(Closed) I want to be with a man who cries.

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  • poll: Have you ever seen your SO/FI/DH cry?
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    No : (52 votes)
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    Cried at an appropriate event - emotion was warranted : (248 votes)
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    Cried at an inappropriate event - was odd : (9 votes)
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    @stephee:  My Darling Husband has only cried 1 time, and that was when we had to put down our dog who was like his best friend, who we only had for a year… I dont like seeing him cry. 

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    I have never seen my Darling Husband cry and according to his whole family and himself, the last time he cried was when his parents divorced. He was 7.

    He said he came really close at his grandma’s funeral, but I’ve never seen it.

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    Meh I don’t *need* a guy who cries… I would find it a huge turn-off if he teared up at any little thing.

    I only saw my SO cry once… when his cat died. It was awful. 🙁

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    Dh has cried maybe three times with me. Teared up at our wedding.

    But just because he doesn’t cry doesn’t mean he isn’t feeling pain. I can tell when he’s in pain or feeling a lot of emotions without tears.

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    My husband has cried twice in our relationship. Both were over pets and he was absolutely wrought with grief. He would not cry at a funeral I suspect, or anywhere that wouldn’t be just us. He is a very emotionally guarded man and is very private when it comes to showing those emotions. I doubt I would ever see him cry “in public” like at a funeral.

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    My Fiance gets teared up at emotional parts in movies! It is SO adorable! I think he’s really open to admitting it because I sob like a nutball at movies/book/commercials/etc.

    As far as crying about something happening in his life, I think I’ve only seen it once in 3 years. Very uncommon, though I would not be bothered if it were more. I cry all the time, lol, why shouldn’t he be able to?

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    My Ex couldn’t really cry or express emotion either… well except for anger

    (My Ex was abusive, and hence why I left him, got a divorce)

    He got angry when something came up in life he wasn’t equipped to handle

    Mr TTR he is an INCREDIBLE guy

    And 100% genuine real… a man who is a man in touch with his feelings

    And I LOVE him for it

    He is a crier.  He cries at Funerals.  He cries at Weddings cause he’s emotional and sentimental.  He cries when he gets bad news (a friend gets cancer, a beloved pet dies etc).  He cries at movies and tv shows, and things that touch a cord with him.

    I am emotional & sentimental too.  I cry at all the occasions above as well.

    Our tears bond us in our humanity.

    And YES we cried with pent up emotion during our vows, and then with happiness when it was over.  I would have it no other way

    And now that I’ve had a man so sensitive as to cry… I can highly recommend it to others.

    It is awesome.  Far from a sign of weakness as people once thought… it is a sign of personal strength & integrity.  A man secure in his own manliness to be genuine.  LOVE IT.


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    @stephee:  I’ve seen db cry a couple of times, most recently when I was in the ER for a gallstone and was in a ball on the bed bawling because I was in so much pain, at one point he held my face and I looked at him and his eyes were red and teary. He was so worried about me and felt helpless and it was lovely to know he cares so much <3

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    I’ve seen Darling Husband cry (in horribly sad situations), but I can probably count on one hand how many times. Honestly I hated it- not because he was crying- but because I wanted to do anything to make him feel better and I knew that I couldn’t.

    However, when it’s just a few happy tears it make me elated that I get to share that emotion with him (our wedding, when I told him he got me knocked up)


    On the other hand my ex cried all.the.time. It was beyond annoying. He also thought he was super hard core emotional. He cried more than a bratty two year old, and most of the time it was because he didn’t get his own way.


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    I’ve only seen my fiance cry twice, out of the 6 years we’ve been together.

    When we first started dating, we flown to each others states and stayed for a few days, one of us always stayed in a hotel, and we didn’t have sexual relations.

    After about 6 months of this, we started staying at each others houses, and did have sexual relations. The first time, right before I got on the plane to go home, he started crying and said that he never wanted to see me leave again. Shortly after, he upped everything and moved to be with me.


    The second time I seen him cry was at the end of the notebook . It wasn’t the movie that made him cry. He said at the end, he started thinking about how he wanted that to be us, and he couldn’t stand the thought of us being away from each other.


    Totally sweet on both accounts.

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    I’ve only seen Darling Husband cry a handful of times.  When his father died, we were both crying for a week.  When his mom was sick with cancer, he cried from time to time.  I’ve never seen him cry during a movie, and he has said that there was only one movie he’s ever cried in, which was before me.

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    My Fiance is a massive softy. (not that you would know it)

    He cries at Funerals, wedding and all that 

    But I have know him to get teary eyed at a very thoughtful present, at getting a letter or note or someone saying something really nice. Also the first time I told him I loved him and cried when I accepted his proposal 

    I dont ‘need’ him to cry or get a bit teary eyed but that is him, and a side of him that he doesnt let show to everyone 


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    Darling Husband hasn’t cried really, but he has teared up a few times. Once when we got the call that his grandfather had passed, when he saw me walking down the aisle, and when I told him we were expecting a baby. All appropriate times, but only 3 times total.

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    I’ve only seen Darling Husband cry once and that was at our wedding. It meant a lot that he did cry since I had never seen him do it. I like that he doesn’t cry a lot. It makes me feel like he is emotionally stable. My ex boyfriend cried a lot. It’s really a turn off, and got really old after awhile.

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