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Very sweet!  I have never written down our proposal story.  I have to take some time to think about it!

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We were just arriving back to his house, he was home on leave from the Army and he had picked me up from my school for the weekend.  Before I was even out of the car he was over on my side and we just stood there forever, kissing and holding each other.  Being that it was mid-February I said, “You know it’s a lot warmer inside.”  In response to this he said, “No, I have to do something first.”  By this time I knew exactly what he was doing and my heart started to race.  We just stood there for a while holding each other and I could tell that he was nervous, even though he knew exactly what I would say.  After a while I said, “So am I just gonna have to ask you?”  He laughed a little and rushed out the word “No!”  I smiled at him while thinking how terrible adorable he was.  After a little bit longer he got down on his knees with his arms still wrapped around my waist and looked up at me with a look that made me melt. 

He looked into my eyes and said “Jenae Anne Lash, will you marry me….please…please…” 

I stared right back at him and said, “Yes I will!” 

He stood up and was shaking so bad and we stood there for a little longer just holding each other.  Eventually we said “I love you” to each other and went inside to share the good news!

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Ill give the short version lol

Fiance told me we were going on a double date with his buddy and gf, he took me to Millenium Park looked for the perfect spot with a good shot of the skyline and proposed! Turns out his buddy was just there to take the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚



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oops that wasn’t the “good” pic lol but you get the idea

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My Fi and I have been dating for 10 years (since age 13/14).  Early in our relationship my family took us to a place called Christmas Village where someone creates a walk through of beautiful lights and Christmas scenes.  One of the features is a covered bridge named “The Kissing Bridge”.  My family made us kiss for pictures- super embarrassing at the time.

Nine years later he took me and my entire family (14 people) back to that spot and proposed there!  It was literally 3 degrees and he knelt on the freezing cold ground. 


Please excuse the hat, I didn’t know I was getting proposed to.  I was just trying to keep warm!

My mom’s in the background, she was so happy!

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We were back home in Pittsburgh (we’re both from there), visiting my mom because she was starting chemo for breast cancer the next week.  The Sunday before we left to return to Philly, we went to the Renaissance Fair with my mom and had a great day.  After he asked if he could take me to my favorite park for a bit just the two of us.  I love it there because it was me and my dad’s place, and after my dad passed away I spent most of my summers at that park.  Even since I moved away from Pittsburgh ten years ago, I have never returned home for a visit without stopping by the park to feed the ducks.

Fiance sat on a bench with me that day watching the ducks in the pond, and wanted to take a pic of us.  He set up my camera with the timer on a bench.  Little did I know that he had actually set it to video and was recording us.  He started saying to me that I was his best friend and how much he loved me.  When he started going onto one knee I couldn’t hear another thing he said.  I just saw the love of my life kneeling in front of me with a ring, and everything else disappeared :).  He finally told me after I said yes that he was taking video of it.

He said he had to ask me at that park so that my dad was part of it.  And I really did feel like my dad was there smiling down on us.

Here is the video of it, edited for our wedding page:


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I’m pasting this from my bee bio!

We met when we were only 14 years old and the first time I saw him I immediately felt the butterflies around him and was head over heels in a crush. We are 22 years old and have been crazy about each other for the last 8 years. We attended every dance possible together in school, spent hours talking on the phone throughout high school, then went to Michigan State University together. We’re now in our senior year, just purchased our first home, and will be marrying a week after our graduation ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel so blessed to be marrying my childhood sweetheart, my first and only love (besides Jonathon Taylor Thomas of course hahah).

It was our sophomore year of college and we had decided to get away from the stress of school and go on a nice romantic Chicago getaway for New Years. We took the train there and were both so excited to be able to go on a real vacation together. We stayed at the beautiful Palmer House Hilton. Once we got to Chicago our plan was to relax for a little while then go out and celebrate the new year together. I wasn’t sure where we were going to go – Ryan had planned the whole night and told me it was going to be a surprise. Since Ryan is usually not the best at surprising me with things (I usually convince him to tell me what is going on) I was so excited and a little nervous.

We got ready went downstairs to catch a cab. However, to my surprise waiting in front of the hotel for us was a white horse and carriage. At this point I was already tearing up just because I have always wanted to go on one of these things so I was so glad that he even remembered something like that. We got in the carriage and I was immediately taking pictures so that we could always remember being in the carriage (the picture above is one of those).

As we were riding down the busy Chicago streets it was so beautiful. It was snowing that night and was extremely cold, but luckily the carriage service had a cozy blanket that Ryan had purchased waiting for us inside. Along the way he was just talking about how happy he was to be there with me and I told him what a good job he had done surprising me thinking that that was my big surprise for the night. BUT… he said that he still had one more surprise left for me. Before I really had a chance to say anything he had pulled the box from his pocket, opened it up, told me that he loved me more than anything in the world and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him as his wife.

It is now kind of a blur because I was crying and so excited, but at some point he said that I said “YES!!” The ring was beautiful, it was a ring that I had seen before when I was with him and had commented on how gorgeous it was. When we stepped out of the carriage I realized that we were at the Navy Pier. Our driver took some pictures for us and then we headed off to dinner at Riva (so good!). The surprises didn’t end there though! When we walked out of the restaurant and down the stairs in the pier my two best friends were waiting for us. They of course knew what was going to be happening and were there to celebrate. We all stayed at the pier to watch the fireworks and celebrate together.

And now… 2 years later I am about to become Mrs. R.H.! ๐Ÿ™‚

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@sctigergirl81– You are just the cutest!!!  I love your story!

heres mine! (long story short)

He told me we were going to dinner at a surprise place, so he blindfolded me. When I took off my blindfold we were at a ballroom at a hotel and my whole family and his whole family was there, and all our friends. We danced to “shes everything” by brad paisley and then he got down on one knee and said 

“honeybear, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Then I couldnt stop crying lol

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AWWWWWW i love reading stuff like this!

Don’t have time for mine… but i will come back and put mine down ๐Ÿ™‚

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He proposed during a moonlit walk on the beach (after dinner) on a tropical (island) beach . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

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He decided he wanted to have a Fourth of July BBQ and invited all our friends over.  When everyone was there, he told me he’d joined a Wine of the Month Club and did I want some wine with dinner?  Long story short, he finally got me to look at the bottle and this is what I saw!


I started crying and obviously said yes!  The picture is from our first “date” since we dated long distance and the quote underneath is our song.

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It was our 2 year anniversary and Fiance told me 3 things:

1. That I needed to be dressed up and be ready a 6:15pm.

2. Have my parents keep the poodles for the night.

3. That he was getting a car to drive us to dinner.

So I was ready at 6:15 and we got in the car.  I thought we were going to LA and we got off the freeway 4 exits north of where we lived.  I turned to Fiance and said “That narrows down the options”  thinking that we are going to Newport Beach.  Then we turn into the airport.  At that point I got super giddy!  We got on a plane and went to Napa.  We were picked up at the airport and went to The French Laundry for an amazing dinner.  After dinner we were standing in the courtyard and Fiance said “You know our anniversary is not the only reason that we came here.  I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you”  Then he got down on one knee and  asked me to marry him.  I bursted out in tears and said yes yes yes!

Everything was in French and all a blur.

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@jgibso27 – That wine bottle idea is so cute!!

I love hearing everyone’s stories.  Here’s mine:

We were on holiday with my family about an hour away from his Dad’s cottage.  We were packing to leave and he had gone to drop some stuff off and hadn’t come back yet.  I was wondering where he was when my sister came up and gave me a letter from him and his iPod touch that was playing the Amazing Race theme.  The letter had money in it and said my sister and I were going on an Amazing Race together.  We had to complete tasks (like eating ice cream, buying a shirt from a store, find prices of things etc) all along the way to his dad’s cottage.  My birthday was in two days, so I thought it was for that!  When we got to the cottage, a bunch of our closest friends and family were there cheering for us.  We had to run to the finish line which was on the dock.  When we got there he said I had won, pulled out the ring on one knee and proposed.  Then we had a big dinner with our family and friends!


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