(Closed) I want to hear your funny false alarm stories!!

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@Brownbear23:  Too right.  I don’t really have any false alarm funny stories but tonight, SO took me for a walk, which he never suggests, so I got all excited inside but I also knew it wasn’t happening… and it didn’t, lol.  He did talk about weddings though as he’d been to one earlier in the day that I couldn’t go to… it’s defnitely on his mind.

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I remember he was playing some KennyG songs a night (non-sexual, our daughter was around). This was out of the norm and I got really excited. It turns out that he was playing it for his listening pleasure… who does that? We are together for 8 years and this was a first *ggrrrr*

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I’ll bite.


Last Christmas, we were having a friendly contest to see which of us would give the  best gift. I thought I had it in the bag (I had purchased some DJ equipment he has always wanted) but he kept going on and on about how he was going to blow me out of the water. At first I didn’t even consider the possibility of a proposal, as I am not overly occupied with thoughts of engagement, and anyway I figured a Christmas proposal was really not our style. However, I kept trying to think of anything else I may have mentioned wanting, and I was drawing a blank.

One day we were having a session of “You’ll Never Guess What I Got You” (a game consisting of vague hints and wild conjecture). He told me,  “I talked to your mother about your gift…”  And so it began. See, my father is deceased, and my partner has always said he wants to speak to my mother prior to proposing. Still, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so I asked him why he’d discussed my gift with her. He said, “To make sure she didn’t get you the same thing.” It seemed like a weak reply, as my mother and I have given up on surprising one another and tend to just ask straight out what we should purchase. I already knew what I would be receiving from her, and it wasn’t anything my guy would think to give.

A few days later, he mentioned that he went out to lunch with his mother, after which they went to buy my gift. Here’s where I really lost it. The first time he brought up the subject of engagement with his mother, she said she would like to give him a diamond from her marriage to his father (also deceased), and have it set into an engagement ring. I saw no other reason why his mother would need to accompany him gift-shopping.

Fast forward to Christmas morning. I received…a gift certificate for a sitting with my tattoo artist. My disappointment lasted only a microsecond; I love tattoos and hadn’t been able to afford one in quite some time. It really was a very thoughtful thing to do. He even went to the shop and spoke with my artist about how much it would cost to make headway on my unfinished sleeve. Very sweet.

I still wonder why he spoke with my mother about the gift. 1) While she is very accepting of me, she is not a fan of tattoos and really wouldn’t gift me a sitting. 2) Even if she did, it’s not the kind of gift you’d mind having duplicates of. Another certificate = more work done = awesome. I also wonder why he brought his mother with him to the shop. She doesn’t live nearby, so after having lunch together they would have had to drive quite out of the way to get there. Go figure.

Anyhow, I never asked, because I didn’t want to let on that I had been expecting something. I’m really not the type to dissect his every action hoping for a proposal, so this was rather out of character, and I felt pretty damn silly.





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He was always so so worried about setting off a false alarm he would announce “IT IS NOT A RING” before I could even see the package (he’s gotten me some nice jewelry, earrings, etc)

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@Brownbear23:  My boyfriend and I took a trip to Idaho recently to visit his parents. We had just recently really got moving on looking for a ring, but I knew we had a little time before we could save up the money for it, etc. Plus, we hadn’t told his parents or anyone yet, so we were planning on just telling them we were ring shopping while we were there. So, we went to Red Fish Lake lodge (which is beautiful), but silly ole Florida girl me was way more excited about streams than the lake and the mountains, so on the way back to Sun Valley, we stopped at a stream to play in it (turns out it’s slimey — gross) and take pictures. His mom was taking pictures, and he said “wait, I have a good idea for a picture” and grabbed me. I knew logically that he wasn’t going to do it right then, but for a split second I really questioned it. My heart sank and I thought “omg no no no no no no”. Needless to say, I really can’t have a surprise/public proposal. 

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Ok here it is 😉

Paris (PARIS!!) July 2013: Eating ice creams at midnight overlooking the river and Notre Dame cathedral. He takes a photo of his watch bang on midnight and then takes my face in his hands… “Darling,” he says, “I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you… (big pause) Shall we head back?” 

I mean COME ON!!!!

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@Stormchild:  What?! That sounds exactly like the beginning of an amazing proposal! I think anyone would have mistaken that moment lol. 

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@Brownbear23: So glad you posted this! I had my second alarm yesterday… so FRUSTRATING!  I love the man to death but seriously just stop. We were on our way back home from spending the weekend with his parents, who had acted strange on the phone earlier the day we had arrived. Part of our route takes us through a canyon, its beautiful! The first time we ever went to his hometown I made him stop so I could see it. He had acted really lovey-dovey earlier this week and had even brought up getting me a ring and he said “It will be very, very soon.” We were meeting friends for dinner once back in town so I knew there was a chance he might not, but I still hopes up. Nothing happened…. Just dinner.


@Stormchild:  I am so sorry, that is simply cruel! Has he proposed yet? Do you think he chickened out and decided to wait??

COME ON GUYS YOU ARE TORTURING US!!! But we love you… But still. 

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My (then) boyfriend had stopped at my favorite bakery for my favorite treat on his way over.  We had been looking at rings recently, and I had a feeling the proposal was coming soon.  He came in with our cream puffs, and looked at both before deciding which one to give me.  It raised a bit of suspicion in my mind, and I took a fork-full as he went to the kitchen to get us drinks.  As he was turned away from me, I stuck the fork in the middle of the cream puff on a search and destroy mission like no other.  He came back in and asked what the hell I was doing!  I was embarrassed but had to confess that I thought he might have hidden the ring in the cream puff.  We all got a great laugh out of it.

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The Novemeber berfore we got engaged a girl that I know go engaged. Seriously, the last person on the planet that deserved to be engaged, they were a horrible couple. This lead to a total mental break down, inclusive of ugly crying, one night because my (then) boyfriend could not even talk about marriage and I was sick of not knowing why. Anyhow to make a long story short everything came out and while we were Christmas shopping he also took me ring shopping. I picked out an amazing engagement rig at Ben Moss and we left it at that.

Que Christmas morning everyone else has opened their presents and boyfriend looks at me and goes ‘oh crap I forgot yours downstairs’, by now all his family is smiling at me like they have some silly secret that I’m not understanding. When he comes up I can see this little purple and gold (Ben Moss) coloured gift ring box. People have their cameras out and I’m busy finger combing my hair. He sits beside me on the couch and says, I hope this is the one you like. I slowy open the box, savouring every moment, after all I thought this was IT. No. There was a fucking bracelette in there. I said something about how that was a nice bracelette while we were ring shopping. Apparently the store ran out of bracellet boxes and put it in a freaking ring box instead!!!

Yea. I’ll always remember that. I wanted to strangle him.

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@Brownbear23:  Last Christmas. Tiffany Box. SO with sweaty palms. WIth a beating heart, I opened the box AAAAAAAND!!!


I love my Tiffany earrings. He really does spoil me on gift-giving days and I wear them all the time but still….REALLY?!

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About a month before my SO actually proposed, I was sitting on the couch and my SO comes up to me with a teeny tiny jewelery box. Before he said ANYTHING I started crying with joy and saying “Oh my God!”….only for it to be followed with “You left your earrings at your grandma’s, she put them in this box for you…” OOPS!!

…little did I know that my actual little box with my engagement ring in it was sitting a foot away from me the whole time hidden in the coffee table, and I was proposed to a month later while we were on a trip! 🙂

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Yep. In January we were off to Rome for a few days – and we’d spent the last week looking at engagement rings. The night before we left he packed his bag upstairs, telling me that he didn’t want me to see what he had for me.

I asked what it was and he said ‘it should be pretty obvious. I mean, I can show you now if you want, but I’d rather you see it when I give it to you in Rome.’ I asked a bit more and he said ‘well it’s pretty tiny, but that’s all the clue you get’.

The next day on the way there, I was positively bouncing because I was CERTAIN that this was it. It all added up, it made perfect sense – until he presented me with a CARD. A valentine’s day card!! I was obviously visibly dissappointed and it led to a conversation where he explained he didn’t feel ready. Pretty much made me depressed.

Luckily, he decided he was ready just five months after and now it’s all good! At the time, I was seriously down, but now looking back on it I find it pretty funny!!

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@Brownbear23:  Always those damn earrings:) They shouldn’t sell them in small boxes anymore to make us less suffer.

About “false alarms”:

1. My SO took me for dinner on our 2nd anniversary, he talked about how fast these two years went and how much he loves me. He then started to search for something in his pockets……and noticed that he must have left his glasses at home so will you read me the menu?

2. During our last holiday he suggested to go up in the mountains to a small village to see the beatiful sunset. I really thought it was about to happen since he talked about that village ever since we were there last year. Sunset was great, we took some great pictures but that was it.




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