(Closed) I want to quit my wedding :(

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Helper bee
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Aww honey! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))) You arent alone in this. I think all of us have felt this way one time or another. I hope things get beeter for you ((((((((((good thoughts)))))))))

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m sorry Fizics… You’ve really been going through it lately.  I don’t have great words of wisdom for you.  I know it’s especially challenging in South Asian families to find any autonomy in the planning.  I would say that you are doing a good thing in paying for things that are important to you.

It is possible that they don’t realize what they are doing, and you should try to figure out how much is oversight and how much is willful.  Try and find common goals with them (your happiness, good party etc) and emphasize how you can work TOGETHER to meet these common goals.

Having said all this, sometimes I have felt similarly… like things are going on that I don’t even know about… so I know how you feel.  I would wager that most here do.

Hang in there!

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Sugar bee

Is there a small part of the day that you can carve out and completely control?

Maybe it’s the rehearsal dinner… or the after party… I dunno, something that you have total creative control over?  Then maybe you can focus on making that part of the day unique and special, which might take the sting off the family stuff.

Ugh, so sorry you have to deal with all this!

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Busy bee
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I agree with Mr. Bee, and i am so so sorry!!

You are not alone! try to relax and focus on the good things 🙂

Hope things get better *hugs*


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Helper bee
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I know how you feel. My dad is trying to control my wedding as well. I’m talking to my parents on Friday and I’m going to let them know what I will and won’t budge on in planning. 

It’s understandable when you want to have a semblance of yourself in an event and it turns out that it’s anything but what you imagined. I’ve had the same thought of just eloping but see if there isn’t something that you can get control over, such as the music or decorations. See if you can compromise. It isn’t easy, especially with parents, since they honesty want you to have a wonderful wedding. I know that my parents are the same way, but I think telling them that I feel that the wedding is turning into something that I don’t want may help change their minds on some issues.

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Honey bee
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Your post broke my heart… I’m so sorry that your wedding isn’t really feeling like its yours.

I’m sure eloping (although appealing) isn’t a viable option, but what about doing something extra special on your honeymoon to celebrate your union? I’m not very informed of your families customs, but could you say some vows (or something similar) just the two of you on your honeymoon in a special location? I hope that doesn’t sound silly… I’m tired & not really getting my point across as well as I’d like to!

We’re a private couple & would have preferred to avoid a big family affair, but that’s not possible. So my Fiance and I are having 2 weddings: our family wedding in Canada & a private, legal ceremony w/ just the 2 of us in the US. We could have had just one ceremony in the US with all our family & friends, but we wanted to have that private time away from all the hooplah.  Maybe you could have a private second ceremony- just the 2 of you?

I really hope you can find some peace & that you can find some way to enjoy your day! I’m really so, so sorry you’re feeling this way & going through this stress.

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Helper bee
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fizicsGirl– Lots of hugs for you!!

That’s terrible that they are controlling every aspect of it.

I hope you guys can come up with some sort of compromise if not I agree with Mr. Bee.

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Bee Keeper
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may i say kudos for your florist and your brother for speaking to you before any changes…. keep the communication between your suppliers and the family who want to support you happening so you know they are answerable to you and no changes are to be made uless you sign it off!

now for dad…. comfront the man – nicely. say stuff like "dad i love you but we discussed this i know you want my wedding day to be happy and fabulous so we need to talk about any changes so we all know whats going on" . try not to be too accusing towards him but make it out that you are depending on him to listen to you as you want your day to be happy so you will remember it for always (guilt trips are a wonderful thing)

goodluck… hopefully things will seem better for you in the morning


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Busy bee

Ugh, that whole situation just really sucks. When I was planning, my Future Mother-In-Law would go behind my back or go over my head to try and change things to her way, including giving my photographer her own shot list.  Luckily, she wasn’t the one paying for anything, so my mother and I got final say from all the vendors.  The whole time I just kept saying how glad I was that she *wasn’t* paying for the wedding.  It just breaks my heart to read that someone is stuck in the exact situation I was so thrilled not to be in.  Are you close with your parents?  Not that I am an advocate of being deliberately manipulative or anything, but at one point I did confide in my Future Father-In-Law that I was considering eloping because of the difficulty Future Mother-In-Law was causing.  Obviously he told Future Mother-In-Law and she did kind of knock it off- for a little while.  Maybe if you talked to one parent or your brother? 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Your post reminds me of my indian friend so much! She struggled with all these issues. In the end, she decided to tell her parents to plan it and she will show up but she WON’T do certain things like the mendi and some other things. She said that it wasn’t worth the big fights and tears (a constant thing) because in the end, she was marrying her Fiance and she can’t deal with them. She’s also having an American style ceremony 2 weeks later so she can acknowledge her FI’s Americanism. She is now excited about the Indian stuff, though.

I don’t have a lot of advice to give, because I can understand how Indian families are after listening to her talk about hers. I cannot relate and it’s so frustrating when parents don’t listen to their kids. Make sure you talk to your vendors that YOU get the final call on everything. I think it’s really inappropriate of them to be sneaking around like that. 

Unfortunately, parents tend to have the mindset that they get to plan their kid’s wedding in that culture (from what i deduced) whereas I’m guessing you are more Americanized than them and want the wedding to be more about you and your Fiance whereas your parents want it to be all about them. 

Just try to reason and tell them how *hurt* you are when they do certain things, like they don’t trust your opinions or you and your FI’s wishes and you feel trampled on. Try to spin it that they are making you feel bad. Yes, guilt them a little. Parents tend to respond to that better it seems. You are acknowledging your culture and giving in to a lot of their wishes, so they should respect yours since you probably aren’t asking to have anything crazy. 

GOod luck

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m so sorry your family is putting you through this. I don’t have any words of advice since we’re paying for it and so far no one has pushed their wishes on our wedding, I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and hoping that your family shapes up and realizes that this is your day and to do what you and your Fiance want. (((HUGS!!)))))

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Honey Beekeeper
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You are right, you have to acknowledge the fact that your Fiance is not Indian and doing everything the "indian way" could be perceived as outcasting HIS family, who is also attending the wedding, and your parents need to be gently reminded that there are two people in this wedding, not just an Indian bride. My friend dealt with this. His family is all meat eaters and meat is a sin and to serve it would have been major taboo. They’re still having indian food but with an american plate option. So when we get our RSVP notes, we can check "american" or "indian" meals. You might want to do that. I love indian food, but a lot of people do not, especially if they have not been exposed to the food. It can be very strange and overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the flavors. Mmmmm!

Your wedding SHOULD be about you and your Fiance with some of your parents desires thrown in. I think this is a cultural bash unfortunately. Here’s waht my friend did. She made a list of THE most important things to her. Venue, photographer, and cake. Those were her top 3’s. And she had the veto power on those. Those were things she and her Fiance felt so strongly about. And when she reminded her parents of how they could plan other stuff, they let her have dibs on those 3 items. See if proposing a list of what you want to your parents help and explain why they’re so important. Make sure you say "we" instead of "i" to reinforce the you and your Fiance couple

I can only imagine how upset you are and I hope things get better. I’m sure planning the wedding is hard and hopefully it WILL be a joyous and healing occassion. Just make sure you end up wtih a wedding that you are happy to be at, not dreading. 


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Helper bee
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Oh fizicsgirl!  I was hoping things might have calmed down after the DOC debate, but clearly they haven’t 🙁

It sounds like your parents expected to have 100% control over your wedding, and even though it does sound like your dad wants to make you happy, I think he still doesn’t get why something like sending in the invitation without showing it to you first is not OK.  He probably thought he was helping.

Since it sounds like your dad is more receptive than your mom, I might suggest sitting him down and saying, "you know I’ve been really unhappy and stressed out, and I know you want to help me be happier about the wedding.  Here’s what I need in order for that to happen."  Then explain that decisions need to go through you because of what you just told us — that you know the tradition in your family is for the bride’s parents to plan everything, but the choices your parents have been making have the potential to alienate your non-Indian Fiance and his family, and the wedding is about them too, not just you and your family.  Be really explicit about the kinds of things you want them to stop doing.   Tell them you know this is important to them and you want to include them in the planning, but there will be no more talking to vendors behind your back, no more ridiculous threats like "no one will come."

If you can get your Fiance to join in this conversation with your dad, that might be even better — he’ll realize that this is important to your guy as well.  Good luck, and please let us know how it works out!

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