I want to hear all Proposal stories!!!!

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  • Wedding: June 2019

That’s such a sweet and romantic story!

My fiancé set up a big scavenger hunt for me that led me all around our house finding objects related to us/our relationship. It all led to a lockbox (which I had to find the code to). I knew a proposal was coming (I picked my ring!) so I opened it expecting to find the ring inside. Instead it was a bunch of Funko mystery figurines (he and I collect them) in their boxes. I was confused and annoyed and he came out of his hiding spot laughing.

i was laughing too (but still annoyed! Haha) figuring he’d played a trick and would propose later. I decided to open the figurines, and found that he had put the ring in one of the boxes (and re-glued it shut). I burst out laughing when I found it and realized his trick (he loves to tease/trick me!) so he got on one knee and asked if I’d marry him and I said “yes, you brat!” And we were both laughing so hard 🙂

i guess it sounds silly rather than romantic, but to me it was! And we love laughing and teasing each other all the time, so the silliness was perfect! (Plus I love puzzles and escape rooms so the scavenger hunt was totally my style too!)

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weddingstalker :  We went on our first trip together as a couple to Cancun Mexico. It was also to celebrate our 10 year aniiversary! He waited untilt he very last night just to torment me!

We had gone to visit the ruins of Chichen Itza that day, a full day trip seeing the most amazing sights, swiming in the countries most sacred cenote and trying so many kinds of tequila! Once we got back to the resort, we had dinner and went back to our room. He insisted again and again we had to go out to the beach in the middle of the night (it was around midnight at this point). I could not understand, as you couldnt see the moon! He knows I love being on the beach at night time.

He finally dragged me out to the beach, but it was very windy and you couldnt see a thing! Only the giant dark clouds quickly coming towards us. After a while he said to me “The one thing this trip has taught me, is that love is more important than anything else” He got down on one knee and finally asked me to marry him! Just as I said yes, the clouds thundered above us and poured down a ton of rain! It was a literal Notebook worthy moment! (Even mroe so because my name is Ali!)<3

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weddingstalker :  Congratulations that’s an amazing story!!!


Mine was August 2nd. I

When we arrived at Saratoga Races and he took me by the hand and said “I just want to show you my favourite hang out bar” and took me to the Paddock Bar. As we got close, a string duo started playing a song from the balcony above us. I instantly recognised ‘our’ song – Adore by Amy shark. 

I turned to him and said “This is our song!” He played dumb. I insisted “It is! Cant you tell?” (hes a musician). Then “Did you organise this babe?” Instead of replying he yelled “drop it!” 

A banner dropped from the balcony “Janne91 Will You Marry Me?” and I turned back to him and he was down on one knee!

He got it all on video and pics from a photographer. We hugged family then ran off to see one of his horses race and then up to lunch with family. 

It was just perfect. I never was one who wanted a public proposal but I loved it!


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  • Wedding: September 2018

We were naked in bed at his house and he blurted out that he just had to ask me to marry him. I wasn’t ready so I said no and cried. Six months later I said yes. Tres romantic!?!?!

IRL I just tell people that he proposed at his house.

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  • Wedding: August 2017

We met online and, when we were trying to arrange our first date, he called me but got my voicemail. Instead of leaving a normal voicemail, he put on this ridiculous accent and said he was calling from the Carribean lottery becuase I had won a golden coconut.  I thought it was really sweet but, to be honest, didn’t really think of the coconut again!

Fast forward five years and he takes me on a weekend away to a beautiful hotel (we take it in turns to organise surprise weekends away for each other every six months).  On the Saturday morning, he had arranged for me to have a massage and then we took our dog for a walk along the river.  After a while walking I see a load of golden coconuts on the shore in the shape of a love heart.  Then he gets down on one knee and proposes. 

He also had some champagne flutes hidden behind a bush and a bottle of champagne chilling in the river so we sat by the river and drank champagne for a good while.

It was more than I could ever have imagined and I would have said yes regardless of where and when he’d asked me.  Lovely to have such a nice story though!

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My parents story is more interesting than mine. It was after 1945, my dad got back from WW2. He was in my mom’s workplace, where he worked before he went overseas. They had never met then. He was in his sailor suit and my mom said she saw him and he looked so cute she said “That’s for me!”

They dated about a year and a half. I asked mom when I was little “How did Daddy propose?” she said “He didn’t”. She said they dated, and just assumed they would get married. He gave her a small diamond ring. There were religious issues, so my dad’s sister made arrangements for a civil ceremony. Witnesses his sister and her then boyfriend (later husband). 

I came along 7 years in. The only child. They were married 41 years, til my Dad died. Then my mom was a widow for another 23 years when she died. So it must have worked out.

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I got engaged in May of this year. My fiance had just graduated from his masters program and we took a two-week backpacking trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I had just finished all my exams so I wanted to backpack through southern Thailand (islands and beaches) first. We stayed on gorgeous beaches and were doing all kinds of outdoor activities. Three days into our trip we decided to stay in a nice resort and get a suite right on the beach. We woke up early and went for two hikes and went swimming in the ocean to cool off. We found a secluded cove and sat down to take in the view. I realized it was our eight year anniversary (we don’t really celebrate) and told him happy anniversary and then it started to rain, a light summer rain. He got up to go to our backpack and I had my back towards him. He walked back over and got down on one knee. We spent the rest of the day exploring caves and relaxing in a pool at the resort we stayed in. Couldn’t have planned it better myself 🙂 Here’s a pic from our go pro and of the spot itself. IMG_0568

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  • Wedding: November 2019 - Canada

I just got engaged last night! My fiance made me a lovely dinner at home to celebrate my brithday, complete with candlelight and a cheesy romantic playlist. I had asked for Hillberg & Berk sparkle ball earrings, and when I opened the box, the ring was in it! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was absolutely perfect!!


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  • Wedding: November 2018

I had been with my partner for about 13 years. I had always wanted to get married, but he just wasnt ever ready, so I got to a point where I no longer cared and was rather happy living my life unmarried forever. 

I took him to Vegas for his birthday. We had a lovely week. And in true Fiance fashion he wanted to select one day as a surprise to me. This was NOT unusual, he LOVES to surprise me (ironic, I kinda hate it haha). So we get dressed and he has me change 3 times, we get into a van and are driven to an airport. 

A Helecopter ride! Woo. I had ALWAYS wanted to go on one. 

He is acting a little weird, like wouldnt let me hold his backpack when he want to use the restroom. But he is scared of heights, so I thought he just had flying-jitters

We get on, and I have no idea where we are going, but I am assuming it is over the strip.

He saus to tje pilot while we are in the air “Pilot, can you tell my girlfriend where we are going"
(weird, when he said girlfriend, my heart skipped a beat, I was so confused as to why haha)

They tell me we are going to the Grand Canyon, ANOTHER bucket list item HOLY SMOKES. 

We land on a Native American reservation and have some snacks and mimosas, other people were at the landing spot, I was happily sipping away while my fiance was chatting with the pilot and taking photos with the new camera I bought him for his Birthday. 

My fiance wants to take photos of us together and “asked the pilot" to take them.
For whatever reasin, I slammed my mimosa and said “okay lets do this" (yea this is NOT something I normally do/say)

We are standing side by side, I am fussing with my hair and putting my arm around him and I turn to him and he is teary eyed. I was completed puzzeled. Then he says “you are my greatest adventure, and I want to explore life with you" (he was full cry at this point) and he drops to one knee as the crowed is clapping. 

I was in TOTAL shock, like girly-hands to mouth little stomp (emberassing…!).

Honestly, it was perfect and a little over the top, much like my fiance LOL

I believe that I could tell something was up deep down, but I didn’t realize it until way after it happened 🙂

 Edit: Yes I am a lot taller than he is, and yes I totally tripped on a rock during the proposal Lol

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - Green Bay, WI

My fiancé proposed on Fourth of July, and we host an annual party at our house for the holiday, so I unknowingly decorated for and cooked for my own engagement party! I spent MONTHS planning the event, since it was our second annual and I had to top last years’ party. I decorated the entire house inside and out (so dang patriotic! hah) and spent the entire morning making food and setting up.

I was SUPER surprised, and completely in love with my ring and the proposal. They got professional video (both my fiancé and his brother are in video, and I’m in media too) and also tons of photos since there was like 30 people at our house. My parents were there and his parents were also. 

My Future Sister-In-Law was the one who orchestrated everything along with my fiancé. She went with him to go ring shopping and he picked out the center stone and setting himself (center stone is 1.31 carats brilliant cut in a 14k rose gold vintage-y setting)! Then she lured me into the house around 2pm (when my fiancé had planned to propose) and when I came outside she purposefully had me walk out onto our deck first (she was recording video from behind me) and when I walked out onto the deck I realized it was too quiet. When I came to the top of the deck steps I saw everyone had gathered in our driveway and was staring at me. I looked down and saw my now-fiancé at the bottom of the steps on one knee. 

My first reaction was shock and I stupidly asked: “Should I come down there?” *facepalm*

EVERYONE laughs about it still. He said “yes, only if you want to.”

So I walked down the steps and he asked “will you marry me?” and I giggle-said “yes!” and kissed him. CHEERS erupted from our friends and family. My parents hugged both of us and then his parents did the same. I hugged his brother and wouldn’t let go (I’m an only child) so I was ecstatic about getting a brother too!

Our deck was in SERIOUS need of a stain-job, since we just redid some parts of it, but luckily for the photos I wanted to keep I just photoshopped the color in (you can tell in these photos which one I edited, haha).


Me asking “should I come down there?”






Fiancé hugging MY DAD! SO CUTE!!



And obligatory super-close-up ring photos, lol.

IMG_4512 2

IMG_4523 2

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