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Sugar Beekeeper
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The bright side is that at least you’re not married and have two kids with him ๐Ÿ˜‰ You have your lovely hubby, a gorgeous wedding and you don’t have to see him after the wedding if you don’t want to. We have a groomsman I don’t like too, but he lives overseas so whatever, I don’t really have to see him ever. When he comes to town, Fiance can visit but I can be conveniently sick or whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dude’s a jerk, nothing is going to change that. Some people are too up in their own *&%* to respect other people’s opinions/desires/relationships.

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Sugar bee

The bright spot is that you are marrying your Fiance, not this dude – so your already SOOOOO much better off.  I’m sorry, I can see why you’re upset.

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The bright spot is that you handled this REALLY WELL!  You are a FAR better woman than I because I would have gone apesh*t.  He would not still be in or at our wedding.  You and your Fiance are clearly solid and you are clearly very cool!  You took everything in stride and handled what needed to be handled without freaking out.  Well done!  And soon he’ll be gone and you can avoid him all you want! 

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Oh he doesn’t have to be in ALL of your wedding pics.  Kick him out of some!

I second what everyone else said, sometimes guys have friends that aren’t the men that you would like them to be. Whatever, as long as your Fiance respect you and your wishes, just pretend like this guy isn’t there.  

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Bumble bee
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I’m sorry you are going through this and I can honestly say I know what you are going through. First of all, I do not think the “friend” is intentionally trying to break you up I think he is just being a selfish jerk and was really only concerned about getting his own jollies met. In my situation I heard that my FI’s friend/GM, also someone I do not care for, was planning on hiring strippers and bringing them to their suite. Could I say “hell no” quicker. In my opinion there is no need for strippers (and this is my own opinion). I totally do not buy this last hoorah bs and have even went far to say if I do find out that there were stripper after stating my wishes that Groomsmen will be kicked out even though my Fiance said he would walk out the room. I just take it as that “friend” needed an excuse to get strippers for himself.

That being said, in your case since there was no strippers I say let the “friend” in the wedding party. He is your FI’s friend and although he acted like a total ahole at least in the end he did not disrespect your wishes.


Waht does your Fiance say?

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 Wow, I would hate to be the woman with THAT guy! Some men just never grow up. And some even after marriage and two kids still feel like frat boys. I dont think this guy was trying to break you up persay…I just think he is the kind that doesnt take anything mature, seriously. Good for you Fiance not going to a strip club! He sounds like a wonderful man for respecting your wishes!

  Dont kick the guy out of the wedding. Just let him make an ass out of himself and enjoy your night with your hubby! Then its back to seeing this guy maybe once a year.

  Oh the joys of having a Fiance with obnoxious, childish friends! I hear ya sister!

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The bright side is your Fiance respected you and your feelings over the Groomsmen and didn’t go to the strip club.

I feel bad for the GM’s wife and 2 kids!! My Fiance has a cousin just like and I am just so glad my Fiance doesn’t go along with his schemes! I don’t think he tried to break you up, he was just pulling old boy tactics to have a wild night…I would just put it behind you and try to not let it stress you out!

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Bumble bee

wow.. what a JERK!!

i dont get guys and the whole strippers crap.. althought i would rather him go to a strip club then have strippers come to them.. either way i hate them but whatever..

I just haven’t had any bad experiances with that.. thank GOD! that would be awful to end your whole thing because a stupid choice to sleep with a stripper

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