talking over text! 

Anyway, bad breeders are everywhere! So are bad shelters! 

People suck and do bad things….My Husbands golfendoodle is getting up there in age and is still puppy crazy! He lives on my IL’s farm home and is so energetic and healthy! I can’t say WHY he is so well but assume he got lucky with healthy parents. The owners of the parents fixed their dogs after the litter so they wouldn’t get more accident pups. Going through a reputable breeder would definitely help with getting a healthier mix breed 🙂 

Hubby got lucky with his nut ball dog haha 

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