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I love the ring in the xray part! Sometimes guys do those kind of things and they think they are getting away with it. I catch my Fiance trying to hide secrets, I always catch him!

Poor guy, are you going to tell him you saw it?!

Your ring looks really pretty, is it a 3 stone? I have my eye on a few Zales rings..can you post a close up of it? I know it’s hard, I still haven’t gotten the hang of the “ring shot”.

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Cute story!  I typed mine up for our wedding website.  It’s kind of long, but I wrote as if we were being interviewed about it.

Here it is:

With so much talk about getting married, it would be extremely hard to surprise Jess with a proposal. The entire summer and fall before the two were engaged, Jess suspected every outing and adventure would be the day she’s been waiting for. Ethan, however, has a plan of his own.

To say that Ethan was the only one behind his plan would be deceiving. As a matter of fact, Ethan had three of his friends help him propose to Jess.

The night began with a Bible study – Jess’s that is, on a Wednesday night.

“On Tuesday, Ethan asked me if I would want to go out to dessert the next day,” the bride to be says, “and I explained to him that we could around 9:30 after my small group.”

Not thinking this was out of the ordinary, because Ethan had been doing a lot of thoughtful things lately, Jess agreed to get dessert even though it was late on a school night.

Dessert was only the beginning.

After dessert, Ethan asks Jess to go on a walk with him around the University of Maryland campus.

“My first suspicion,” Jess admits.

“I knew she would figure out that I was proposing before it would actually happen,” Ethan states, “but the point was to make her feel more special than she ever has before.”

And that’s exactly what Ethan did as he lead Jess around memorable places on campus. Their first stop on the proposal trail was Art/Soc fountain on North Hill. They have played in this fountain and enjoyed many conversations by it in their 3 years of dating as students.

“That fountain was always much cleaner and more fun than the fountain on McKeldin Mall. It’s less popular and has gysers,” Jess proclaims.

On the October night, the fountains had been turned off because of the cooler season. On one of the platforms of the fountain sat a blue-wrapped box. Ethan walks Jess over to the fountain and says, “It’s for you.”

“My next tip-off!” Jess exclaims.

On the front of the present was a poem Ethan had written for Jess. Inside revealed a pair of flip-flops.

The couple continued walking on their journey – Ethan secretly communicating with his cell phone to his buddies to drop the next present. The next stop is the stoop at the HJ Patterson building. This is where Jess and Ethan exchanged one of their first hugs on one of their first walks around campus. Waiting for Jess on the stoop was another blue-wrapped box with a poem on the front. Inside waited a cozy UMD sweatshirt.

They continue on their journey. Next stop: ODK Fountain on McKeldin Mall.

“At this point, I know we are getting engaged tonight. I decided to enjoy myself and let Ethan do this thing.”

A small gold package with another poem waits at the lowest level of the fountain. As Jess opens this one, she thinks it is going to be the ring.

But it isn’t. Inside the package is a memory card for a cell phone, a package of gummi savers, and new ink cartridges. Looks like Jess has a little more enjoying to do before she gets her ring.

Made to carry her own present because Ethan one hand full holding his future fiancee’s hand and his other hand busy texting his accomplices, Jess is eager to get to the whichever landmark is the one where she says, “Yes.”

Stop number 4 is a long one, literally. There is a short wall providing a boundary between campus and Route 1. Somewhere along this wall is the next gift for Jess. However, Ethan is a little unsure about where on the wall the present will be.

“I wasn’t sure whether the present would be in front of the wall or behind the wall, plus it was very dark. My solution? We walked on top of the wall almost all the way down.” Ethan jokingly remarks.

They walked quite a distance of the wall – from where it began across Frat Row to the illuminated University of Maryland sign. Waiting in front of the sign is another blue-wrapped package with another poem. Jess opens the present and finds a laser-inscribed picture frame inside.

“The poems tied the monuments of campus to our relationship, but I wasn’t sure how the gifts tied together,” says Jess.

Ethan will shortly reveal Jess’s wondering.

As Jess finishes unwrapping and putting her new gift with the others, Ethan leads her to the final destination. They walk over to an echo box. If you stand in the middle of the echo box and talk toward a short wall, you can hear an echo of what you say. This is a very special echo box where they first watched the stars together, where Jess first laid her head on Ethan’s stomach. It was a place often visited by the couple just to sit and talk.

On top of the echo box was a basket wrapped in wrapping paper. The night of the proposal, Ethan asked Jess if she could tell what it was.

“I told him that I could tell it was a basket. I didn’t think that this was the last stop.”

Ethan asks if she wants to climb up on top of the box. As they both sit on top, she reads the poem on the final present. She starts to cry before she even finishes the poem. Ethan tells her to unwrap the basket. Inside waits a jeweler’s bag. Inside the bag is a small wrapped box. Inside the wrapped box is a ring box. Jess can hardly open all of the gifts because she is blinded by her own tears.

Once she reaches the ring box, she hands it to Ethan and says, “Isn’t this where you take over?”

Ethan smiles. They were already on their knees, so Ethan props up his knee. Then he asks, “Will you marry me?”

Immediately, Jess wraps her arms around him, forgetting to answer his question. Once she realizes this she pulls back and says, “Oh… Yes!”

Ethan puts the ring on her finger and hugs and kisses continue.

After many minutes, Jess realizes that the presents were placed by someone and starts wondering where that someone was now. She starts walking around the area saying, “You can come out now.” Ethan joins his new fiancee in this task until 3 of Ethan’s good friends come out from behind the bushes.

They congratulate the couple and even pray for their marriage and wedding plans to come.

Ethan and Jess eventually remember, through their excitement, that it is a school night and that they need to be awake bright and early the next day. The two part with their friends and walk back across campus.

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Both stories are GREAT!!!

Here’s the story I put on the wedding website!!

I would always tell Willie that he could not be romantic, but he used this time to prove me wrong. We went on a cruise with the church to Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico. We boarded Carnival Fantasy on Monday, July 6, 2009.

If anyone has ever been a cruise before, you know that your party, along with others, sit together and eat dinner together. Our dinner time was at 8:15 pm. We were in the dining room with about 50 or 60 other people. The dining room is very upscale. They serve you a three course meal with formal waiters and plate settings.

Willie and I had just had a mild disagreement before making it to the dining room because he wanted us to wear black. I told him no because we had planned to wear brown on the night of the captain’s formal dinner. So, after trying to convince me he finally gave into the brown. I later found out that he wanted the black because that is what he told the staff we would be wearing.

So, after the second course was over, our waiter removed our dinner plates and gave everyone their dessert menus. We all placed our dessert order and the waiter came to collect the menus. As he collected them, he put a single long stem rose and a card infront of me. The card read, “To the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Because without you my life is imcomplete. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?)

It took me a second to realize what was really going on. I started to tear up as he went down on one knee. He said, “I love you and I know God put you in my life for a reason.” He said some other sweet words and then he asked me to be his wife. While crying i said yes! We hugged and we kissed and savored the moment.

After it was over the staff said we were the first to ever get engaged on that ship, and that they wanted him to do it all over again. However, this time it had to be done on a microphone….LOL! Willie started sweating bullets. Anyone who knows Willie knows that he’s not a really public person. I was amazed that he even did the first proposal around the people in our dining area. So, Willie agreed to do it again. There were OOOs and Awws all across the room.

I always imagined what my proposal would be like. I never imagined it would be that way, but I am so glad it was. We have a story to tell our kids and grandchildren for years to come.

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Yay!! love proposal stories!  Keep em comin!

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How we got engaged

Actually kind of funny.

It’s no secret that I love Slurpees!! He usually gets me one when I have a bad day, try not to drink them too much (lots of sugar!! argh!)

I was preparing food for a New Year’s party while fumbling and rushing thru the kitchen. He advised me to calm down and have a seat.  He then got on his knee to face me and said, “just relax, I have to ask you something?”  Since I was craming my first thought was that he was trying to get me to calm me down. 

I then said,” I suppose your taking my slurpee order now, I know I’m a bit frazzled today?” LOL He then said no and pulled out the ring!”

So now we started dating 6-7-08 now to MARRY ON 9-10-11

OOOPs here he was with a diamond and I thought he was getting me a slurpee. LMAO! 

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We got engaged on Valentine’s day of 2009!

I woke up and there was a little note on the fridge (we lived in a studio apartment, but I moved out after we got engaged) that said something like “don’t get out of bed yet baby” (I wish I had kept the note). Well, I waited in bed and in a few moments Fiance came in and served me breakfast in bed. Banana pancakes (which is also the title of a song by Jack Johnson that’s a rainy day favorite of mine). Any how he said get ready because we are going on a little adventure/road trip. So I got ready and we went off on a adventure when we got their it turns out he took me to Bodega Bay, California.

When we got there it started to rain and when it rains it pours! I kind of had a major clue that he was going to propose I just knew it, but it was cold and rainy and I didn’t want to get out of the car. I told him, “I really love you but I don’t think this is such a good idea!” Well, he said that we were not going to go home and to trust him. Of course I trust him so I just waited in the car for the rain to stop and it did.

He built us a tent on the beach and inside he built a fire and cooked up a steak (it was good but a tiny bit sandy). We took a long romantic walk along the beach and talked and looked for sea shells and interesting rocks. He told me that he had a surprise for me at sunset. Well, sunset rolled around (although it was too overcast to see the sunset) and then he sat me near a few rocks and gave me the most beautiful speech I have ever heard in my life!

He finally popped the question with a “…will you?” I really wanted the official question so I asked, “…will I… ?” and he said the question: 

Will you marry me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooooooooooooo excited and over joyed and I just could not contain myself! I was like, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and I jumped into his arms!

Later on we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate!

Pictures to follow…. [attachment=715622,92656] [attachment=715622,92657]

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here’s my ring?!” and Mr. M would reply, “Zales has it.”


haha  I love that! That is so something we would say! You all have such adorable stories!!

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We go on a walk to this spot that overlooks the city that we like.

Previous to this, Fiance had told me that there was one thing keeping him from proposing, and I had been trying to guess what it was. A lot. It really amused him.

Fiance: “So. That thing you’ve been asking me about? It’s done.”

Me: “… WHAT??? *cough* I mean… ahem. What do you mean…?”

Fiance: (takes box out of pocket)… “Will you marr-“

Me: “YES!!!!!!!!” (tackles FI)

After the screaming subsided…

Fiance: “Want to call your mom?”


God, I love that man.

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Marrying Ryan is something I always knew that I wanted to do since I was a little girl. We met when we were only 13 years old and the first time I saw him I immediately felt the butterflies around him and was head over heels in a crush. We are 22 years old and have been crazy about each other for the last 8 years. We attended every dance possible together in school, spent hours talking on the phone throughout high school, then went to Michigan State University together. We’re now in our senior year, just purchased our first home, and will be marrying a week after our graduation πŸ™‚ I feel so blessed to be marrying my childhood sweetheart, my first and only love (besides Jonathon Taylor Thomas of course hahah).

It was our sophomore year of college and we had decided to get away from the stress of school and go on a nice romantic Chicago getaway for New Years. We took the train there and were both so excited to be able to go on a real vacation together. We stayed at the beautiful Palmer House Hilton. Once we got to Chicago our plan was to relax for a little while then go out and celebrate the new year together. I wasn’t sure where we were going to go – Ryan had planned the whole night and told me it was going to be a surprise. Since Ryan is usually not the best at surprising me with things (I usually convince him to tell me what is going on) I was so excited and a little nervous.

We got ready went downstairs to catch a cab. However, to my surprise waiting in front of the hotel for us was a white horse and carriage. At this point I was already tearing up just because I have always wanted to go on one of these things so I was so glad that he even remembered something like that. We got in the carriage and I was immediately taking pictures so that we could always remember being in the carriage (the picture above is one of those).

As we were riding down the busy Chicago streets it was so beautiful. It was snowing that night and was extremely cold, but luckily the carriage service had a cozy blanket that Ryan had purchased waiting for us inside. Along the way he was just talking about how happy he was to be there with me and I told him what a good job he had done surprising me thinking that that was my big surprise for the night. BUT… he said that he still had one more surprise left for me. Before I really had a chance to say anything he had pulled the box from his pocket, opened it up, told me that he loved me more than anything in the world and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him as his wife.

It is now kind of a blur because I was crying and so excited, but at some point he said that I said “YES!!” The ring was beautiful, it was a ring that I had seen before when I was with him and had commented on how gorgeous it was. When we stepped out of the carriage I realized that we were at the Navy Pier. Our driver took some pictures for us and then we headed off to dinner at Riva (so good!). The surprises didn’t end there though! When we walked out of the restaurant and down the stairs in the pier my two best friends were waiting for us. They of course knew what was going to be happening and were there to celebrate. We all stayed at the pier to watch the fireworks and celebrate together.

And now… 2 years later I am about to become Mrs. Ryan Halas! πŸ™‚

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@bloodgo1 – what an absolutely beautiful ring!!! cute story too!

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We got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2009. It wasn’t planned! I had been planning this big, romantic evening and every single one of my plans went wrong. After the 3rd and final plan proved to be a huge flop, I was ready to cry. My Fiance kept telling me that things were going to get better and talked me into trying to salvage the night byas going to one of our favorite sushi restaurants. We not only got in and had a place to sit in 15 minutes, but everything that was wrong with the restaurant we’d left was right at the new place- the wait staff was awesome, the mood was romantic, they had vegetarian options on the menu, and when we ordered wine, we were given a goody bag of gifts. Sitting there, next to Fiance who never stopped believing that, no matter the mishaps of the day, everything would be ok, I realized that I wanted to share my life with him forever. I leaned over, looked at him as seriously as i could (I was a bit tipsy) and said something like,”I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life growing old with you. We should get married.” He agreed. πŸ™‚

It wasn’t horribly romantic, it wasn’t planned, he didn’t ask me, there was no ring for over 8 months, but for us, it was perfect.

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Dan and I spent the weekend in his hometown for his cousin wedding. All week Dan had told me how much he wanted to go my parent’s place that Sunday after everything was over, because he wanted to go fishing and he had only been fishing once that year. On the 5 hour drive I wanted to stop to visit my oldest sister who lived half way in between, then I wanted to stop to eat…but Dan wouldn’t let us and complained about running behind and how we had to get to my parents so he could catch a fish before dark.

 As we were driving we were talking about his cousins wedding and he mentioned how he would have no clue how to go about buying a ring, and that he would feel so awkward buying something that he knew nothing about. I told him what I wanted for a ring, but, since he had said he wanted to wait a few more years before we got married, I never thought anything of it. Little did I know that he was throwing me off, and that the EXACT ring I wanted was in his tackle box in the back seat…

 When we finally arrived in my hometown, Dan wanted to go fishing immediately, but I wanted to visit with my parents who were leaving to go to a concert shortly. Dan kept insisting I go fishing, but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just wait until my parents left- they were leaving in 20 minutes and I wanted to visit with them! Why wouldn’t he let me visit with them!? This whole time my parents knew what was going on and tried to get me to go with Dan.

 Dan finally gave up and went fishing, but my mom gave him her cell phone to take with her ‘in case he caught a fish.’

 Dan took the hint, and called me moments later. He said ‘I forgot to bring something very important with me.’

 I said ‘You forgot a beer, didn’t you? I’ll bring you one down.’

 So, beer in hand, I walked down over the hill to the river (I would also like to point out at this time that I was wearing old shorts, a gross old beater, and was just in the car for 5 hours). As I passed him his beer, he set it aside (this is when I knew something was fishy…no pun intended!).

 He said ‘I have a confession to make…I didn’t bring you here to go fishing…I brought you back to where you grew up because you have lots of memories here, and I wanted to add one more’

 My response was ‘You f*er. You’re kidding right?!’ (not even joking…that’s what I said!)


Dan said ‘Nope’ and got down on one knee (In his fishing waders) and said ’Allie Middle Last, will you marry me?’

 I was in such shock that I could barely say ‘YES!’

 As we walked up the stairs from the river to my parent’s house, I was shaking so bad from the shock we had to sit down on a step. So we sat down and shared the beer I had brought him. Mom and Dad had champagne and roses waiting for us when we got back to the house.

 After everyone left, we went back down to the river and he carved our names into the rock he proposed on.


[attachment=742258,95587] [attachment=742258,95588] [attachment=742258,95589]

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My fiance and I started talking about marriage *gasp* only 2 months into our relationship. It was the craziest thing, since we both thought we were the grow-old-alone type. We stumbled across each other in the most random of situations, and we both knew right away that it was something very special.

Two months in, he opened up to me about his very difficult past. I’ll spare the details for the sake of his privacy, but he struggled all his life with crippling depression that wasn’t recognized or treated for a very long time. In tears, he said, “I was so scared to tell you this, because I thought you’d decide that I’m just too broken to be with you. But the truth is, I want to ask you to be my wife someday.” They were the most beautiful words I’d ever heard. And for the record, I don’t think he’s “broken” at all. Rather, his life is an incredible success story, considering what he’s been able to pull through.

Fast forward to our 17-month anniversary (which neither of us realized was our 17-month anniversary until later). I was at the end of a year-long graphic design program at school, and I was locked up in the design lab working on final projects. I got a phone call from him, saying that he thought it would be a good idea if we went out that night. We have a favorite bar that we go to, and he was extending the invitation to his fraternity brothers. I resisted, since I was tired and my eyes hurt from staring at a computer for too long.

“Come on, sweetie. It’ll be fun! You need a night out.”

“Well, okay, fine. I’ll go home and get dressed.”

I dragged myself home, managed to take a shower and squeeze myself into a decent outfit, and headed out with my guy and a group of his frat brothers (who are close friends of mine too.)

We sat at a long table, sipped cocktails, and laughed at random stories. It seemed like a normal night, until I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room.

When I sat back down, the song ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ by the Fugees started playing. I commented that it was such a coincidence that one of our favorite songs was on, and my fiance raised his hand and said, “Excuse me, fellas, but I have to ask my girl something.”

Up to this point, I had no idea what was going on. His question could have been, “Wanna grab some food after this?” for all I knew.

Oh, but it wasn’t.

He held my hand, and told me that he’d been so happy since he met me, that he loved me beyond words, and that he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with me. 

I started catching on, finally, and “Good gracious, am I being PROPOSED TO?” started running through my head.

He got down on one knee, and one of his brothers, who had been concealing the ring this whole time, handed over a small velvet box. 

At this point, I was tearing up and trying to catch my breath, but I nodded profusely, and finally was able to say, “Yes, of course!”

We’re getting married on July 10, 2010. πŸ™‚

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