I want to like moissanite

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I have a blue sapphire but personally don’t have a problem with moissanite. I think if you don’t like it, then you don’t like it. You can’t force yourself to like something imo. Can you maybe buy a CZ ring instead? It’s much cheaper. I don’t think a couple grand for a moissanite ring is worth it if you don’t like it. 

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Bumble bee

  Why are you trying to convince yourself. You don’t like. Perhaps lower your diamond expectations or choose a gemstone? 

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mjay :  tbh I think that you’re better off saving up for the diamond you actually want than trying to convince yourself to like moissanite. I know that I’d feel weird wearing a moissanite because I would think people would be able to tell it wasnt a diamond ect. so I dont have one! Xx

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mjay :  What makes you think you’ll be able to like something you consider fake?  People who love moissy do not consider it to be fake, they consider it to be sparkly and beautiful and very real. But you’ll feel like you’re settling for less if you get a moissy. You can fool other people but you can’t fool yourself into liking something you don’t.

It’s a hard fact of life that we can’t always get what we want.

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If you don’t like it then you don’t like it. You don’t have to like it. It’s fine if you would feel weird wearing it – I personally would feel weird wearing a diamond and it is the last stone I would want, regardless of how much they cost or how much money I had. And that’s fine because I don’t have to like it. 

I don’t think you should be trying to convince yourself – there are so many gemstones that aren’t moissanite, maybe one of those will turn out to be your dream ring instead laughing

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I know this isn’t acc or oec but I get so many compliments sincenive got this ring 

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Haven’t you recently bought like 3 or 4 stones?? Girl, you need to stay off insta! It sounds like you have “FOMO” and won’t be satisified until you have the next best thing. This stone will not appease you for long, nor will moissanite. 

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chris’ czs might help you get over the diamond taste for a little bit.  they are really diamond-like (fewer rainbows, great cuts)… and it will cost you less than an appetizer.   

(full disclosure: i really want a pair of OEC/OMC diamond studs.  i’m purchasing chris set in silver to see if i really want to spend that much on earrings, or whether this is a good-enough fix.)

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mjay :  in your heart what is more important? Sparkle or naturalness? Maybe you could find a lower clarity or rustic diamond 8n the size you want for a manageable price. There are a lot of interesting loose stones on Etsy.

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I have a grey moissy being delivered today actually.

Personally, I would never spend $13k on a stone/ring – like even if I had it like that I still wouldn’t do it. I could buy a whole ass car for that price! But I do like the look of a bigger stone so I decided to try out moissanite. Haven’t gotten my ring yet so we’ll see once I get it how I feel. It looks beautiful in video and pictures so I’ve tried to think of it as more of a gemstone than diamond stimulant. I throw it in the same mental category as white sapphire. However, I obviously don’t care if it looks like a diamond – hence going with a fancy color. Maybe I would feel different if I was going for a colorless one. 

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I have a real natural, diamond ring that is just shy of 2.5 ct. 20K + and it sits in the safe most of the time. I am a homemaker and if I chipped it while I was working I would be devistated. I was taking it off to make bread and when I worked outside and frankly I was worried way too much about it. I do wear it when I will be out and am sure it wont get lost or damaged. 

However I wear my moissanite every day. 

If you want a diamond start now and save for it. Moissanite will never be a diamond and no one cares what you wear except YOU. You would know it wasn’t a diamond and that is what would matter to you.

So if you want a diamond save for one and get it. Once you have been married for a decade no one else gives a crap about what you wear. So if you want a diamond get one! Having said that…. 

I wear the ags000 moissanite 24/7 and it is stunning. It is a lab certified E VS1, that is cut so I can swoon everytime I see it. It wasnt as cheap as the stuff from china, but I have had no regrets at all in getting it. I didnt have any luck with the less expensive stuff not looking white in a lot of lightings. Becuase of the cut of the ags000 stone, it looks like my diamond. The H&A stuff from china did not do it for me. I could tell the crown was too low and the facets didnt meet up correctly with the h&A ones I saw. This stone however is amazing. Side by side in every lighting that I have tried they look equally gorgeous. I cannot tell a diffrerence between the two because of the clarity and cut of this new line, like I could with every other cut of moissanite I saw and ordered and then returned.

If you really want a diamond save up for it and get it. If you want a diamond and buy a moissanite you will always look at it and say, in the back of your mind ” but it isnt what I wanted” . No one else will really care one way or the other. So get what will bring you happiness.


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I am a big fan and own both.  There is nothing wrong with your arguments or statements for both/all sides.  But remeber, they are yours.  If you’ve posted on the Bee for encouragement of spending habits, we can all help with those.  No woman here is going to tell you to not buy a sparkly rock lol.  But 13k no matter what you spend it on, is a big chunk of change no matter what income bracket you fall into. You have 2 choices, save or substitute.  Good luck with either 😀

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for some, accepting moissanite is more of a “mind clean” thing. You know it’s not a diamond so you ruminate and fester on that fact and find things to pick on. Trust me, no one is as interested in your jewellery as you are laughing

For sure, don’t buy a moissanite with the expectation that it will perform like a diamond. It is a different material so, naturally, it handles light differently. Light moves more slowly through moissanite and the new H&A cut 4H polytype just doesn’t perform very well in some lighting conditions. The problem with H&A cut moissy is a lack of scintillation (movement of light internally through the stone, bouncing from facet to facet that gives the stone a ”lively” appearance – kinda like shimmering even when the stone is not moving.) In this regard, diamonds are definitely the winner. This lack of scintillation in H&A cut moissy is the reason some complain their stone looks dead, particularly in low light. Moissanite cut to mimic old cut diamonds is somewhat better.

If you can accept that moissanite is a pretty stone in its own right rather than comparing it to a diamond, you will be happy. If, on the other hand, you consider it a simulant and would be embarassed to “confess” that you have a moissy and not a diamond, don’t buy it! Save for that diamond that you want.

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